It comes in a nice carrying case yup good quality, hard case. I, like it, thats what it looks like theres, the controller with the antennas thats, the battery compartment right there on the back comes with three batteries, which is really good. Um, an english manual and weve got some spare parts in here. Weve got some prop protectors, which i really highly recommend using. If youre going to fly indoors, youve got four extra props and a little screwdriver a usb charge cable, but you need the block, but i have lots of this particular style and that would just plug into the battery. Just like that. I always suggest, if youre flying indoors, to put your little prop protectors on and it looks like they just slide up from the bottom and clip on like that so ill put all of those on there. You go theres. The four prop protectors now, if youre flying indoors its just going to bump up against the wall like that and with the battery, i want to see what this weighs im going to just go weighted. Okay, i weighed this and i really like the weight. Its 107 grams with the battery and with the prop protectors on and thats really important, because to fly legally um, your drone has to be under 250 grams or you need to register with the faa. This goes for united states, canada and the uk, and probably other countries like australia, too, so thats really good im, actually a licensed drone pilot.

I fly some really fancy drones uh with gps and 4k video and, if youre just getting into drone flying, i highly recommend getting something like this one im going to put some batteries in the remote. This should just fly right out of the box without any without any apps or smartphones, which is really good and im just going to look at the manual here and then ill clear out some furniture over here and well see if we can get to fly now. I i dont normally fly inside this pool cage because its all screened in, but its very windy out and too windy to fly this little drone and its been windy like that for the last week, or so i cant even fly at the beach i like to Fly my drone at the beach up and down the coastline, but its just been way too windy. Okay, so my batteries are all charged up in the drone, and i put three double as into the controller in the back and youve got a handy little screwdriver. That comes with it to put that in now to make this fly right out of the box. Theres a button on the back here, im just going to press that button hold it down, yeah see the lights they come on, which is really good when youre flying. So you can um, you can tell which way the drone is facing, especially in the bright sunlight, so im just going to put this down here and now to pair it im just going to press the button on the controller, the start button.

There we go, and i should be able to just Applause and lift off ive, got it in slow mode and well just come in for a smooth landing. I hope there you go and just hold it down, and then you just turn it off. That flies really. Well, so to do flips theres a flip button right here on the upper right hand, side just read the manual its pretty easy to do so. Ive turned that off just press and hold the the button to turn that off. Just like that. Okay, so i had a few minutes to play with this: it was quite fun actually and um. You know what you really shouldnt fly indoors by the pool or inside the house, but if you have to you know because its windy, then i guess its all right. As long as you have your your propeller guards on, but im really glad that this only weighs 107 grams, you get 10 minutes of flight time out of one battery if its windy geez. Even on my fancy drones, i can only get maybe 10 minutes with the heavy wind. This one youre going to burn your battery pretty fast itll, do an automatic cover too right itll, just if you run into any problems whatsoever on your controller. Just let go of everything and it will just hover in place until you can think of which way you want to go so thats, just flying right out of the box.

If you want to do video youre going to need a smartphone and you just download the app, i saw that in the book here, theres a little um theres a little qr code, one for ios, the iphone or an android, and it will download the app and Just follow the directions to install it pretty easy, so im going to im going to say i really like this little drone, its lightweight it all tucks in nicely fits right in the case, perfectly controller fits in there and you can keep your toggles on too. On my other drones, i have to unscrew them. They come with the prop guards, a little screwdriver charge. Cable. I dont think you could want anything else with this. Its got a return to home button, but i never use that even my fancy. Drones have returned to home.