I am michele, and today we are in the company of the new EACHINE E110. It is a reproduction of the famous black hornet military drone. Obviously this is little more than a toy is a helicopter with hd. Cam is little else, but given its price, it costs around 70 euros, which you can see from the card here next to me. Well, it can be a fun and nice gift idea to vary from the usual drone anyway, given the large interest that this helicopter has aroused in my facebook group, I decided to bring the veil here on the channel. If you want to buy it find the link is to become the coupons below in video descriptions is in my channel official tech plate month, in which I invite you to enter numerous sheen are waiting for you and 110, a faithful reproduction of the black hornet, a Mini drone that until a few years ago was in force to the main armies of the born, we find as character Technical characteristics and 15 minutes of autonomy and high, all that is, he is able to independently maintain the height, and apart from this, it is not That we find, then, who knows what has a small hd cam three speeds, is the auto tech off so guys lets go to open together the package and lets see what we have at home. Here. It is first of all we have an instruction manual with various tips for using the remote control and calibrating the compass.

This instead is the leaflet that I will need to download the application to operate. The hd cam then take pictures and record videos use the first quarkode the one with the word, google. I recommend the others. Are they direct them to a Chinese site a bit difficult to understand, then going to open the package. We find the real content. I would start from the reserve battery as we find. Two batteries is a 3.7 times from 580 milian for this being a helicopter with a single engine and a single propeller. This battery guarantees up to 11 12 maximum 13 minutes of autonomy in flies. Instead, the smooth e110 drone is this, and it is also built very, very well. As you can see, we have a front cam that can be tilted manually by a few degrees. We have LEDs in the front. We go to turn it on so real. I show more closely here: they are the big engine central with its propeller in the lower part. Instead, we have the antenna, cable that comes out of the drone and also the tail that ends with this propeller. The thing is also equipped with a small red position: signaling LED in the tail in the blue, rear part in the the front is really very light. We are under and 100 grams, but as this helicopter is equipped with a HD cam well, it is not considered a toy, and I believe that even on the package, it is indicated from 14 years upwards.

So this is not a toy. The battery is equipped of four signaling LEDs. The residual charge lets turn it off. So our how to extract. It is really simple. You just need to pull it in this way. The battery will see away to insert it backwards. Lets push it as regards. Instead, the radio control is very simple, too. I point out that both stickers of good quality, I have to say, year the return in position year, the spring. To put it more simply, this is because the phishing and 110 maintains the height autonomously for the position. Instead, we will have to manually act on the controls. There is no integrated gps. Have the power button of the remote control various trims to adjust the drift of the drone? These are the small peaks next to the stick. We have this command and that is used to set. One of the three speeds of the drone is this command that is used for landing is the automatic takeoff. Apart from this, we do not find anything else, no key to tilt the gene. Ball returns, home automatic or else is a helicopter with a hd cam. Its application instead is this is called centers. We have all the access permissions and we access the settings. Tations lets see what we can adjust. We can choose mode2 or modugno, and this is not bad. The configuration of the control stickies carry out a firmware, update and set the language, obviously leave English.

We access the drone camera. Then the quality is what it is guys. You see it too. Its a hd cam on paper, its fine to flutter around, but obviously its not a photographic drone, its a drone designed to have fun and have some fun anyway. It does its thing lets say that I would have liked an attack on the remote control, a hook to insert the smartphone, which, unfortunately, it is not present. At least I have not found from the application. We can take pictures and record small videos access the video folder zoom slightly and also activate some features, such as led les mode and virtual sticks to control this small drone directly through the application. If you have a viewer to connect to your smartphone, you can split the quad rature and then use your king face and now let s also try to arm the engines and take off lets see how this little ishin flies and 110 auto tech off the drone Is really very, very stable, it is fun to fly, look how reactive it is to the flight commands. We can move it to the right left forward back as normal. The drone helicopter and I speak also rotate on itself. If I let go of the left, stick, he maintains the height autonomously look and does not even drift too much. Considering that there are many obstacles around him is there area could move it a little from not bad, very nice sure to move it a little close to the camera, so you can see it more closely.

This guys is the secret military drone that the multinationals keep from us lets, try to make it land guys it landed without capsizing, and this is a great result. Well guys this one add this: ishin e110 is a fun secret military drone bar helicopter for what it cost at 70 euros or a little less. In my opinion, it can be a nice leisure in the free time between a drone and the other between a plane and the other. I recommend it well, if you want to have a little fun, he flies well has a good height control. The cam is what you have seen is a there is not much else is particular the design that recalls the real secret military drones. What else can I add friends if not well find the links and coupons to buy this drone below in video descriptions, always updated? Coupons in my official channel the lamp that these sdk, even if below, together with my facebook group, the drones and technology italy, the boyfriend has joined in, I wait for you if you have doubts, questions about this gift and you want to talk to me – lets talk Together below in the comments, I wait for you a nice ex to support me a sharing subscribe to the channel and we do not say goodbye and we make an appointment next year. Video as long as you always want here on add to tech.