This is a one fifth scale Goliath guys and I got ta say there is one person that lives at my place that wanted one of her own. Can other people at least use it when they come over absolutely excellent? Now I want to put you today get to build it. I will only help you where you ask for help, but I think to give this more perspective to the people that order. One of these machines – that is exactly what you're looking at top box. Shall we get started rip off that white tape? Will ya let's see what's in the top box? We have already done one of these unboxings before my good friend everything over and help me, but my wife wasn't here to actually see the size of the tires that come out of the box. Look at that Music brand new! Well, you got two axles in there. So the other tires must be in the below box. Let'S bring out the access here you made me meet some help. Yeah hold the box ready, here's, our brains, axle number one. Yes, axle, number two nice! There is massive tires yeah. They don't get it when they're like watching it on the screen they don't kind of your fingernail polish. Now I ordered some parts. I hope it came as well. I got ta get my drive pin for mine right on top yeah dry cans. It is the big all you want to color it.

The big monster here are your decals ma'am, you're, gon na be able to put them on anything. You want. Thank you. Primal RCA store shop, store shop, yes, be prepared, though these things are sold out. As far as I know, until August August yeah, they're pre ordering again yeah haha for us, maybe okay, here's your one side of the decals yeah. Look at this damn. I thought you wanted to do this. Okay, I can do that. Is there any such thing in this world anymore at our place, yeah, all right, you know, oh, I feel tires underneath yeah up and on the table. My love. May I look at this a beautiful unscratched, pristine body. Much like yours, my love Wow. Okay, so do you know what we're looking at here is have intentionally there's a driveshaft here, a suspicious looking plastic piece here, so you drive shaft there's your air filter that we're looking at right. There yes, yeah that's gon na, go on to the stash for your engine, so much wires. That will help with I notice your nails match your truck it's like a workout in itself, a I need to hear it. Can you please do me a favor and go get pink you for a second. Thank you. I would agree with you, but I don't think people kind of understand the perspective of the scale of axl that we're looking out on a one tenth scale truck. Look at this – that is what we're talking about.

That is the difference between one tenth scale and one fifth scale, basically double the size. Yes, oh nice, I think we should put those on pinky right, we're gon na need to install a larger engine. In fact, we might just put pinky's body on the RAM inator. It would just make it so much easier hey. I do, I think, that's a good idea, the second box there you go. I bet you'd, you holy good luck. You'Re gon na have to take out there. It is wait, a second I'm missing something. What four more of these hold me on mine for now – and here is your back axle. Nananana nanana, we're gon na have an awesome time ripping around the track. Just wait till Morrissey's your red truck he's, going to flip out. Yes, he is that's awesome, because every six year old should drive a monster truck under supervision. I would agree with that: hey dad! I borrowed your monster truck I'm. Sorry, I broke the tire off. That is a lot of aluminum, so this retails at 2900 USD. What do you think of that 2900 USD so for us in Canada, with shipping with import and duty and taxes and brokerage and everything you're, looking at just under five thousand okay yeah, so it's a hefty hefty price like it's a decent rig man? I want to see how it rips around before I get my final judgement. Oh, you have seen how it rips around, if you're in the States – and it was only three grand it'd – be a lot more awesome.

Yes, as long as we keep the drive pins in so this is EC motor engine engine – sorry, that's, okay! And how long is it gon na last for like if we take good care of it, it should last for a while a long time, a long time and you've got a super huge gas tank on there it's 1200 CCS. So that allows you to run for like an hour an hour, so people are like we should make this into an electric. But I just don't see the feasibility of running for like 10 minutes on huge lipo batteries well, and for charging them and – and I like my gas engines, man, I do the last box. That would be your radio if fly Sky, radio for people that are wondering it comes with the FS GT 5 with which is a 6 channel radio, not that you need it tools, excellent they. Yes, this is your real tightener. This is what we should have had. One house at the mountain – hey beef, one in the truck that's right so for those that didn't see when we did the first unboxing of the primal RC ramen ater, when I got it here, this front steering axle, look they're still coming with these steering rods. On top everyone's always saying switch them to be underneath, which is a bit of a challenge. I guess I'd have to drill that out and reach op them and then put that in because it'll keep from excessive wear.

I suppose on these horns right here, which I'm starting to experience a little bit, but after all, is said and done. This is run by two huge one fifth scale, servos on this giant servo saver. That is all connected. All of this is aluminum. All of this is that kind of thud thud, heavy that's right outdoor drive, shot or the out drive shaft right here for the drive shaft itself, here's, where you can hook up a double shocks if you like, I did on mine and yours my love. This is the rear axle. How much do you think that ways can you ballpark that dead weight that's, probably about 8, 8 pounds 8 pounds? Let me see that yeah I'd say about 8 pounds, and this one is. How much is that? Oh, my gosh that's easily double so first things: first, darlin back axle and front axle should be placed in front and back of the body. So, generally speaking, if you were working, will keep the front here because we're just going to slide it over now, you insisted you wanted to do this the overnight. Here you go. My love cutters talk to the audience. I don't know what you're thinking this I'm a big jar chef, so you could do it in all sorts of order. I'M. Just gon na do one to show you I'm, taking off the nut and the washer primal or seal on the outside or inside doesn't really matter that goes on.

Washer goes on and then the nut on the outside all right. Thanks for doing this. By the way, I know there's a lot of people on the show that always enjoy seeing you on the show and being on the show yeah. When I can't, I am yeah, absolutely there's, nothing more sexier than a woman using tools. Well, is it on there, but it is abusive knuckle. She takes I'm kind of backing off just a little well, you want to make sure that you can move the shock, but it's still on there secure and since this is a lock nut, that'll be just fine good job, all four done so I'm going to loose Our take these things apart, so I can put them. I came out my shocks, automatics yeah! Oh! I like I like your your method, beautiful job. Thank you for the help. On the other side. Yes, it is a very heavy. Yet I'm, just gon na yeah I've been watching some these RC videos. I find them to be tremendously helpful, very helpful. So, oh my love on one side. You can use channel locks, we could use a wrench if we wanted to then we're just going to hold it in place and yeah, but it doesn't need to be too firm again it's just having its negative here in place and just cinch it up. You said not to tie it tight enough, though you don't want it coming out.

Is that good, good, perfect, so we're gon na hold this up like this yeah? You go ahead and do that? Oh thanks bill was a friend guys. Oh, this is definitely a two person job. You can do it on your own it's way more fun with somebody exactly so. Can I ask a question these little washers here. One goes on either side right, yes, okay down below okay, so was it bevel side in double side in yeah, yeah we're gon na do is I'm gon na stick a small screwdriver there now I've caught it and yeah push hold on. Let me out there we go done deal perfect here, you go number 14 socket I'll hold it. You got a hole, the allen key stick the guide through. Oh, we move the axe a little bit. That'S. Okay, nice tricky tricky but doable doable and there it is boom there. You go I'm getting old I'm, not gon na be around forever. You'Re gon na have to know how to fix the RAM inator yeah, okay, so it's tight, yeah, that's, good, perfect. So now we're gon na want to connect these ones right here to these ones. Right here you want to roll the axle out. Okay, yeah you just kind of roll. The axle like that and that's how it's gon na fit right. Yeah we'll do one side each come on each side: okay, no Jim! This doesn't have any kind of washer like a lock nut or anything like that to lock it up.

So what we're gon na have to do is put some thread sealant on here, because I noticed it likes to come free, so we'll move the spacer we'll put some thread lock on there. If I can open it there, it is whoa way too much start screwing. It in there you go now you'll notice, there's a flat spot here when we're gon na end up putting a wrench there to help us tighten your watching up: okay, what's next, okay. So, with all four of the suspension links on you, do you see anything big and black that needs servicing? It does right over here there it is so. The rear end is almost completed slide. That in ma'am yes, goes in so easily nice, yes and smooth. Okay. So you do have a drive, pin there, you might want it back. The drive pin out okay, so that is the majority of it, except for the sway bars that need to be hooked up right here, and this actually came that's. Why we have these get those out of the bag, please my darlin, so second sway bar being attached there you go that bad. Did you put threads lock on the screw? No, not yet definitely need to do that on these ones. Remember a little goes a long way with thread lock. That is like a 700 dollar bottle of thread. Lock, see I'm just busting your balls, yes, you're doing a fine job. Today, everyone is applauding right, no I'm, just here to hang out with it.

Yes, exactly like. I said slow mo you're doing a great job, yeah that's good, alright, it's a tire time make sure that, if you're putting this on that your hex is on the inside and that your tire Direction is in the right rolling tread pattern very helpful, very helpful. Look behind to help put it on the hex adapter. Take your wheel, nut wherever mine is at the end and try to get it on there. Let'S read it nice job. You got the Titan there! Thank to you yeah! You got the right one, this one here as well. The tires are completely covering everything else on the screen. Just line up with the hex almost have it. It'S like the drive pin, is one to hold it out. Oh, the drivetrain needs to move a little bit. Is that a turning drive pin, I need to turn the drum huh. No, I just need to knock that in a little bit more I'm also having problem with mine as well. Yes, because it's sticking out a little bit on that back area. So can I have the channel locks right here, yeah right here, let's see if I can press it flatter. Yes that works. Ah, I see the park there. Yes, yeah, that one is in place, yeah that's a good sound. What what did I forget to put on the truck the brakes? We don't need these. We did a little sis, four different gears yeah the brakes.

These are actually easy, though. We just have to take off the the drive shaft right here and pop it right over the drive, shaft, okay, okay, back one is installed. You need the small allen key this one right here. Thank you. How easy was it to install these once we realized that we had forgotten them, easy our scale of one to five. How quickly did we do it? Pretty quick, pretty quick, yeah one, two five reading, I would say about two two. I would also say yeah. Yeah. Do some back off my de justice, this one was a little tight. The one drive shaft was a little hard to get on the output drive here for the pinions, but once we slid it on and off a few times with a little bit of force, then it seems to be working much better. Please some kind words and my hammer Laughter. Finally, there we go his and hers ram inators in the house. What this body we have two matching tracks. Well, you mean use the other body. Yes, we can do that. It has the LED on it. So that would be you get to have the nice light bar on top let's check, let's, swap it over and look Music Applause just like that there, it is still got bacon fat on it. How nice now I have now. I have salmonella I'm kidding. We cleaned it off, get in there with those there.

My love, you look great, you did it. You finally built a one fifth scale truck bump that up. Thank you. It is difficult, hey. I think you did a darn good job yeah. Now we have two big trucks we get to have fun with this. Wait until Morris gets to see us and run it around with us, yeah high five, this good good job. Thank you for your help. Everyone leave a light. Click for Jim participating in building a big primal, RC ram, inator yeah so get outside and have some fun.