This is a fpv drone equipped with a 120 degree wide angle, 1080, hd, wi, fi camera. So again you got the wi fi. Fpv attitude hold headless mode, six asus, gyro, hd, camera four channels, flips so 360 degree flipping, colorful, leds, 3.7 lipo battery. So lets go ahead and show you what it looks like Music check this out guys. This is really nice. Looking wow, look at that check out that wow look at this! This is really nice and the nice thing about it, its very lightweight, so you know its going to move around very fast wow, so lets go over some things here. If you press down on here and then pull out, this is where the battery is located right. In here they do supply you with two batteries, so that is a plus and when you mount it and put it back in you just simply press it in and its good to go, youre ready to go. They provide you with extra blades and tools as well to change out. The blades looks like they provide you with a mount for your camera. These are landing, oh no, these are actually the these are the landing um supports, so theyre spares, as you guys can see here, and then these go around your wing to protect your wings, so theres a little red light right under here that lets. You know that its charging – and that is your power as well to turn this on is right.

There so far, im very impressed with the features of this. So here we have the remote and they actually provide this little pamphlet. That actually says what everything does you got the trim up and down left and right null headless normal. You know your controls here so were actually going to save that. Also, underneath here you have your manual thats, underneath the insulation to power. This on you just press there, and you have different statuses on everything press and hold to turn it off its that simple guys so for mounting your phone go ahead and pull this pin out right here. You pull this pin out, and then you place this down in like this, and then this gets placed back in the screw, and you thread this through once you thread it through. Your bracket will be in place so make sure you check out your manual, but a couple things. It comes with five speed levels, low, medium, high expert and then racing. So you press the speed plus or the speed minus. To pick your selection, you probably want to start out under low. If this is what your first time and for the app you can find that in your instruction manual, Music, guys automatic landing everything works, great um, im gon na go ahead and set the camera up somewhere else, so you guys can see this even better. So it does have automatic landing and automatic, covering so right now, its automatically adjusted to hover, where we let it so like, as you guys can see, were now going to switch.

I know were in speed two so were going to switch it up to speed three. As you guys can see it automatically hovers, which is really nice. This is a really nice drone, guys like im not kidding like this is one of my favorite germs. Let me show you guys something here: theres a flip. It is a little breezy out, but this things doing really well look at this with the auto hover mode like this thing can really do some cool stuff, so we got ta be careful because of the wind, but i mean we can go its fast like it Goes high, we got to bring it down in your view, so you guys can see this, but uh were gon na up it to speed 4, which is the professional. As you guys can see. This things got some speed and were not even full force. So this is racing speed and were not even you know, playing with it like. We really could, i believe, were in the racing mode, thats, definitely a lot of fun guys and the fact that its got hover mode because, like right now we stop. We dont have to make it go its just hovering. If we go up faster, it will hover. Oh, we got to turn it around thats.