It saw it and had some great reviews so i’m going to do my review since i’ve unboxed it and charged up my batteries and going to take it out on a test flight here today and really excited about it. So let’s go ahead and get started so we’re going to go out to the waterfront park and we’re going to fly it over the park and the water area. So here we go okay, so we’re out here on the waterfront. I already got it calibrated and i got the drone on got my phone connected and everything and we’re about to take off and get this drone up in the air and there we’re up in the air. As you can see, the camera is showing some of the snow that’s on the ground and, as we move around you can see, the camera is really stable. I, like it, it’s not real bright sunshiny day, but you can see the bright snow and the contrast as it passes over my car and the yellow, yellow boating house there and you have some people walking along and you can see um the water there. In the background – and here i am i’m just coming down to um zoom in on me – a little bit there um like i said the camera is good, but today the lighting today, no sunshine rather cloudy today, but i didn’t want to get it up to get This review in and so i’m out here, um in in the snow uh, has stopped snowing but um it’s, uh it’s nice out it’s, not uh it’s, not too cold, not windy at all.

So the drones are very stable, so we’re gon na just take it up and over the water just panned around to the island. There that’s a very old island back from the uh olden days there and we got a good shot here of the delaware river. Looking over to pennsylvania down in lower lower bucks, county pennsylvania, bensalem and bristol pennsylvania, and as you look forward down the delaware, you can see the bridge down there in the background down there and that’s the burlington bristol bridge and the camera is pretty good. You can see it’s, nice and stable, as i continue to pan around some good panoramic shots from up above i’m. Just loving it um just excited about getting this view, and you can see a bit of the sky that is overcast. You know a little bit of the sun peeking through there a little bit and you see a bunch of the rooftops and stuff with the snow contrast – and you know: i’m loving it as i just pan around it’s rather smooth. You know once it gets there. The electronic stabilizes um smooths it out, you know, and the initial turn is a little jerky, but once you once the electronic stabilizer kicks in, you can see it’s relatively smooth, and here we go again another um closer shot of the island i’m still over the land. There yet but uh, you know, i’m, just kind of focusing over over the water and as a pan around.

I just got it in so i’m, really breaking it in getting a new keeping it closed. It hovers very nicely um, very stable and so i’m loving that compared to some of the other drones i had, but just all over the place, this holy stone. Drone 720e is really comfortable, really easy, um it’s a great beginner’s drone. I had a couple other drones that um you know wasn’t so easy to manage as this one here, basically uh once you let go of the control, the drone just stops in place and just hovers and uh, and then you know it just holds that position as You can see it’s just relatively holding the position so i’m, just moving it around a little bit. Just to you know, examine how smooth um the panning is, with the controls and it’s nice nice and smooth there so i’m putting up in the air there and uh. Just panning out a little bit and uh so it’s it’s, very stable, very stable, drone i’m loving the construction of it. The construction is really nice and it opens up to be a very, very nice drone, and i put it on my scale here and it came out, i believe, around 495 somewhere in there. When i waited, and so i did get a chance to um register it with the faa, i went on the book and then it gave the website for registering it with the faa. So i did go on registered with the faa and uh printed out.

The license, and also i attached a copy of it to the drone itself and um so i’m flying it taking it out of just you know, just panning around right now, just just looking about having some fun with it and uh it’s, a really nice drone, i’m Enjoying the scenery – and you know, it’s uh, you know i did take a little little cruise down the delaware um coming closer to the um v shaped building there in the background, which is the uh senior citizen built building there right on the water and uh. You know it’s it’s, a great shooting drone it’s a it’s a little bit on the cloudy side today, but uh nevertheless it’s exciting to to have this drone up in the air, and you know there’s a wider shot of the burrows and brush the bridge. So you just zoom in and just a couple of different angles from it and then here it again, i just bring it down a little bit closer to the ground just to just to get used to it, hovering in and familiarize myself a little bit more with The controls but it’s a very stable drone, very satisfied with this drone and uh so i’ll be flying. It can’t wait until the weather get a little better, so i can really get out there and fly and uh i i’m, going to in a second here as it panning around just getting used to the controls there.

So now what i’m doing is i’ve just put it in the follow me mode. So actually the drone is following me, but you see it’s centering a little bit more. It kind of you know like now. It just flew over my head there and uh, but it’s like basically it’s backing up a little bit, but there i am working again, so it just has me right at the bottom of the screen. It doesn’t really center on me that well uh, now i’m raising my hand waving at the drone and uh there. It is there so as i back up so now, there’s a better view of me: i’m just walking backwards, waving at it and uh. So i go across the field there and it follows me pretty good and then i stop and it kind of hovers right up right above my um right above my head there for uh as long as i’m, just um standing there or whatever and uh there. It is so you know i just walked over to the buildings that they’re they’re they’re constructing they didn’t want to go too far in there, but even though it’s no one working over there today, but you know – and as i’m doing this here, recording and all of A sudden i drop down to two bars and the fail safe automatic return home goes into effect and the drone just shoots up um 95 feet because it was set to default 95 feet up in the air and, as you can see, it’s it’s reversing back to Where i originally um took off from so it goes backwards when it actually goes back um to the home spot, and then it lands itself and it did a pretty good landing uh, even though it was about six feet away from the landing pad.

But i i you know it.