Since it is the week of christmas, i decided to put up some decorations for this video, so i hope you guys enjoy let’s get into the review. Alright, so we’re going to start off with an overview of the drone. This drone uses brushed motors, so it doesn’t have the power of a quad with a brushless set of motors. It also uses your phone to get a wi fi fpv view. It comes with these propeller guards and it has a 720p camera which records to a microsd card, so we will be checking out the footage and everything you need to do for this drone. This is a great beginner drone. Usually, i would recommend a gps drone for a beginner just because it has the return to home features, but this is super easy to fly. It’S also nice, that i include a lot of stuff in the box with this drone, including extra propellers, propeller guards, if you’re flying inside your house an extra set of batteries. This thing comes with a bunch of different things and i will link everything in the description below so make sure to check that for all the information that you need now, if you’re expecting something with extremely high quality. I’M. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not like going to be a very high quality drone, because this thing is less than 100 dollars and, as you can see, it’s mainly made of plastic right here, cheap plastic.

But this whole drone is made for beginners. So i guess it will work but it’s, not a high quality drone whatsoever, so don’t expect that kind of quality, all right guys. So this is the controller right here, as you can see. Here are the controls right here, and here is the button for videos and photos, and this is the auto takeoff and the button to land too, as well, so that’s going to be very important to go along with this right here. This is the mount for your phone and i’m very curious to see if it’ll actually hold my phone without me having to take it out of its case. If that is the case, that would be pretty nice when you buy this drone it’s. Actually, pretty nice, you get a mini screwdriver, which means you can unscrew these propellers right here and you can change them out to with your new set that they include with the drone right here, it’s pretty nice. It does come with a lot of accessories, so that is pretty nice about this drone, but we’re gon na see if this lives up to the price. This thing is about 80 on ebay and that’s, pretty expensive i’m, not sure about all the prices, i’ll link them all in the description below, but i did not pay eighty dollars for this. I paid about forty dollars for it. Don’T ask me where i got it from i. Well, i think i bought it from ebay, but i bought from some guy who was reselling it now.

Um we’re gon na see how good this drone is. I highly doubt it’s gon na be worth 80, but we can see this could change my mind. All right, let’s go let’s! Try to fly this thing right now, so the first thing we’re going to do is turn on the quadcopter right here. Also side note, since we have the drone turned upside down like this, you can charge this drone with the battery in it right here. You just plug the charging cord in right there. So the lights are flashing right now, then you would need to turn this on and then i believe you go up and down like this and then on. The motors is down and out like that i’m not going to try to fly it and then disarm it’s. The same way, all right so i’m curious to see how stable this is i’m going to try to fly in here so to arm the motors down and out, and then i want to take off oh nope, just like this and push up all right here. We go so it’s pretty stable all right there. We go all right guys so we’re here at home, plate here and we’re, going to take this guy off here at the park. As you can see, it’s not snowy like it was in my last review. So it’s cleared up a little bit, so let’s see how this guy flies all right. So first step is power on the drone, like this turn on, bind it and let’s.

Take it off all right. So, as you can see, it’s flying somewhat smoothly and the wind speed is about a little less than 10 miles an hour, so it’s flying pretty nicely. Actually let’s go ahead and take some photos all right guys. So something that i learned is that this thing runs low on battery very quickly, but luckily they include a second battery, which i have right here. I also brought the charger. I don’t know why but i’m going to test this out with a second battery, so let’s get into its second flight all right. So if you’re wondering about how to change the battery it’s this bottom piece, this opens right up right here and then here’s your plug, and you would plug this end of the battery into that. So let’s go and plug it right in so now, it’s plugged. In so oh all, right so i’ll give this thing, credit, it’s, extremely durable, because i have crashed this drone a lot and it’s still working fine. I mean, as you can see, there’s some scuff marks right there, but um this thing is super durable all right. So let me say this right now: um. Maybe this is not for a beginner, because this thing gets taken by the wind super easily. So if you’re going to fly this thing flight indoors or in the gymnasium, or something like that, because it’s only about nine mile an hour winds outside – and it is just getting bullied out here.

So i would not recommend this as an outdoor drone get something with gps. I’Ve done plenty of reviews, i’ll link, some of my favorites in the description below so check them out all right. So that was the flight test. I guess this is so cheaply made. This is actually a benefit that is when you crash it. It won’t break because it’ll just bounce off whatever you’re, hitting whether it’s a tree or bounce off the ground or whatever so that’s, pretty cool it’s, actually pretty uh, durable, so that’s nice all right. So the big question is, would i recommend this drone for the advertised price in most places is around eighty dollars? Maybe a little bit less me. You can find it for 70., but i would not spend over 50 bucks on this drone so at the advertised price. I would say: do not get it it’s very hard to fly unless you’re flying indoors, then there with no wind um, but this is super hard to fly and control in any kind of wind. It wasn’t uh too too hard of a breeze that i was flying. It was only about nine miles an hour and it was just getting bullied outside, so i can’t say i would recommend this for a beginner because it was hard for me to fly and i i’ve flown plenty of drones. So if you’re a beginner, i would recommend getting either a micro drone. That way you can just learn the controls or getting something with gps, so you can fly it outside and it won’t be super flimsy and get carried away by the wind.

Just because i didn’t recommend this drone doesn’t mean i don’t like it, i mean it’s, a fun drone to fly indoors, it’s just that eighty dollars is way too much money for this drone. In my opinion, you can just spend a little bit more money and get something that has gps and that’s somewhat nice somewhat nice drone it’s, not bad. They do include a lot of accessories, so that’s pretty nice, but um yeah. I just can’t say i would recommend this drone. However, if you would like to see some drones, i do recommend that are super easy to fly and fun to use. I will link some of my personal favorite drones, my reviews for them in the description below so make sure you go check those out right now.