Its called a holy stone cost me a hundred and eighty dollars on amazon came with two batteries: a remote control and a small carrying case. The whole thing once its opened up, the drone is probably smaller than your average dinner plate, so its pretty small and compact, which i like, weighs half a pound, so the weight of it isnt even barely enough. If it were to crash when it does to cause much damage so its great for beginners, i personally have crashed this plenty of times and its collapsible legs make it really easy for being able to jump right back up and get back to another flight. All the video footage is stored directly to your phone, along with a mini sd card. You can use for backup Music. I will say the camera footage on. This is really good right now, its a little bit later in the day. So, with the light going down the image isnt as sharp as it could be, but all in all id say this is a great journal, great for barbecues or little little events outside i say thumbs up.