These days, i heard recently that the company charming charming toilet paper. They got into the nft space. What non fungible tokens they’re, making nft they minted. Some nfts, what how it’s actually funny is it really art studio? I told you it was speedier yay, we are about okay, this is going to be unboxing of the schedule we got. Ta get the wrapper plastic wrap off of it. First, nice little box right here, let’s see what a note we’re incredibly excited to have you as a skidio, 2 customers. Video 2 represents 5 plus years of work by our team to build a drone that has enough autonomy and intelligence to make flying drones more useful. More fun and less stressful for everyone, okay, we hope that you agree as you get flying. I want to ask that you take a few minutes to read our safety and blah blah blah blah safety and operating guide, especially if this is your first drone. Even though skidio2 has the most advanced flying ai in the world, you’re ultimately responsible for your safety and the safety of people nearby when you’re flying it – and there are some important guidelines – you should be aware of we’ve – been relentlessly putting studio 2 through its spaces. For the last year and iterating on every aspect of the product to provide the best possible experience for you, we’ve made some great content and can’t wait to have our minds blown by what you do with it.

Please tag away hashtag skidio on social channels to share with the community. We also know things are never perfect and if you do run into something we’ve missed or didn’t, anticipate, please email text to call customer service and we’ll prioritize work for future software updates. Best adam bry, skidio, co, founder from ceo, okay and adam let’s, see what you’ve got to offer here: Music, all right, nice little bag pop the tag. You know we like to pop tags, all right. The reveal yo wait now when you’re starting. This is our first drone ever right. Like i’ve, i almost bought the um dj, the dj dj mavics, i think okay and um i never did, and this is a really classy way to start. We just are proud. Currently proud owners of the scedio wait, a minute which one is this: it’s it’s, the skidio 2, the second iteration. Why did we choose this one? Well, the selling point for me was that it tracks you you, oh you let it fly and it follows you around. You don’t need it eliminated the need to stand there and and remotely control it. Obviously you do at some point, but then i really like that, because the first time i saw anything similar was also an ad on instagram um. I can’t remember what that one was called, but it was it’s it’s shaped like a little um crate, like the top of a crate like, like really small crate.

It was really small and it followed you around and it bounced around it. I didn’t buy it, but it looked flimsy it looked like it looked like it could easily fall apart, but anyway, this right here seems like a much much better um technology, so we’ve got four four. It took four quad that took four quad four quads um Music. All right i’m going to read that part, because i don’t know all right, and so they included a charger, some replacement blades. What we have here is a usbc charger double end, usb c charger with the wall out wall socket wall plug. Rather, i think this is probably a battery removing this card. There we go got a little screen wipe here, skido screen weight, so it looks like how many cameras do we have here? There’S one camera, the second camera on one of the legs and the third camera in the middle. Wait a minute there’s, more cameras on the other side, there’s, another camera on so three cameras on both sides: okay, okay, so that’s. Why it’s able to flip and fly in multiple angles? I don’t, i think, there’s more to that all right. So the little leaflet we have here tells you about setup. The first instruction visit get started for the full user manual first step, insert microsd card, insert a uhs speed, class 3 or faster micro sd card into the micro sd card slot located in the battery bay of scedio 2 battery bay.

That’Ll be right here. So this is where the sd card micro sd card goes, then. The second step is to connect battery so it’ll attach after you’ve inserted the microsd card. You attach this. Oh it’s got it’s a magnet, so it’s got some type of magnet here that you just place it in it’s pretty it just attaches. I like that and it’s really sturdy enough that it’s not gon na fall right back it’s, not gon na fall off. You have to apply a significant pull to get it off pretty cool all right, and the next step here is to charge battery charge using the included charging, cable and adapter. So, while it’s plugged in we’re going to there’s a little port right here underneath the scedio 2 and that’s, where you plug it in for charging and plug it in for charging, then the fourth step the battery is fully charged when its lights stop blinking. Okay, then download the app download and install scedio2 app from the google play or apple app store, that’s, it it’s a pre. You see that’s another thing that i like they don’t give you a lot of booklet full of legalese. If you want to read that you can go online and find that, but for setup you get a very small leaflet with bold instructions that go straight to the point. It seems it’s a it’s, pretty easy, so we’re gon na um plug this up, and i look forward to using it stay tuned.

Music skydio2 is fully charged and i the battery has to stay here connected to be fully charged. This battery has see here, there’s a power button right here. Uh lead indicator that shows you the charge it’s about. If you look at it closely, there are four indicators: um all the way to full, and this is how you check it. So it’s powered on now um, it holds let’s, see 42 4280mah that’s how much power you can get out of that one, and in here you have the wi, fi and password for this unit, and this is what you’re gon na connect used to connect to your The app on your phone um, so it’s got a really pretty strong snap into place, uh just a few issues i have with this. I worry that this might come loose if it hits something hard. Also right here you have the charging port at the top of the unit, which i don’t, like the placement of that it’s exposed to moisture there’s. Also a vent right here anyway. Right up here is a qr code and the wi fi and password to connect your unit, and it tells you to remove this sticker here before flight all right. So we have. You know some pretty good blades. Here i like the set up there it’s a four unit blade. There are seven cameras, three at the top three at the bottom and one here. This camera um has this little piece here that you have to remove before flight.

So it just you, know: it’s got that groove and the snap in just to protect this, the camera um and you can see it’s, it has the uh the pan and this other. This camera goes all the way over. It was like a 80 degree turn which is pretty good and you can see where it’s sitting right there, pretty flexible, uh Applause connection, point right there, all right. So at this point the camera is, the drone is ready to go and as far as the the blades, i think it doesn’t say very much about the setup, but i think it comes really comes off really easily uh. I like that it folds in for a good for packing and i believe, it’s a it’s, a push in and twist type of deal as you can see, it’s a pretty easy. It comes off really easy. You can replace it there replacement ones in the that come in the box and to replace that you just push and twist into place all right, pretty easy all right. So at this point, i’m gon na take the battery pack out, set it down and i believe, there’s more there’s memory and battery in here, probably well. Actually, no, no there’s, no memory in there that’s just battery power, so we’re gon na i have my sd card ready to go. This is a 128 gig ultra scan this i’m just gon na fit it in there fit it into the notch and it snaps into place well, actually, that’s not just push it into place and it stays and we’re gon na replace our battery pack and all right.

I have take. I have uh i’ve, downloaded the the app and i’m going to show you well we’re, going to walk through up, go through the uh jeez Music there’s, random people. Calling at this particular i get like a million notifications on this phone it’s, crazy, okay and the next screen. Uh requires you to pair, and i enable, while using app enable mic while using app – and this is where we’re going to set this up into email to verify account. Okay, so the power skedio lights are on and now i’m gon na connect the app or attempt to connect the app to the sky d02 by wi fi. It says it’s connected i’m going to hit done Music, all right, there’s, a media button here, where it’s gon na currently sink into storage Music. There is a storage in there. How come you don’t find it so we’ll start with the settings at the top gon na set it up, select how high we want it to fly since we’re outside we’re enabling eight feet. You have an option to disable. Your drone can fly close to the ground while tracking the subject and returning. So there are multiple settings here for a high floor height as flight telemetry information, app controls, uh dual sticks mode. You select how you want the joysticks to operate on your phone and you can either slide them. You can use your steering connection. Dual sticks settings as well all right.

The network hit the network button here. I think you hit this button, get rid of that. The network is already connecting, though, have 99 charge, and this is the 4k settings and with the 4k settings you can at the top here, you can choose for uh, sorry to take pictures or in 4k record mode. You can either switch from 4k to hd, while it’s on hd. You can toggle from 30 frames per second to 60 frames per second to 120 frames per second um. You can. You can toggle the settings as you want i’m going to leave it on 4k uh, while it’s on 4k. You can change it to hdr or no hdr, depending on your choice and okay we’re, just gon na click away from that all right, so um it’s, like it wants me to to perform an update, real, quick, Music it’s, actually really easy to fly using the joystick Is very responsive, as you can see right here, i just hold on the joystick yeah and it responds, and when i let go, it stops moving. Oh it’s, pretty nice it’s really that easy to fly. It there’s a learning curve there if you’ve, never flown a drone. Before it’s, not it’s, not quite it’s, not difficult to pick up, i don’t know yeah. It is so like we can wait at it. Okay, let’s move that way, move this way, a little let’s, bring it down and then let’s turn you around Applause.

This is quite easy to learn now we’re now it’s facing us Music, yeah let’s turn it away all right wave to the camera, and so now we can. We can select these two now he’s going to follow us. It looks like it’s, not following your selected subject. Oh it’s, following us, Music it’s following us, so we should like walk in a different direction: yeah let’s, okay, let’s see oh my gosh Applause, Music, so he’s just gon na follow you get out of here all right, so that’s, really cool Music. It drains battery real fast. The battery is already at 60 percent. We turn it on 59. It turned it on at 88. 80 percent. I think the battery goes down by 20, really quick, yeah wow it’s like another, so these aren’t meant to go for a long period of time. It’S just meant to go up, take your photos and that’s it yeah where you’re going Music wow. You know what my dad told me that, like you’re supposed to have a license to use this, i don’t know like you can get in trouble. Oh really, i don’t know. I think we just. We should look it up, but yeah that’s inside. So how do you feel about this? This is really cool technology. It just follows you with minimal. It tells you the speed it’s going at three miles per hour, it’s currently at 427 feet, and it chooses exactly which ankle it wants to follow me yeah, because i notice it’s kind of going in different areas, damn sure so well, there’s there’s more that it’s trying To i do notice how fast the battery is, the the charging it’s already at 49, or it offers more lessons you can have it return to where the phone is or to launch original launch point? Okay.

Okay, so you can get it to come back to you! Yeah or you can get it to go back to the backyard battery is at 47 percent. Let me see if there’s another lesson here: Music. It is very loud yeah. You can’t really sneak up on anyone. They probably did that on purpose, it’s really loud. I i i would prefer it it wasn’t so loud the propellers are still loud Music. I don’t know if the if it’s gon na i do notice that it’s smart enough to detect obstructions like trees, it’ll go around it see, it’s switched oh wow, it can sense obstacles that’s another really cool thing about it, trash wonder if it. The follow. You feature is what’s draining the battery like. If we were controlling a lot of it, maybe it would use less the navigation. I mean that’s a feature that’s the that’s, the most important that’s, the selling point that it tracks you yeah that’s. What got me to buy it or choose it over, say the uh dj math dji um, so, but if we’re, using that tracking feature and it’s draining the battery we’re currently at 38, i think that’s that’s too much too fast. They got ta improve the battery. The drain’s weight is it possible to get a second battery. The battery is super expensive, but i’m. Just saying it’s it’s still a terrible uh. My battery pack looks so heavy like it’s, like a significant amount of weight, let’s see if we can make it to the park.

We’Ll have more space too that’s the goal. Where are we at now on battery here’s another? We have 34 there’s, another house there for sale. Yeah a lot of people are putting their homes for sale. The neighborhood property value has gone up significantly so everyone’s trying to collect their profits. A lot of people trying to sell and take profits got ta. Take profits. Remember to always take profits. Music battery 31 percent we’re definitely not going to make a round trip it’s just we’re lucky. If we get to the park, no it’s not going to take it’s not going to get us to get us around. I wish i could change the direction of the camera. You know like tell it where i want it to be: huh let’s see orbit. Oh there’s there’s orbit let’s make it there you, okay, all right Music. At least it sends this thing yeah it’s. Just i want to make it stop older Music than so. You can change. You can change the direction of the camera. I can make it come. I can change the angle of of where it’s recording from okay. You can decrease the range whoa it’s very responsive. It is so you can have it, you can have it follow you in front. It can also follow you from the back and you have full control of all of those motions. Okay, there’s. Also cable. Oh okay, wait it just stays on place. I think it’s gon na return.

What if i move, i keep going the battery’s down to 14 percent Music what’s, going on now i’m trying to get it back to her come forth. He still see you Music, whoa, so couldn’t see me or what not on me. Applause, oh, oh, my god. The entire battery is oh, my god. That was interesting. Oh my god very quickly. Oh my god, all right party isn’t over i can’t, even all right, so we’ve got a skydio here. It’S broken um. The camera is hanging loose. If you saw what happened there, there was an accident, a drive by someone hit it yeah, it was a drive by it, was a hit and run hit and run and uh. So basically, these are the downsides Applause. These are the downsides to get the camera downsides. To the sky deal one when it got hit the battery dislodged and flew off like a projectile, it went straight into the sewer anyway that’s a flaw in the design. I don’t think that the battery should hang loose like that. It should stay in place and we it should have a latch or something that way we can release it when we want to, but it shouldn’t be able to fly out like that. So now the battery is gone because it fell into the ceo. We can’t retrieve that then also this camera head it’s as you can see, it’s damaged it. It went like this it broke, so i i think there needs to be some type of a more solid structure here to hold on to this neck, because the neck snapped too easily yeah.

Okay, this is uh. This was the first skydio2 that we’ve owned. My fact is my first drone ever i really like the tracking feature that was really cool, how you can control the angle from where it’s viewing and how you can there’s different, like skills where how you can get the right angles and there’s different like settings like An orbit setting where you have the schedule orbits around you, you can change the dam, the distance from you as well, just it’s it’s, a pretty it’s, a really good. I mean the software. There is impressive, i’m i’m impressed at where technology has gotten downside number. One is the battery it drains like you could literally watch it. First of all, part of the reason why this happened was the battery was dead and it needed to land. So it started landing and fell right into the you know and that car hit it that car decided that it was gon na go no matter what so that car hit it and that’s the truth anyway, i’m gon na reach out to skydio, i don’t know if I can get another one because i was actually enjoying this thing and a party got cut off too quick too soon. I appreciate it if you guys can send us another one. I mean this is the just barely got this thing, so we hadn’t even used it for 15 minutes and it’s gone it’s, pretty neat equipment except for the design flaws.

I think this this thing at the top here is going to have waterfall pour into it and there’s the vent too. The battery needs to be battery attached solidly to the frame and it needs to last longer and it needs to last longer. The sd card is too picky. It’S, like like you, have to have a certain type of sd card. I don’t know why sd card technology has not improved over the years, yeah that’s another like or even just memory. How do we store memory better without these? These things, but you have to anyway um then the neck. You need a more solid structure for the neck other than that that’s all we know for now.