So if you want to check out my other videos, you’ll see some pretty good footage of utah. We got utah salt lake park city, all that fun stuff here in utah check them out. Let me know what you think anyways for right now we got this review here on this holy stone, all right and it’s, the holy stone. F1. F1. 81 w anyways. We got the up two holes, we got multiple batteries, so this comes with two batteries, not too bad. You know one battery takes about 10 minutes, the other one’s 10 minutes. You got 20 minutes of flight time. Not too shabby do a quick review for you guys before i go out and fly it and have some fun and maybe wreck it. I don’t know i’ve been really enjoying it. So if you guys get a chance, you know get yourself a drone and go out flying look up from the view from above us. You know it’s beautiful man, it’s beautiful nice little case here all right got the holy stone symbol right there. I like that. You got yourself a little pocket in the front. Put some goodies, maybe some snacks, if you’re going out flying um, yeah that’s, really nice little case got you hold it right here. You know all right. Let’S get this open! Oh wow, yeah. Nice little cover up right here: plastic, stuff. Okay, you got your instruction manual. Okay, it comes with a like a little book, a little notebook.

It looks like yeah, you know. Oh nice check it out, not too bad. You know take some notes of your flights and, where you’ve been and what time you’ve gone there not too bad. I like that that’s pretty cool, i don’t know if i would use it so much, but i could do something with it. You know you could do something with it. You got your your instructions manual right here, okay, let’s, get to the point. Let’S get to this point right here. You’Ve got your uh propellers and your charging core right here all right and you got your screwdriver there. It is now there’s the drone itself, man that’s awesome right there let’s check it out. I got thrown, throw it up again. Look at that not too bad, not too bad. I like that pretty cool with camera it’s a nice one, adjustable camera, pretty big! Oh cool! Look at that that’s pretty nice. I like that everything works out. You got your uh prop guards. You got your legs here, snap one! You got some little legs for landing, not too bad right. There, okay, let’s get a battery up in there. I think i got one looks like it got one already, huh i’m, not sure why, but i got one already just turn it on for y’all, see how it looks where’s, the off and on by now. Oh there it is boom. Okay, the blue and the red. Always like always, i like that blue right.

There, though not too bad. I like that, looks like a nice little draw. I think it will do really well i’m liking this i’m liking. This a lot pretty awesome. Then we got your uh controller right here. Okay check that out not too shabby at all no batteries in it, so you might need batteries about one two, three, four, four double a’s. I think i got some double lasers right here somewhere i could put in okay. Actually i do. Hopefully they work just get them in there. Already. Okay, there it is there, it is turned on up and down most likely yeah, i don’t know usually up and down you get it connected, but uh i’m not sure i got ta read the instruction manuals that’s. Why? They come with right that’s why they come with everything: okay, let’s, get it turned off before anything happens around the house. You never know, might break something so yeah you guys. This is the drone got your prop guards. You got your. You got your legs. This thing for your phone there: it is you just connect it right there. I believe let’s get an adjustable adjustable one, so you can adjust it not too shabby yeah clicks right, bam, clicking it. I like that that’s not too bad like a little ps, ps. Five controller right here put your buttons on top everything got your camera. You got your videos, you got your 360 flips, okay, yeah that’s cool extra battery right here, nice.

You got your bag itself right there. You put everything in there, you know so there. It is! Well hope you guys enjoyed the review awesome bag. I suggest anybody to get this holy stone. We want to take it out for a flight, get the batteries charged up and uh we’ll see how it goes after that you know, hope you guys so we’re back here. We got the the drone ready to charged up ready to give it a quick flight, get it turned on okay, let the controller get it connected there. It goes all right, let’s see how this flies Music there. It is. This is the first speed. Second speed right there, not too bad there. It is oh there it is got. The camera came off a little bit with all those little flips that’s, all right man, a little stunt drone. You couldn’t make it as a strong drone it’s, pretty quick it’s like a speed Music, see how far i can get it without losing service. Let’S get a turnaround because it’s my first time flying it out there. I don’t know how it works. Really, all right! Man come back where you at there, you go yeah a little losing service a little bit. You could tell not too bad. It went about 30 feet, maybe oh, where you going where you going where you going just come back this way. Nice see that that’s, how you do it give it another flip for you guys boom get the sun out of your way, not too bad of a drone got off amazon.

For about eight, oh 90. Bucks. 60 bucks. I think it was about 70 72 it’s. The holy stone f, 181 w holy stone all right. I hope you guys enjoy the review. You know please hit that subscribe. Button share like if you like, and please we’re ready for the next video coming up. Thanks a lot.