Stick is back whats, going on guys nashville here back with another stick review, and today we have a unique one. It is official the bauer sling is out now and yes, they brought back the hole. I feel like this is one of the most controversial sticks in hockey. With this you either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it, and today were gon na get to the bottom of it. The best way to describe this stick is the nexus adv and the nexus geo had a baby, and this is the result. First of all, lets take a look at the graphics of the stick. They went with a similar design to the adv with that lime, green color. They also combined the silver from the hyper light into the mix as well. So you get that reflective silver with this lime green, not a bad looking twig going to the blade you have that sling tech 2.0 graphic, as well as the hole now lets talk about the technology within the stem. First lets talk about the shaft. It does have that five sided tech with the er spawn. So, as you put your glove onto the shaft and rotate it around during stick handling youre gon na. Have that good feel and get some more power in your shots. In this blade, they move the hole around a little bit to give you a better pop and better durability, as well. So just minor upgrades over the adv and the geo overall, hopefully resulting in a better stick.

And of course the stick is called. The bauer sling, which is a pretty nasty name for a twig. You know youre buzzing out there, so first things first were gon na set some stuff around skate around, get a feel for it then well get into some stick handling and some shooting. Here we go. Applause, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Applause, Music. Where was it, we are buzzing. Something else i forgot to mention about this: stick is you could choose to use it with tape or not today? Well, try it with no tape, but if you want to tape it around the hole, it doesnt ruin the tech all right its still there. It is all up to personal preference. Some people want to show it. Some people want to hide it regardless. It will work for you, so buzzing around felt pretty good. We got some good shots, got some good stick handling, lets, set up some targets and actually see if we can go a nice little four for four weve been kind of on a bad streak here, with these targets, usually we go like six seven shots and hit All four todays the day were four for four. First try. You heard it here. First lets go. Lets swing. Some biscuits here with the bauer sleigh top right, just low. Oh, we are slinging, were slinging but were not hitting targets all right, full reset. We got some warm ups in were hitting everywhere, but the target – oh good, shots, though all feeling good right now, is where the four for four starts: theres, one Music, theres, two Music, i choked it.

I thought today was the day. Five for four is still not bad. Here we go theres that one and last but not least, six for four, not bad either, and there we go so we couldnt quite get the four for four done today, a nice little six for four here with the bauer sling sticks, feeling good shots are coming Off fast, we got some nice pop out of this little hole in the blade all in all, pretty happy with it. For me personally, i would probably tape up this blade. I feel like im losing just a little bit of grip on these shots, but for the video you know we had to rock the hole. Next up this mannequin, better fearful life, were going a couple clappers with the mannequin in front, got ta, get it through the screen, get it to the net. Here we go the good thing about these nexus line of sticks. I know this isnt really a nexus, but its still part of the family with the sling is. These are the best of both worlds right, you get a nice mid, kick point, so big slap shots, still quick, wristers kind of the best for any kind of player. Now you know me not the best with the clappers, but today i prove you wrong top left. That thing had some whip on it. Did it miss the net? Yes, but had some whip? Oh, the deflection there we go were hitting the net two for two top right: oh big block top right banger bar down here there we go were sending this one here right through his chest, Music.

There we go all right, sling feeling good! Oh, you want one more bar down. I got you one more bite out here: Music, okay, sling feeling pretty good. Obviously, you guys know im not taking a lot of slap shots during games, but theyre coming off well were hitting the net aside from that first shot and putting them right where we want to put them nice and low good for tips. You know the vibes overall shots feeling good. We got some good accuracy, some good pop on the stick and uh yeah i cant complain. I used to love the nexus 80v stick. That was my go to twig until the hyperlight came out, and this is just a slightly better version. So absolutely no complaints here, i feel like weve, got a decent amount of work in with this. Stick now lets give you my final thoughts overall talk about this. Stick the stick handling feels phenomenal. I dont know what it is about this hole in the blade. The feel of this thing is unreal. You can stick, handle the puck and receive it with confidence. You know where the puck is going and where it will be. Next up lets talk about the shooting for me personally, i think it was a mistake to not use any tape on the blade i felt like i lost a little bit of grip, but i know some people prefer to use it this way again. That is totally up to you: try it out for yourself test different things out and see what you prefer the most the actual shot, though its set up just like a nexus with that mid kick point so, like i mentioned earlier, you get the best of those Quick wristers and a good amount of power, and you can definitely wind up some clappers as well.

You can see my slap shot is terrible and we were still coming out here, picking some quarters picking some targets and getting the job done. You guys know me: ive been a lifelong vapor guy. I love my hyper lay. I dont know if this is gon na pry me away from that, but uh. I will keep on trying this out and let you guys know that is it here for a review of the bauer sling keep on slinging the biscuits. Let me know in the comment section down below, if you have any questions at all ill, try to answer them all to the best of my ability. Im nasher im out hit the video with a like hit that subscribe button and well see you guys next time.