Boom walk over here. So we got some extra camera equipment for the channel. It was a gift, so we got the whole holy stone. Holly, stone, harvey said: hs series drone you’ll see that the model h s one one, zero d: this is unboxing uh it’s, pretty light this couldn’t be. This is not even five pounds so i’ll, let you know how sturdy the drone is, but uh we’re gon na check it out, has a 1080p camera wi fi connect to your phone got out to do all that good stuff, let’s open it up. First open up. We got the menu right here, this plastic off so come with the controller and the wings already comes connected to the drone. You get it controller, that’s cool that it has a little things. Tell you what it is, because i guess when you take it off it don’t tell you so i guess you don’t want to lose this. Unless you just remember all the functions of the control, i see you got buttons at the top. All this you take a picture 25 seconds, i guess. Oh then they got drawn flips don’t. The drone does tricks guys they give you some uh propeller guards. I do not know what this is, so i guess i’ll find that out later. Let me give you two batteries whose one already came in there, so that’s dope that they gave you two batteries um here. They also give you extra propellers, so there’s also looks pretty empty, but there there goes the unboxing, it was a gift, so we definitely going to check it out.

Uh in this video, i will be putting up some footage of me flying – i probably won’t, be doing it today. So when y’all see this video, the the footage that you would get a flying would be from another day, but y’all see it has a little camera right here. I’M, guessing this is the antenna right there on the side of the focus in the back, but, like i said, i guess you put the sd camera in focus up sd camera. In there i mean sd card and also links to your phone too. I read that it has an app so to also give you a view of that so but uh yeah. This is like it’s, not even a pound, it’s very light, but uh give y’all that’s it for the unboxing. I might throw some uh cool b roll in here for y’all for the draw, maybe some pictures or something but go ahead like comment and subscribe to the page turn on that bell notification. Thank you for watching check out our next one back with another one. If you haven’t already subscribe, go ahead and hit that subscribe, button click that post notification that’s on there turn that bell on that ring. Ding ding ding that thing all that stuff so uh. So you can so you know when i post videos subscribe to the page i’m gon na continue this video with the drone and let y’all see what we got going but check it out so let’s just see.

I got the drone on got the controller on that’s. What it looked like when it’s all so i had to download this app with my other phone. As you can see, you got good old, iphone 6 or something whichever one. So you want to download the h boom. You’Ll, see i’m hungry wj’s on there boom into the device, see everything connects. Then you can see the camera. I lost my little thing to hold the phone, but this phone is too big anyway. So anyone doing much of justice but y’all see that so they got the app to connect to the phone similar to the mavic and the gopros stuff. You can record you can take pictures, you can see the menu up there. You got the vr mode. Swap you see it gives you a display of the battery life of the drone. I don’t know what this is. Let’S see what that is: okay, whatever that is we’ll, find that outside we’ll do that and then i okay and then i guess you can get sound from the phone. So if you’re recording something you want to get the sound to the phone, you can do that. That’S dope and then you see that fly land floor backwards right that good stuff. I want to try to fly and i’m, not really a good, experienced drone flyer like that. So i’ll let i’m gon na do this in the office and let y’all see how it goes if i can get it off the ground and whatnot bear with me.

Oh, i can see myself see that moving so let’s record and you press record right there. The record button starts blinking and also on the drone. The drone lights start blinking, so that’s pretty dope. So you know: it’s recording let’s go back down turn this controller on, have a bad feeling about this guys. I don’t know if i want to do it, so i record myself doing nothing, says the sin not ascending. I press the engine start button and still not doing nothing. So, oh, my luckily it’s still good it’s still over there in the corner. Nothing happened to the uh, the propellers i’m kind of scared to go outside because i think i’m gon na lose it off with the wind. But you all heard that uh i’m gon na come back with another video for y’all with me, flying it outside, but uh there’s, just a little video of the the holy stone hs1 hd. I would definitely have some more footage of y’all for you all coming soon. So we all saw y’all about to try to take off with this drone let’s see if it started up and it didn’t again let’s try this again turn it off turn it back on resin check out the phone. The phone is connected and still recording so we’re gon na try this again go ahead and reset this turn that back on turn that off turn that back on, not understanding why i can’t get it to fly when i want it, i’ll be back with y’all in A second do just so that’s how i fly drone because i can’t fly so yeah, damn it’s still in good shape, guys it’s a lot of durability.

For me, i give it a seven: it ain’t broke yet um. I didn’t buy it. So i don’t know how much it costs but it’s a good little drone for beginners. You know so yeah that’s that’s that review right there. I know i said it a little bit but it’s okay, but uh yeah that’s, the high holy soul, drone and that’s me flying and that’s the best you’re gon na get out of me all right check, y’all out next time. Well, yeah! Just it just go away! See so do crystals falling from the sky. It was a starry night. How can you deny keep my arms strong plant based that’s the flags smoke, the broccoli man is hella strong.