The handheld, which is nice, oh cool, okay, so i’ve got a couple of these drones. I really like the size of this one. I have a larger um horse, stone drone and a couple pocket sized ones that hold up. I just really like the products. The customer service is great. I had an issue with one of them one time and they gave me a completely new uh drone set so uh. You know i really like their customer service um. This is a says about almost extensions here. It was like 330 millimeters, 320 millimeters by 320 millimeters by 90 millimeters and the weight is 145 grams, so they got the top part. There it’s pretty cool it’s, very similar to uh the larger one. I have uh in the the form, but the size just scaled down, but it’s still got the 720 um p camera on the on the bottom side there. So that is really neat looks like it’s got a charging port in there and the removable battery. So it looks like you can charge it while the battery’s internal to there. I believe so that is pretty neat. Uh it’s got a power button on the bottom. The propellers are already installed, which is nice and it looks like you’ve got a set of propeller guards with two extra that can come into um coming to be handy uh. If you’re a new flyer, i’ve got a spare set of landing gear and it looks like uh a full set of spare propellers or rotors, i should say, and some extra rotor cap covers and things for the uh.

The light covers in here. Another thing i’ve noticed a lot of these holy spin process, there’s a lot of good extra spare parts, because i think anyone experienced with drones knows that it’s a it is a learning experience at the beginning, um there’s. A lot of cool neat features on these drones that do make it easy, but you know you’re, always gon na run into your issues when you’re first learning how to do something. This is nice. This is something new that i haven’t seen previous ones. They put a piece of cardboard on the front that uh shows you what each of the buttons does, and you know right, left up down: that’s very nice. So you take that off and here’s the remote control you’ve got a little add on put on top to put out for your phone um. So you can have your phone up here and attach it on there and then you can see what the drone sees through his camera that’s really nice. I like that um. If it’s, like the other holy stones, that i have, you can even hook it up to a um, a vr headset and have the phone play through the vr headset, and that is a cool experience. You got a charging cable for charging, looks like it’s um. One of these usbs, those are the flat top and the well, so you can see that usb mini or micro or something like that and uh there.

You go that’s, pretty nice got your silica backpack and then oh underneath you have your log. They give you this really cool, uh, pin and notepad, so you can keep a log of all your flights. Um you’ve got a construction manual. Everything you need to become an expert on flying and taking care of your new drone and man. This is really cool. I like the size of this. This is the perfect size you know sometimes having those big drones, especially in residential areas, can be kind of annoying. They make a lot of noise and you can get the neighbors worried and stuff, but this guy’s small enough to not be too big of a nuisance. I really like it, but uh that’s the uh that’s, the drone very much the holy stone.