This was a really easy neat little drone. Let me tell you the price was so affordable and its just all around cute, affordable and durable. Being that its my first time of a flying a drone, i wanted something that i didnt want to spend a lot of money on in case. I wreck it or crash it, and i have to regret spending so much money for it and its not working. This drone came in a really nice cute carry on bag. I thought that that was really nice and you could see right here. It was packaged really nice. It had extra accessories that came with it. I cant complain, and i like the fact that it was super light. I didnt even realize how light a drone can be, but this was really light and a camera attached to it as well. I really like that that was so cool im, just showing you the propellers. It does have four propellers that spin around in each direction um. It did come with this cute remote control that you can attach your phone to in a minute you will see and as well as two batteries now this was one battery it came with and its also another battery inside of the drone. I will show you: it came with a charging port, adapter and extra propellers in case one is broken, and i really like the fact that it came with extras because youre going to have some crashes and bumps on your first try now the remote as you can See here it has a little attachment piece that you do have to stick your cell phone in the middle.

I did turn it on and all i did was attach my cell phone and this piece right here. You do have to download the app its very easy. It comes with instructions just to teach you or you know you can see how easy it is to download the app and youre going to be functioning. This drone from your cell phone now i did turn it on just so. You could see the lights blinking and there is the extra piece of battery. I was trying to tell you from the beginning, so it does come with two batteries you just plug in and charge. I would suggest charging for about an hour and then you should be good to go. The remote control does have to charge as well now im just showing you the easy steps where i got it from on amazon. You just click in the title of the drone. In amazon, and then you can read all about it here, you can actually even go to some of the reviews and see what other customers are seeing, and there is some videos. You know in case youre, one of those parents who, like to research things before you buy like me. I want to know everything about this drone. I want to know the stories the success stories. I want to know the bad stories so being that this is my first purchase and its for my kids. I really wanted to learn as much as i can and as you can see from the video.

This is why i was saying im gon na get this drone, because it just kind of amazed me – and i was really inspired to get it after. I saw this review, so you know me. I had to go. Take my kids to the park my local park and try it. This is just the app of how its going to look once you download it on your phone, its going to have a quick start, its going to walk you through everything – and you know you could save videos on here. You can even save a flight record on your phone, so everything will be saved through that app. Now i had to take my boys out for a test run and actually fly this thing, which it was my first time and i must say i think i did a really pretty good job um in terms of easiness. I will give it like a five star rating of easy. It was super simple to use. You can see me, i have my cell phone attached to it and me, and little noah were just trying it out. I took it up not too far. I didnt want to crash into any trees, but i did get a sense of the video im still learning. I did a few little turns and swirls um as well as just in amazement of how easy it was to function. I did crash a couple times, but no big deal youre gon na crash for your first times.

You know its all a learning experience, but overall it was very fun and easy to handle im glad i purchased it and im looking forward to using it in the future for park fun with my kids.