A famous moped style e bike. Now the only question is how good of a rip off is it Music? I want to start by letting the himaway escape here stand on its own and judging it first based on what it offers not just on how it compares we’ll get there, though don’t worry for starters, we’ll dive right into the specs, which start with a 750 watt Motor in the rear here built right into a mag wheel that powers the escape up to around 22 miles an hour or so or 35 kilometers per hour, that’s the speed right out of the box. If you want to go into the settings, though, and unlock it that’s on you, but then you can get up to at least 28 miles per hour or 45 kilometers per hour, which, as you can imagine, is pretty darn fast, but also pretty darn fun for battery We’Ve got a frame concealed 48 volt and 14 amp hour battery for 672 watt hours of capacity. Now him away will tell you that equals 45 plus miles of range, but that must be with a very low pedal assist setting, because i usually got closer to around two thirds of that range. With the mixture of pedal, assist and throttle, though, for being honest, probably mostly throttle now, the cadence based pedal assist does work fine, but the seat is not movable and so you’re, not exactly in the best position here for optimal pedal strokes.

Even so, if you want to pedal this thing, you definitely can. I just hope i don’t run out of battery on it in the middle of a ride, because this 92 pound e bike is going to be pretty heavy. To pedal back, though, that 7 speed transmission will at least help you drop into low gear and keep it manageable Music back to the components here for a bit. We’Ve got hydraulic disc, brakes both front and rear, and they clamp down on some nice big millimeter rotors. So it’s definitely got some good braking force, which is again going to be important for a heavy bike like this. I also really like the nice big display in the center of the bars here, it’s right up front and it’s easy to see even while you’re riding fast we’ve got front and rear, led lighting built in that runs off the main battery, just like you’d expect on Any decent moped style, e bike and there’s also front and rear suspension now it’s just spring suspension, so don’t get too excited. We don’t have any fancy dampers here, but it works just fine for our getting around town style of riding here and can even take you on a bit of off roading without shaking your spine, loose Music. So all in all, it’s got a good mix of specs and components here, especially for the price of 16.99 that’s, a pretty mid tier price in the e bike industry.

And yet you get a lot for your dollar. Not only is it a functional electric moped with that classic step through full suspension frame and mag wheels, but you also get a powerful motor fast speeds, a decently large battery good hydraulic brakes utility with a rack and fenders. I mean there’s a lot here and the bike doesn’t just offer up features. It also offers up performance as well. So like we talked about this is, of course, a copy of the juice scorpion, and you know rip offs aren’t supposed to be very good, but here’s. The thing guys, this e bike is really good. I mean it’s, not as good as the scorpion. Of course i mean there are big differences, the frame isn’t as rugged the parts aren’t as nice. You know the tires aren’t as good. The battery cells probably aren’t as good the suspension isn’t as good there. There are big differences here, the lighting isn’t as good, but you know, if i’m, not comparing this to the scorpion, if i’m, just judging it on its own merits, i would say that you know this is a really well made e bike, it’s a lot of fun. It handles nicely it’s, just it’s a great e bike, i’m, really surprised, because i went into this review without very high expectations because i figured you know a copycat product can’t. Be that great, but it’s a pretty great e bike price wise. It only undercuts the scorpion by a hundred bucks based on the current prices, though those prices are seemingly always in flux, so you’ll want to check whatever the current price is today, so you’re only saving a bit by going with the himaway escape, and you do give Up some build quality and also the backing of a long standing company like juiced, but some people are going to call that a good trade in exchange for a few things.

The scorpion doesn’t have like, for example, the higher speed on throttle only operation and that larger display, whether or not those trade offs are worth it is something only you can answer Music thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed that review of the himaway escape electric moped. If you did why don’t you give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe, so you won’t miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos i’ll see you here next time.