I like it because the the last time i review this one when i apply it outside when i was in chicago, so i played the the drone a little bit. I show how its landing you know ill show the outline. Now i show you how this one is. Look when you know before you pull it pull out in the box. This is the back so easy for beginners, intelligent and searchlight all right. Let me open this up so that you know whats inside so heres the what comes with it so theres a two uh battery in the box and uh in the unit theres a one right here, so total of three and you just gon na. Do this really quick, you know they have some two extra cable or usb to charge a true propeller, a four and the other one is the other two, its black and the other two is yellow. I dont know whats the use of this double adhesive tape and this one is uh to pry the when you want to change the the propeller okay and its so much the pylon. You know remote. I like it its bit bit to your hand, if you do have like a i have a medium hand, and this ones except three triple a batteries most of the remote its for this one is three so which is good. Okay and uh. It comes with the this one caution: the battery and the manual all right so lets uh dive to the real mini drone.

So the reason i put this one because sometimes you you never know wheres the front towards the back, so so that you know the orientation. Every time you fly because this one is tiny when, when its far you can see it, so just i put a little a little uh like mark right there that, with this one is prawn, its like a little flag and i i color it red and a Little stick so that i know when its fly, so i know that this one is the front. Okay, if you ask me if uh, you know, as i just want to uh this one to be like your first drone gon na say yes, this one is very, very good for beginners and they have three speed, and this one is, if, if you pour it In a speed 2, you can clear it. You know in any direction with this one, this one that one backwards forward left side right side the left. So i already showed that to the video from when i was in chicago and now im already used already back home thats, why i have a chance to do this. One two. This one is very easy to change it. You can just you know twist this one and this this one and then you can just pull it out and you can you can just change it. The only negative to this one, sometimes its hard to push this one.

Sometimes, when you pull it hard, sometimes spelling the floor, so be careful when you fold it this one just go to the like soap surface: that when you, when its fair, its not gon na break the and and the one thing that when i get this one In amazon the i i pause it to open now now its uh theres a little chip so its hard to open it so see. I show you this one, its already a little chip right here so but its still, you know still good again its used and – and i have another negative to this one. So when, when you push the battery, sometimes you always accidentally push this one because the the switch they put it right here, you know they supposed to be put somewhere else, but not this one. You always every time you put the battery in like this. Sometimes you accidentally push this one, its uh turn by itself. You know so thats the thats, the only negative dude that i have but other than that this one its fly perfect. You know its very fancy more, especially when youre speed 3. and this one is easy to maneuver its very stable because of the gyro, and i think that this would be it. So this one is the 450 model, its a hs 450 holy stone that youre gon na get in amazon for 32 dollars plus tax. So i just get this one recently, this september 20, 2021.

So hope you like this video. You hope you learned today. So please uh subscribe down below after you watch this video and then watch the the the real flight outside in chicago all right, bye, bye and please subscribe down below after watch the video and subscribe. My channel, okay, bye, bye, see you next time. This is how you play this uh holy stone s 450, so im im here in chicago to replace visit, but i think this is the only time to review this one so lets go. Lets play this little bird. So to start this one push the power buttons right here so were gon na synchronize. This thing, okay, so so pull so pull volume, so thats the power and then just pull this one and then downward and lets go apply it. This is gon na. Do the automatic, so this is automatic takeoff. Okay lets go just the speed one Music Music spin, so lets um the so lets get the flip. Okay, four directions to flip it like this. I show you one click another plate, so this one is the last plate. Im run out of the battery Music, go spin again about eight feet from the ground. Lets.