So here we are with the brand new hornby model mike. What do you think? Well, i think it looks fantastic ive got a ive had a virgin train one of these for a long time, its been a regular on our west coast, cement uh west coast. Mainline layout ive always enjoyed running that since i brought it out of storage. Put the decoders in it got it up and running and to see a brand new livery on well its really quite a stunning nine coach train its really nice to see. I was surprised actually because its a 2004 tooling, if i remember correctly, but with a brand new livery on it, it really brings it up to scratch it doesnt. Actually, i think the pendulum is a good tooling. In the first place, i think actually its a good looking model, its a good looking train in the first place, which really helps um. Strangely, i wouldnt have said that 20 years ago about a brand new pendulum, but i do think it now so um, but it is well, i think the avanti west coast delivery is very striking anyway. I think any piece of blowing stock would look very smart in this color scheme, so mike. What can we expect from this re release? Okay, so its uh its exactly the same as what went before in terms of mechanism drivetrain vehicle types as well its delivered either as a four car train pack or you can buy individual coaches to build it up to your nine car train.

So the four car train pack that has the two driving cars in it. It also has two trailers in it as well. Uh. The one of those driving cars is motorized as well, so theres a motor bogey at the rear of that its also got all wheel. Pickup as well, you get directional lighting, plus theres, an eight pin, dcc decoder socket in each of the driving cars as well. So you need separate cars for each end of the train, because theyre not electrically connected through the coaches, now its slightly more expensive than the previous one, its 275 ish pounds rrp for the four cars set and 45 pounds per coach, so thats roughly 500 pounds for The full nine car set worth it, i think so. Yeah i mean you look at this is a big, long, train um. I know everything is very price sensitive at the moment, and people will feel that 500 pounds is a lot of money, perhaps to pay for a complete train. Then again you look at other trains. You could buy where you go, buy individual items of rowing stock. To add to a loco and really were looking at that kind of marker at the moment for a full scale length train. Obviously you do have the option you dont have to go for the full scale length option as well. You could just opt to buy the four car train pack. If youre, not everyones allowed to the other day can handle a full nine car pendulum.

Can it, but i do think at the same time, actually its really important and encouraging to see that hornby is viewing trains as full formations now as well its like when it comes to hsts. For now, we dont just see a pair of power. Cars come out and a couple of coaches in a similar kind of level. We now see complete, sets coming out and theyre doing the same with the pendulino as well. That complete set thing to me as a collector and a modeler is equally important. Well, complete im sure people will uh notice theres a few coaches missing from the full set, but guess what actually technically? It should be. An eleven cars keep telling people its a full full nine car set, but actually this ‘0 156 is actually 11 coach training isnt. It, i suppose you can just add two more coaches. You can add two more characters and have to change the um vehicle identities on them. I guess as well then to make them fully correct for 11k straight um, but the 11 characters were repeats of existing coaches. In the train as well so – and i was going to say regarding the price initially, i thought it was quite um high just because its a nice big round number, and especially because weve got a three pole motor traction tires. Do you think maybe they could have improved that somewhat? However, like you say, compared to other sets out, there unit sets out there, which are similar sort of rrps, its actually really good value.

It says yeah when you dare. I say it yeah. I think its difficult to quantify value. I think everyones gon na have a different opinion on what exactly value is um at the end of the day, if i wanted this pendulino, i wanted it on my layout. I wanted the full nine car train, the almost full but nine car train and i would pay the money for it. You know id go and find a way to make it happen. Um, its pay money, take your choice, isnt it all tilts as well, which is great. I was going to say the tilt doesnt clip your station, but we wont be showing that in the video you dont, let me run it past it. My station is a problem on this rail and and to be honest, if someone needs to come along with the hammer, ridges ill take that station out and start again so weve been meaning to do that for a while. We have yeah and it keeps getting worse and worse so were probably digressing a little bit from the point of the video but ive been um a little bit more than one traction stock out onto the layout. So ive been quite a lot more interaction, stock and ive. Its my latest thing that ive kind of started doubling with again and ive, found that a lot of my freightliner flats dont fit through my station and through my platform, and i find it really frustrating so um dont be surprised if you come to another video soon And see that there was a station, but no longer is a station, but going back to the tilting its actually a very simple mechanism, its just a sort of plastic triangle, uh on some of the bogeys, and it actually works very well, its very effective.

It does yeah, it is very effective. I think i really like seeing this like snaking through the the diversion route behind us. There im annoyed how satisfying it is to watch it. Ive always found these satisfying trains to watch their model form and again talk about the impact of these kind of trains. Whenever we take west coast mental with the nine car pendulum out, it is always by a country mile, the most popular train that runs all the youngsters know it adults all know it as well. Everyone loves seeing that nine coach train gliding through the layout and it does look fantastic. So i think all creator horn before having a go doing the avanti west coast livery and hopefully maybe if this sells through well, perhaps well see some deliveries in the pendulum as well, because actually quite a few, that havent ever been done on the pendulum. I was going to say, because they only did was it do three liveries previously. I think it was around that mark yeah and i think most of them were virgin trains related yeah and by virgin trains related. I mean early version as well. Weve got options like you can see in our full feature in latest issue about the pendulum. As you can see, a lot of the options are there. So there was some that ran into plain white at one point and there was a virgin train delivery, which is mainly wiped with a virgin swoosh across the uh, the driving cars theres, also, all the individual vinyl wrapped versions.

Well, the advertising libraries as well, plus, obviously the pride pandalino as well, which is coming out now, i believe in 2022. Now so i cant wait for that. Yeah. That does look. I mean weve got a picture of that in the latest issue as well, and actually again the full train there with all that multi colored delivery on it. It does look fantastic as a drain. Its one of the big pluses i think to a modern image layout is all the colors you get with deliveries. Yes, so something like that is just absolutely nuts. This is colorful enough and its just a couple of i colors thats, one of the things thats kind of swayed me back to the modern image as well. I used to do modern image modeling actually in engage back in the day and – and that was my my period – that model it was all kind of the transition from a rail freight through the early transition of low torque mainline transferal into ews days as well and Ive kind of come back to look in a bit of that area and perhaps a little bit more recent as well. So a few more recent things there, and actually it is that color thats drawing me in um love, my steam stuff. Dont, get me wrong ill still, always be modeling steam as well. Dont worry its not going anywhere um but yeah. At the same token, its nice sometimes just change things up and do something a little bit different, sometimes okay, so its interesting, because your steam engines are usually black or green, and then this train is black or green.

Correct colours obviously thats why it feels like modern image now right mike for those who want to see the full review. Where can they see it right? So our full review of the pandalino is in the latest issue of hormone magazine, thats issue. 171. Our september 2021 issue, plus in there weve also got a full reality check class history on the pendulinos as well. So if you want to know more about these trains in the history, ive got some really nice shots of the different livers that carried over their time. As well, you can see all that there, with our review of the model, im really hoping some of hornby reads that feature because of all those deliveries that they could do with their tooling. Yes, absolutely its a very expensive collection, yeah, great inspiration there for hornby. For what they could do, or if youre really really skilled at repainting, there might be some inspiration for you as well. Thatd be interesting to see yeah and im now itching to see that pride, pandalino, fear and finished in that stunning. Multiple delivery thats going to look great this one and the pride one going against each other on west coast, cement, yeah, thats – probably what we should do for that we should get west coast cement out well have a pendulum session with the pair then so things we Do well its all fun isnt it absolutely right. I think we should get on with running this train and um.