We have the holy stone: hs 360 brushless foldable drone with gps. Thank you to holy stone for sending this over for review, were gon na pop it out of the box and see what we have now. This drone offers to access stabilized gimbal gps, so it will return home if it loses signal and a 5 gigahertz wi fi transmission. So we have this semi rigid case. It is a zippered bag. It has a handle up here that pulls out for carrying thats nice. It retracts when youre not using it, lets uh, zip it open here were going to rotate it like this, because the hinge is back here and were going to take a look inside so at the top. Here we have a zipper. Pouch looks like we have the manual in there, so were going to pop that out, first see what else we have. This feels like a possible cord, so lets slide that over were going to see what is in here working our way into the bag um. We have blades, we have a cute little screwdriver and we have a usb to usbc cord, presumably for charging, and we also have teeny tiny little screws here that are just floating about, so were gon na put those someplace safe, so make sure when you open this Bag, you account for these tiny little screws because they are aplenty and they are otherwise free floating inside that bag so well set down all of these, and we ended up with eight of them, which is enough to put on blades all the way around set that Right here, along with all of our blades instructions for use, pretty thick book, well check out that in just a minute, but we actually want to go in and look at the good stuff.

So weve got this piece of foam here for protecting everything in the box. Were going to move this to the side and there it is theres the drone. So the first thing that tells us is that all of this stuff over here these are replacement, blades and screws, which is great its good to have a backup set there. Oh theres, another screw floating around its more than i uh thought lets see: thats four thats nine were up to nine. I dont even know if we need nine but its good to have extras. So ive got a little screwdriver putting that over there uh. We have, in the middle, looks like the battery lets open that and take a look at the battery that were dealing with so ive got some plastic stuck in my finger there all right, so that is our battery theres, the usb charger, presumably right there. I do believe this clicks into the back of the drone, so were going to set that right here and take out the remote real, quick and check that over so weve got two joysticks. A little digital readout in the middle weve got what appeared to be antenna on the top that probably rotate. Yes, they do like. So take a look at the back. Here looks like we have a battery compartment with a screw. We can pop that open up top. We have a camera and a high low button. Well, look in to that more to see exactly what that is.

We have a little scroll option over here, of course, that feels more like a push button, so well figure that out, looks like take off and landing button. Perhaps some kind of rotation, button power and then r over here well figure out what that is as well as we dig into this lets, take a look at the actual drone, so the first thing i noticed is this is a very lightweight drone actually well move The box, out of the way here, get a good look at the drone itself, so the top arms flip out. Of course, this is going to get some additional weight when we plug the battery into it, and then we have the bottom legs that kick out on the bottom, like so as a very expected footprint for a drone, its smaller than something like the mavic, but still A decent sized drone, as you can see you do have that camera on the front im. Guessing there is a film on there. There is, in fact, a film over that lens were going to peel that off get rid of all those scratches and get that nice shiny, camera it is on a gimbal were going to set. This down were going to double check. Oh so it does. It actually has two batteries that come with it, so we have a battery in place here like so it just clicks into place nice and easy, and then we have the spare battery lets see what we need to know for uh use on this all right.

So one of the things that the instructions tell you with regards to the battery is it says before installing the battery. Please remove the insulation gasket from the battery. I compared the battery that was in the drone to the one, the extra one that came with it, and i have no idea what a insulation gasket is, and i dont see anything to remove on these so thats. Something to note when you actually start using the drone real quick as i was going through the container. I found this little piece floating around. I can assume that this was in here when the drone was shipped to prevent the battery from losing power or charge while it was traveling to its destination. So earlier i mentioned not knowing what that was, that they told you to remove from the battery im thinking. Thats it so, if its still in place on yours, its probably going to be right in here, and we just want to make sure that we pull that little guy out of there and put the battery in place. So on the remote on the back. Youll see this little lip, you put your hand in there. It actually has spring loaded slide out down here that allows you to put a phone right there for viewing, while youre flying the drone, and just the one thing to note on this. If you try to pull it out and put the phone in like this, the tops not going to clear theres, actually a lip on the top, so put the phone in there like this, pull this out and then push the bottom in and youll have a nice Firm setup, so general control of the drone on the left joystick pushing up raises the drone off the ground.

Pushing down lowers the drone and, on the right hand, side pushing forward moves the drone forward and pushing down moves the drone backwards and on the left side. If you push to the left or right, that is going to rotate the drone to the left or the right, and if you push from the left to the right on the right side, youre actually going to move the drone directly sideways. Now, on the back of the compartment, as i mentioned, theres a screw were going to pop that open because you are going to have to add four a batteries so were gon na get those in there. So we can actually take this thing for a spin Music turn. This over hit the power button you can see. We got a full digital readout here, im going to pop one of the batteries in see what kind of charge theyve given us right out of the gate. If there is any Music, no so, of course, youre going to have to download an app to use with your phone, they do include qr codes inside the manual, so you can scan it and download the appropriate app for ios and android.