So there are a few parts. This is the status engine start down here, um over here theres speed to go faster like when it goes this way, and this way hey. What are you doing riz? This will make this thing: go slower, so itll go this slow or something, and it can go. This fast too, so yeah uh, this part um, you um, you press engine start lift it off, and this will twist it like this. This will twist move it like this. This will do like uh like that, will do this, and that will do that. So this will lift it off. This will make it down these dont. Do anything? Okay, im not going into these advanced controls, headless mode and all, but just turn it on okay, its red at first that, and that means it wont connect. Then we okay, we do this its connected. This is my main speed, speed too. So this is status, roll normal headless camera, for example, just press. This then ill take a picture that will do that. What yeah this will start it quit this okay, there it stopped. Okay, guys lets just fly it now: Applause, okay, okay, lets lift off start. If you dont do anything youll stop lets, lift it Music. You want to see a flip. I already saw that so you flip it. You just press this and then go up so Music. What if it hit the phone? No, then thatd be bad thats, thats, all Music.

You have any common sense, but i guess you couldnt see it right: Music, whoa! Oh, i forgot to flip it. Sorry if, when i said this, this can also do that. That will move forward that will move backwards. My bad whoa, okay, flip, you still didnt, see it higher than rizz make the can. Now. This thing is going crazy. Music saw that now that is cool. You saw it right. Music. Can you see again lets go except you higher down money? Okay, so remember, speed, one speed, two p3 and speed four yeah. So this ill show you how fast speed one can go. Wait: okay, okay, its the speed one Music: this is sp2 Music. This is b3. This is speed four and to land it just lower it to the ground Music. We lower it its just slightly hovering now pull the down button slowly. Oh, that was a rough landing. Okay, let me show you: if there are some people in there, people definitely would die.