Why? Because im playing with an outdoor product here in front of me is the holy stone. Hs 110 g drone, which is a kind of like an advanced beginner drone im, really excited to play with this heres. What were going to do in this video first im going to fly it, so you can see what it looks like be entertained a little bit. Maybe do some cool b roll that kind of stuff, then im going to come back im going to give you a doug score from one to five? Let you know what i thought of it, what my experience was and what i think of the drone overall and then. Finally, if youre still curious and interested in it, you can come back. You can watch the full unboxing ill talk to you about its features, attributes. So that you know everything you want to know before you make a decision about it. All right lets go fly it: Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, oh wow, that was so fun ive been flying this for a while, i have to say it was so fun to fly, which i think is an important thing for like an advanced, beginner drone. This thing is just a ton of fun to fly super easy to use. The app was really good, really intuitive. The connection was excellent. I have to say range wise. It was perfectly reasonable range wise. I actually i tested the return to home because i think thats an important function, especially for a beginner learning, to use a drone, and that worked perfectly the very first time i did find the geo fencing worked really well, also you so you could set how far It can fly from you or not so, depending upon your experience level and what youre comfortable with you dont have to worry about accidentally flying away and having it go really far away, so that was excellent.

Overall, i have to give this a full five out of five on the doug score for so much fun to use so easy to use. I dont know what else sews i can say the flight time was excellent. It was great, obviously, one quick, negative, not really negative, but understood theres, no image, stabilization, theres, no ability to control the angle of the image so kind of moves around a lot and as the drone pitches and yaws the image definitely moves around a lot. Although that image quality is excellent anyway, doesnt deter from what this is its not supposed to be like a photography or drone its supposed to be fun to fly, and that it definitely is all right. Youre still here, youre, obviously interested in it lets, go check out that unboxing. That was fun. Welcome to the past. Okay, we flew it. I did my review youre still curious about it. Lets unbox. It remember i am unboxing it for the first time. So this is all new to me, but youve already seen it fly. So okay lets talk about this a little bit. So this is that conventional old school format super solid, easy to control configuration of a drone. It is a 1080p, but with an ultra wide 110 degree field of view, it has first party view if you want to fly it that way, so you can see like from your perspective of your drone as you fly, it wow look at this carry case.

It comes in this thing is so cool, obviously its large, because its a large drone, which i think is very exciting, its like physically large, its a cool drone. It is a gps drone, so if you set it up properly and set the return to home space, if you lose contact with the drone, the drone will fly back and land. My experience has always been very, very good with that. Those things seem to be extremely accurate and reliable, so a couple things that it comes with. I see them right here. Okay, this is a very nice usb cable for charging a set of extra blades, along with the screwdriver to install those an instruction manual. I read the instruction manual. These are all just a little bit different, just a little bit enough to annoy you if you dont read the instruction manual. If you read it, i promise you. You will have a better time less of those annoying glitchy kind of frustrated things. Oh this thing looks so cool im excited about this, but i guess you already know you already saw me fly it so lets talk about a couple. Things comes with two modular batteries. These batteries should be good for about 13 minutes of flight time. Each here is the drone itself. Oh look at that. I have to say i was expecting it to be much heavier. It is much lighter than i expected. This thing is actually really pretty light.

Let me try it with a battery in it just so that i can tell you, okay, even with the battery in it totally reasonable, totally light. I am so impressed by that shocked. I was not expecting that at all comes with an extra set of landing gear. I guess in case you had an issue had a hard landing or two you needed to change that out. He has an optional pair there heres the controller. Okay, like we said this is like an advanced beginner drone. So this controller is uber, uber solid, but basic, not crazy, theres, no led screen. You have your basic controls. You have you set your home point on off your takeoff button. Uh, your gps. You could choose between photography, oh you could take a picture or you could start video uh. You could adjust the angle and the speed all the key, oh and, of course, this folds out for your fpv point of view. If youre going to put your phone on there, so you can see fpv style overall has everything you need to have a really good time. I think youve seen that already im sure that i would have redone this if it was terrible, but in any case i hope that was helpful.