This is a fat tire bike. I thought this bike was really cool because its a step through and its rechargeable and, of course, its a multi speed kind of like mountain bike, cruiser bike type of deal with a rack on the back, so something for maybe older folks or people that really dont. Like that high bar of a mountain bike, they got to step over step through means. You know you have a really low step to get through it really easy to ride. Lets unbox this thing, real, quick set. It up take it out on the road in the gravel in the dirt, see how this thing really performs. Lets get started Music, okay, so this is basically how it came um just to let you guys know if you do get one of these always use your mothers um scissors right to unbox things, okay, cool so top just opens up, and you can see thats how This thing is packaged, looks like it was packaged very well bouncing around actually kind of dug into the cardboard here. Hopefully, all this stuff is okay, probably going to be kind of piecemeal yeah, so were going to have to put all this stuff together. This might be kind of fun, actually a whole lot of zip ties just going to start cutting away with these zip ties, because it looks like theyre pretty much holding everything anchoring everything in there. Music. Look at that bad boy, thats, a nice fat, tire and thats.

Some good grip there, too man thats some pretty good knobbies, for you know off roading and taking some corners youre, not gon, na slip on the dirt and stuff. Okay. Now it looks like the whole bike, the rest of the whole bikes, just gon, na kind of pull out, get off of their box theres. Something else right here: tool, kit and whatnot lets bust into this, really fast accessories right there, nice, oh, we even get a hat and someone like kind of same tools that come with some of the other electronic bikes pedals right here were gon na have to put Those on this is probably what a charger – oh thats, the front headlight instruction manual here and the charger is gon na, be down down below so well break into this. When we start setting up the bike set of keys right there attached to the seat Music, look at that thing, thats pretty cool, bamboo, himalay rack. It looks like its possibly stainless steel, not sure on the screws, but thats where were going to be putting that rear tail light. Look at that frame cool. I got the white version, they have like a black and maybe a few different colors dont forget guys to check the description down below down. There check the link and see what kind of colors they have and they actually have a lot of different bikes as well. This is just one of them: Music. You can adjust these guys nice, so you can adjust the rebound and it looks like compression Music theres, the battery guys theres a little button.

You can see the charge right there so lock and unlock that thing. Just pops open, thats awesome, it wants to pop sideways. I was trying to like pull it up and out then sideways. All you do. Is you push it like this and look at that? The whole battery is coming out. Whoop theres our connection ports to the bikes, motor and stuff theres, a little lock on the top fairly heavy. You know this feels like maybe i want to say about 15 pounds, so not a super light battery, but you know more battery the more power you have and thats that button. I was showing you just for the charge lithium ion battery 48 volt, 17.5. Ah, 840. Watt hours, getting this thing back in lets, see see if we put it in the opposite way, looks like you just want to seat the bottom here and then pull it towards you or away from you. If youre, on the other side, look how easy that was, and it automatically locks just busted out the manual here just wanted to like look at this really quick before i kind of delve into putting things on pretty decent manual, i mean you can see here. It goes through what everything is on. The handlebars overall of the bike here gives you all the specs here. It does have a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour. They say estimated 30 to 60 miles 35 to 60, depending on, of course, your weight terrain.

All that stuff charge time is 6.9 hours, maximum rider weight, 350 pounds of total capacity, so thats, including, like whatever you have strapped on to the rack, as well as your own body weight, and this thing weighs all together 72 pounds. But it looks like its got. Some good stuff, shimano shifter, the only thing they didnt really explain, is any pictures of like where and how to put the tail light where and how to put the rack on all theyre really showing you is how to put the wheel on with that cross front. Axle and then just mainly the petals everything else, just kind of has a description but im going to kind of go over that with you. So actually, the first thing i want to do guys is: i want to put on this rear rack so heres that little tool they give you and then, as you can see, all of the screws are already kind of screwed in. If you did have some blue loctite, i dont have any right now, but id recommend just like throwing a dab on the screw might as well since youre, taking these out anyway. Theres only really one way to do it and putting these screws right back. In the same holes, okay guys so luckily i was actually able to find um a few black washers that i had like just laying around so thats, always always good to have just like spare parts and stuff laying around.

But as you can see, these washers are actually perfect, so something they can include include those washers because im just going to give you a little example of how these go in for the tail light. So this is going to be without the washer. You see how that just like slips right through honestly like a defect or flaw on their part, if they give, if they give maybe a little bit of a wider head, but and then, as you can see, with the actual washer its able to have some backing There so your tail light doesnt come loose and there we go thats on there. Now i just got ta route. This wire, so were gon na have to use probably pretty much all the zip ties cool thing about this tool is, you have actually have sockets as well. Well, thats, pretty awesome its almost like you need another screwdriver or something to hold the other side. That one came loose, but anyway we just need to slide it over just a little bit. There we go so i just kind of evened it out. We got an even space on both sides now so ill be able to put that zip tie in. I want to crank that down. It looks like it has a pretty good sheath, so its not going to damage the cable. If you crank it pretty good and there we go tail light is mounted okay. Now its just a matter of bringing this thing back down and mounting it back up on the frame.

This is our handlebar clamp here, just wan na take this bracket apart, put the handlebars on and tighten this thing up kind of universal, so it doesnt really matter which way that goes on, but it does matter which way these handlebars go on. They want to go with the hem away facing the rider and lets see how challenging it is to get it on here with the wiring in front of it. You always want to kind of make this spacing even on the top and the bottom. So just remember to kind of keep an eye on that. At this point i wouldnt crank them down really tight, because youre going to want to move these handlebars around right when youre sitting up there, you want to see what the best fit is for you. So just get them, you know a little bit, snug knock them left or right push them up and down a little bit really nice solid handle for picking the whole bike up on that side. All right! So since im kind of waiting for my brother to do the front wheel, im going to put on these foot page see thats his right side pedal tighten and it has the arrow having uh this direction right here. So you want to tighten it that way. So itll only really screw on one way. So if you have the wrong pedal, dont worry about it, you just get the other one. There we go bust this tool out.

I think this should be. The one lets see just move the pedal around, so you can get a good grip on it and get it give it a good crank. I mean you dont, want to break your tool or anything same thing. Super easy. This one see how it says. Left side pedal and it has an arrow going this way, so this is reverse thread and theyre kind of both going forward, because thats kind of the way your feet are going to be pedaling all right guys. Well, my brother casey showed up case thanks for helping out man really appreciate it. Hes going to help us put the tire on the fender like i was saying: um, usually good, to have two people, so i really appreciate case coming out to help out so lets get this tire on plastic little um, abrasion lock. I guess for packing, okay and then theres one down here too. So if you lift it up well, take it off. Oh thats, just like a blank right there, yeah, okay, okay! Oh, it just comes out that easy huh quick release right just boom, so you can change your tire quick. It goes through put the spring on here. Yeah wide part of the spring facing out towards the nut. Well, just go a little bit. Okay, we got ta line up the break right. Yep, okay, go up a little bit: yep, okay, nice now down there. Oh, that was real, quick ill, get a little bit tighter here and well make sure the break is there we go, lift it up, sweet boy that was quick man just kind of drops right down on it, so you just want to make sure its tight.

So it doesnt come down out of it. Youve never had any issues with bikes like the wheel, falling off right unless thats not tight enough, but yeah just nice and snug on on the closed side here and then these little tabs are for the fender. Now we can put the kickstand down cool, looking like a bike now this is the little bag of parts which bolts you think it is the long one yeah, because it goes through the whole light and everything these are just the fender braces put these on. Oh shoot looks like were missing a nut. That sucks were missing a little piece of hardware which is not going to allow us to put the rear, fender brace on i mean the other side of the fender brace okay were driving without the fender for this one. So then, were plugging in the light. Just this push connector goes on one way, just like that: yeah so theres, those led lights so its like a four high intensity cluster thats kind of cool, sit on it and then well see how the handlebars are. That seems about good right there. You, like it yeah, see what you think about that solid feels good. I think this is the preload dust like uh yeah. It tightens the spring to kind of for bigger people, yeah, probably what i need so thats. What it looks like guys without the fender on right, because, unfortunately missing a little bit of hardware – and it does happen – occasionally go ahead and take this bike out and do a full test in the pros and cons thanks for the help case appreciate it.

Okay, guys lets give this cruiser a try now remember whats, unique about this one is. It is the step through right. So you know, of course, its got a water bottle mount and then you can put your basket theres a basket mount here. You can put on front didnt, have the proper hardware for the fender, so im gon na have to probably run to the hardware store and get one of those nuts to be able to put my fender on, but so we dont have to throw our foot over. We can just step through just like this nice and easy makes it a lot more easy to get on the bike, just holding it to power on just notice that theres um some film protecting our shifter screen. Im gon na go ahead and take that off. We have a full charge. Just gon na have our assist on one remember: it can go up to five. I think yeah so well. Just do one for now see how that feels anyway. Lets get riding all right guys. Here we go get down to the road here: wow yeah, that power kicks in right away, get down to the road here and then well reassess the drone here, great readout, great big, clear screen right there on the handlebars tells you really with a quick refresh how Fast youre going just going down the gravel driveway here. Suspension feels real nice and plush, especially with this wheels.

I didnt put any air in here in the tires, but they actually feel really plush. You know they were a little bit. They could probably use a. Maybe a few pounds of pressure, wow yeah, that number one is actually already pretty good. I mean im going to turn it off for a minute. Its no assist. I just press the down button on there how to shift up just press. This thumb thing right here, thats two, three, four right, so im just full right now, since im going downhill, i dont need any assist. Saving power lets go to five seems like once in a while. It has a little bit of a shift kind of track issue, but just very um slightly once in a while so thats the shift up to make it. You know you go faster and its harder to pedal and then to shift down you push that lever. I just went all the way down to one that was actually a mistake, so lets go back up to five. You got ta, be pedaling right, just like a regular mountain bike to shift the gears so lets try that again, so you just push it very slightly and you can downshift push release once and you up shift now were at seven the maximum here going about 17 To 20 miles per hour, just coasting feeling good feeling great and of course we have a drone issue again: geez louise skydia whats.

The problem lets kick on that assist. I need some assist, help cant follow not enough room. All right guys see those pine trees, man. I really hope the skydio two plus is a lot better, because this really gets ridiculous with um the regular skydio2. You know youre trying to have some distance and follow yourself. I wouldnt be surprised if it gets caught in those trees right there lets see all right anyway. Let me turn the assist back off. Lets see what we can do here. Im just cruising down im going to cruise down the road here and then were gon na. Go back up, okay, guys lets go ahead and up shift again. There we go all right now. The drones in front lets see what we can do here up shift to seven because im going downhill. I have my assist all the way off, because im saving power, ive already gone almost a mile. The fat tires really do make. This thing feel plush on the ride. I like that, going pretty fast now that speedometers 26 27. remember im going downhill right. All right. Drones doing okay! Now, if you like this thing, you put the drone in like a distance from you and it needs to kind of settle into that distance. Otherwise it gets all screwed up anyway. Bikes, doing good still got a full charge, of course, because were going downhill going about 20 miles per hour, feeling really good id recommend, leaving the tires not too full.

You know and youll get a little bit better traction im gon na turn right here immediately and im gon na turn on the assist theres a little bit of a hill here, im going up to assist five and its maximum power right now, manageable, totally manageable. Lets get the drone a little closer and lets get behind im just going to turn around here. I dont want to bother too many neighbors there we go yeah, so hills like that seems like its totally fine the cool thing. I noticed guys right when you hit the brake if youre having an assist, it stops the assist even in mid pedal. So you know what i mean just go ahead and turn that off all right lets book it up here. Watch when i put the put the brake on it cuts the power completely, so you dont get that assist lag. All right were cruising now. Full power and the highest gear lets see how that drone keeps up with us were going 20 up a hill of about id, say you know a few percent incline five. I can feel my legs working still thats good yup always want to feel your legs working. A little bit you know i need, i need the workout thats for sure all right lets see. If we can get that drone in front. We are at full speed, im gon na drop it down for one gear, because its getting too hard to pedal, even though we have that five full power assist right now, i am still feeling it all right feels good, though feel a little bit of burn is Always good Music go to speed.

Seven, oh yeah feeling great and you can monitor the power the power is like cutting in and out on the bars there as it kind of senses your feet moving. You know and your speed awesome doing good doing. Good dont fail me now drone. I had a little problem with that. Skydio drone um guys just tell you the truth. In my last review of a cool electric um kind of harley davidson looking scooter the m1 and uh the skydeal landed on the tree because it ran out of battery so yeah. They got to work on that man, because that was hard i had to like. You know get a tree: trimmer expansion stick and poke it out of the tree, and it barely barely could reach it man, so they need to make that thing, not land in trees when it gets low on power. Anyway, back to the bike, the batterys still showing totally full, so i could be riding this thing for a long dang time, man were almost back home. I think im going to go in a little bit of a trail off in the um in the dirt. Okay lets do that im getting to my driveway, so im going to turn down so maybe assist one lets get this drone a little bit closer, so it doesnt lose me. Okay, man that assist one still has a pretty high deal of torque, so thats cool all right. I have no idea if this drones gon na follow me.

I always lose it in this forest. You know, but i just wanted to give her a little whirl here, see if it could possibly follow. I honestly doubt it, but lets give it a try. Its probably going to get lost, immediately watch this yeah. These tires feel good see. The drone has no idea where i am thats pretty lame lets just see if it can lock onto the gps, pretty nice having trails right outside your back door. Isnt it cant, follow no room, god, damn it skydeal figure it. The heck out lets see if itll return to me right now, Music, well, how the heck does it know where the beacon is and it can return to it whatever, but it couldnt follow me when i have the beacon, thats, the stupidest thing ever isnt it. Okay, bubba g. All right lets try this again guys. I need some. Oh yeah, i forgot you need some assist to get started, pull the throttle right. This has like a motorcycle throttle pulling. It helps you get started up a hill or something, and there you go yeah great in the trails i can hear. The drone behind me hope its following me. This would be good footage. This is kind of a little bit of a you know. Rocky ish dirt trail terrain right. I feel that front suspension working great come on drone. I can hear it. I can hear the drone getting lost dummy jeez.

I do a set return option and i say return to the beacon and watch. Apparently, it knows where i am because it goes up why the heck didnt it do that in the first place, see what the heck doesnt it do that so ill turn around here before we gosh dang land in the freaking forest right, all right lets go oops. I just pressed zero lets. Go back to assist. Lets get this thing home, quick before it lands, because it has no more power. Go go, go im just on assist one right now, guys just really want to get home. I know i might get this skydio too. This is kind of lame, not having enough power and the range just sucks. I mean not the sky dude, but the skydio2 plus right is what im trying to say go go go. I do not want it to land, okay, thats, so stupid. I say return to the beacon and it knows where it is when it returns, but you cant freaking follow the beacon, its the dumbest. Damn thing, ive ever seen fix that crap skydio come on. You can make a drone that can avoid all the obstacles, but you cant make it follow people good, even with your extra beacon. How lame is that enough about the dang drone lets get to this back so far, so dang good man, im gon na put this drone away and im gon na do some more riding in that trail, when i dont im not limited by this stupid drone, always Not being able to follow me as far as weight of the bike really easy to pick up and move around so its really not that heavy, especially the rear, when youre just trying to move it around and place it so lets get going.

I want to do a little bit more trail. Riding remember. The right break is the rear, and the left is the front oh watch out for the yucca plant. All right. This is gon na be fun thanks for coming along with me guys. I havent been able to do this with a like a real full, fledged kind of this kind of mountain bike on this trail. Yet so i really wanted to get the feel for it, and this one feels like itll be a good one for just real all terrain, easy on all kind of age groups went over some rocks yeah. This tires just soak. Those rocks up man, nice, oh watch out for the cactus lets – do some riding guys feeling good yeah man. Oh a little bit of a skip on the shift. I didnt even try to shift, but it just like off the rail, if that happens, maybe ill. Try to go to gear two and up my assist to number two right here. There we go that feels a little bit better. Remember anytime! You want to cut out your assist just hit the brakes, because this will stay on for like a second after youre pedaling. You know what i mean: oh rocks right there, a little bit of rock ledge here, oh its kind of hard to see the trail with the sun getting low and glistening in the eyeballs. So this is the kind of stuff man.

This bike seems like its really enjoyable, for i dont really know these trails too well yet, but i could see once you do just kind of ripping ripping on them really good. You know so im just in year two and power setting two right now, whoa, that is absorbing these little rocks theres some larger boulders yeah man im liking fat, tire bikes. This is the first fat tire bike ive really had, and this is just really excellent for these trails. Man. These trails go for um hundreds of miles. My battery is still fully charged nice right through yeah, just avoid the big rocks and the big, oh just nailed that bowler right there, just gon na go for a little bit more and turn around, but you guys get the idea, ooh ledge front shock. I know its a little bit clunky i mean it works, but this feels like its a little notchy like not very smooth. You know like its binding a little bit uphill. Oh, oh yeah! You can really hear that clank whoa trail split, so i dont want to get lost here. Im gon na turn around okay, guys so total of 4.5 miles on our trip. Theres a bike, just the wheels are kind of dirty. No problem power is still completely full and ive been using this battery a little so far impressed its doing what its meant to do and its a step through you have to lift your leg all the way over.

Of course, if you had a water bottle here, it might be a little harder to put your leg through and then remember. This has like you can adjust the rebound and everything, so you might want to play with these little guys a bit. You know to uh play with the front forks how they can kind of absorb im gon na click, those down a little bit, make a little bit softer for these rocks and stuff anyway. This is a great trail for this kind of bike, so you know rocky dirt, some stumps and roots. This bike has no problem absorbing the hits on the on the tires, really recommend, keeping your tires not too pumped up, because youre gon na get a lot of shock absorption using how big look, how fat those tires man, those things are like gosh – is like four Inches high right and four inches wide somewhere around there. I forget the exact specs of the tire, but anyway and theyre kendas, and they got a lot of grip perfect for this kind of terrain. You know theyll wear down more in the street if youre using them on the street a lot, but at least you have that versatility anyway lets head it back home and do final pros and cons wrap up whoa. I wouldnt recommend really jumping on this bike, because theres no rear suspension whoa those are some ruts and rocks got ta avoid those no rear suspension right, but the front suspension does work fairly well, like i said, hope, theres a test on a route right there, like.

I said fairly clunky not entirely smooth, but at least you can adjust. It feels like what might be happening nice man loving these wide tires. It feels like what might be happening guys is it like? The rebound is too harsh set. So when the bike um, when the shock rebounds its hitting the stoppers of the shock, i think thats, what that sound is so you might want to make that a lot smoother. Even though im pushing you know above 200 pounds, it feels like the shock coke stump. The shot could be more plush, whoa nice, oh man, im loving it. I think after the review. This is the bike, my moms getting shes my mothers 80 years old guys – and this is the bike she wants. So you might think about this. For you know the elderly, since it is a step through and these tires absorb so much shock. I definitely recommend this for its kind of an all around. I mean its called a cruiser, but look at this hauling through the trails with the with the um bite on the tires attraction: okay, its cornering, really well. Well, my legs are: oh all, right, whoo, okay, of course, the thing you dont want to hit. You hit right, of course, there had to have been a crash. Any damage lets assess this still full power. Awesome! Sorry about that guys. This was my crash just coming around the corner, not really assessing the um, the branch as much as i should have and kind of lost my balance and went right into it.

That was a stupid one of those weird off off cambers, but i really want to get this thing home and lets assess it. I dont want to assess it right here. I just want to get home off. The trail. Okay seems to be working still working. Fine, hopefully, all my mic and everything is still recording, ooh that suns getting dangerous to ride in just flickering out of the corner of my eye, making it hard to see the trail, i think, were pretty close, so a little crash test. All these in my videos, right most of the time at least and ive, been pretty much sitting on my seat the whole time guys i havent really been standing up just when theres like a big bump, like this a drop from a root or something you know, Thats about it almost there talk about fun, though all right, two kind of too weird to pedal im, just gon na use the throttle, like a motorcycle, throttle right here on the right that gets me right through it. Oh man, talk about a fun ride, all right, guys, so quick little crash assessment, um, its you know, has to be expected. Its got a little dirty. You know. Shocks are a little dirty there, because i laid it on this side a little dirt here. On the rack, the rack did not bend kind of fell on that log in the dirt lucky thing there was no cactus where i was falling right.

You know just got a little dirty but thats it so nothing major there lets see how far we went. So we did 5.4 miles so that would be my one con is that it doesnt seem to reset the trip ride time 40 minutes, so it does ride time. I dont know if thats total ride time. Odometer 5.4, and here we go heres our max speed. Max speed was 27.7 miles per hour. Im just hitting this info button on the left. Our average speed was 7.4, but i wanted to show you so powering off just holding power and then power back on it. Does not reset your trip, so we have our odometers always going to be ticking away right, while youre moving hitting the i trip is still 5.4 so id like to see them. Make it easy to kind of reset that sometimes its like a combination of buttons, maybe its a combination of eye and power? Oh, that just turns it off so thats, one of the negatives in my book. I love how its all imperial im, not sure if you can change it to kilometers or not. I havent researched that but cant reset the trip shock feels a little bit clunky in the trail. You know like its just maybe binding a little bit, but that could just be just need to kind of fine tune. It adjust it a little better for your weight with those rebound and compression adjustments, which is great thats.

A big pro tires are awesome. I mean i dont see anybody that would really want to go back to a a regular sized tire bike unless theyre really pro and they really are in those small tracks, because this is just really phenomenal, because its absorbing all those little bumps. This is how they came from the factory and they seem to be perfectly filled battery power. Another thing didnt even bust, a sweat didnt even break into the battery. I didnt see it go down even one notch in that entire 5.4 miles of use. Yet so that means its gon na go a long way and whats cool about these battery powered bikes. Is you can turn off the assist? If you want save a bunch of power, not sure if this one does regen, i didnt see that anywhere in the manual. So itd be a bonus if it does some kind of regen when youre going downhill coasting. I wanted to put on the provided front fender, but i was missing one of the nuts not a major con there, but it is nice to have all the hardware to if youre required to put the bike together. So it is a con assist is perfect. Uh. One zero through five works great gives you more throughout the power curve anyway, guys, as for the lights, they seem to work fine. I didnt really use it at night, but in the garage theyre super bright, you can adjust that how you want the brake lights.

Work. Fine brake light comes on when you turn the lights on, and then it always comes on as long as the bikes on when you press the brakes and thats what a brake light should do that little rack on the back is definitely going to be useful and Then there was that little negative on the kind of the chain might need some adjustments on. It seemed like first gear it had the problem like the lowest easiest pedaling gear, it kind of had that like little notching like it wanted to switch over, but it wasnt quite there so ill just switch up to two. Once you get going um or just do some adjustments besides, that guys a fantastic bike, i mean, i think this is one of the most affordable and kind of you know its called a cruiser bike, so its its really kind of built for not the extreme off Road and not the really street people, its kind of in between you can see you can take it off. Road does very well off road. Take it on the street and its just relaxing im, just amazed that there was no dent in the battery thats just awesome. So youre gon na have a long battery life with this thing, and i had lots of fun on it anyway. Guys dont forget to check out the him away down below link in the description down below so make sure to hit that link like the video.