So this things going to set you back about 160 170.. I did order a couple of extra batteries. I dont know if thats coming in a separate package, but it comes with one battery here. This is a 150 mah battery 3.7 volt charge that up in a second some batteries for the controller free cool brand swag, all right, whatever heres your instructions for the s2. Everything you need to know about how to fly and what to expect heres. Your controller beginner fly medium fly advanced flying and you have total control. This is the sport club, s2, nice and light. Has a nice amount of weight feels really good in my hands? Has a nice feel i like this. I like that it has a nice lets, see the balance see. The center of gravity is looks like its right here right about there theres your center of gravity right in the middle, pretty much, although im having a hard time balancing it thereabouts right about. There is the center of gravity right here right below the wing, okay, so uh. This is nice. Take a look at the landing here. Just a simple wire! Our battery will go right in here attaches by velcro lets see. Is there velcro in this battery theres a small little velcro on the battery theyll go right here, the wheels are nice and spongy spongy wheels a little bit larger. Has a nice look. We have our ailerons elevator and uh yeah man very nice.

Two little servos feels good and now im charging up the battery shouldnt take too long to charge now to connect my sports cub s2 airplane im gon na go ahead and put the throttle down and ill turn on the control. At the same time, i have a blue button as you can see and then ill bring it down and it should connect go up and there you go and now its connected. Now this is a four channel airplane and the first channel being the speed right there. Second channel being the rudder left right left right, your elevators are right: here you can go up or down up or down, youll notice, its on the controller, its the opposite of what you would think. You would think to go up that youd go this way, but thats actually going to bring you down. So take a look there. You can see how thats looking when we go down so thats up and thats down, and the reason whats happening here is im. When i bring it down, the elevator kind of goes up and thats going to cause the wind to hit the airplane and have it go up from behind. So take a look again as i do that see goes up. I want to go down the winds going to hit the elevator right there, the tail and its going to make it come down. So, for example, i wanted to do a loop. I would go down briefly and then up to have it do a loop.

Finally, to do my rolls you just go to the left or to the right left right, and so, if i go left a plane is going to bank to the left like this and itll roll. If i go to the right, its going to roll or bank to the right, this particular airplane here is about 200 and youll notice. All that noise, its making it has all the level features where, if i have any kind of an emergency or im losing orientation or im making a mistake, i can press this button and that will auto level the airplane. For me, which is a good feature if youre new to flying, i was going to give this a try now for a brand new airplane pilot. I recommend just practice flying it forward and having it come back to you with only the rudder. Now. I also recommend, before you fly airplane, get a feel of how it flies, throw it and see how it does lets go and throw the airplane. Now no power. Look at that now. Every time you fly, you always want to make sure that everything is working properly and that the motor is not damaged and spinning correctly, there is a breeze out here. So im gon na see how it works here in a breeze. Here we go all right, so you notice im fighting the wind right now, its almost like flying kite its flying nicely, and so, when you first start flying my advice to you guys is uh.

Just go ahead and track practice going back and forth like going forward and then having it come back towards yourself like this and uh right now, i think the uh, the airplane flies really well, as you notice. Here, though, the wind will take it away from you very quickly and the wind isnt that strong today, its actually a mild breeze and yet uh theres enough airplane theres enough trees around here that uh. I dont want to go too high because that wind takes it away from me, im going to be in trouble and if i lose orientation around here say goodbye to my airplane. So i need to go to a bigger field like an airfield for flying this airplane. Even though its small and you cant fly in front of your house, i fly in front of my house all the time, but the truth be told i am taking a risk because it is so light and it seems like i it the wind can take it. So its a little bit more swirly than i would like it to be also um ive had other airplanes that were four channel airplanes and three channels that were not as swirly and they were smaller yet so, but its not a bad airplane. I mean i do like it. Uh truth be told if it were to break on me and i had to get a new one. I would id buy another one. So i do like it only comes with one battery its a 13.

5 volt battery, and it gives you about five minutes flight time, so i do recommend buying two at least two more batteries. At least i personally have three of these five minutes: the average flight time ill get on just one battery, which is actually pretty amazing. You think that this tiny little battery is propelling this airplane in the air, for a full five minutes, sometimes longer and todays, not even that windy, and yet it has to fight that wind as it flies around here we go look at that. How cool i cut it close there on that, curb though, and then once you have it, come on, try bring it in for a landing as well a little bit windy out here, its a little bit tougher and i just had a crash landing there. Its a lot of fun taking off as well so go ahead and practice taking off and then just practice doing that and then practice bringing it back and having it land thats, always fun. I can do it here. We go. Oh there. It is. You also have whats called touch and go thats where you kind of come in and you see how it touched there. You go and now im going to bring it back to myself. The wind is uh controlling it. There you go and its going to take off and now awesome and of course you can do a side. Theres sound effects too, which is always a lot of fun, lets bring it back.

Ah, that was hard. That was a hard landing huh all right here we go. Okay, i have my battery hanging. Let me bring it back in come on maverick, more power, more okay, thanks for watching guys. This was my review of the hobby zone. Sport cub s2 very noisy airplane, but i do have direct links for you below if youre thinking about buying one i do like it, it flies good and um. You just saw, i was doing a whole lot of tricks, and that was just on the level two that was not on level three, which is the pro mode. You have your beginner where its very stable and then you have your level two where you can do tricks and then level three, where this thing just totally lets you take total control. My advice on that one, you wan na have a big open field and you wan na have it up high as youre flying in this field, its pretty large, but i dont think its big enough, not for the kind of flying that i want to do so. I need to go to a professional airplane field, so if you have any airfields near, you definitely check those out thanks again for watching guys.