Do you remember the chevrolet k10, this vehicle here back in the 70s and 80s, this vehicle drove around my neighborhood quite a bit, and i recall it because a lot of people had a 350 v8 in this thing and it made a really rumbly sound when they Would start it up or drive it along the streets? It was a really cool vehicle and a lot of the ones in my neighborhood had this paint scheme on it. So this is a 118 scale, rc remote control, vehicle of the chevrolet k10 and its supposed to be highly detailed. I have never opened this so im going to open this right here and well check it out together. So this vehicle, which is really securely stuck in here, is uh supposed to have working headlights and all sorts of other cool things. Do i have it upside down? I think i do there. We go yeah so right on the top. It says fms thats, who makes it so let me pull the top off. All the vehicles from fms are usually highly detailed. This is licensed to so you are paying a little extra for the licensing and ill see. If i can open it and uh there we go. One thing i can already tell i like is a lot of times when people make rc pickup trucks, they always make the bed too short, but this has got the proper length of bed yeah thats, pretty decent.

All right its up in this area would be your remote control. Let me just take that out because were going to need that later, so lets pull this baby out, and, oh my god, oh my god, is that ever detailed. This looks really good and the rear end huh. Look at that. The bed it actually opens and closes well thats pretty good. I know small things amaze me, but this is very nice man. They did a good job on that. Oh and even the cab is detailed on the interior. That looks just like the cab, the real thing. What else is in here? Let me just plop that down what else is in here we have the battery charger and a metal tool. First thing: i noticed, we have chrome mirrors and they are mirrors. They are very reflective. I can see. Do they move nope? They are stuck in place. You cant move them. The doors do not open on the side. These doors do not open. It almost looks like they do, but they dont its so detailed. It looks like they would open, but nope. So once again i already mentioned the interior is pretty decent. Let me just try this turning. No sometimes, when you turn these wheels, the steering wheel will move as well, but this one i dont, see it moving at least not now, maybe when its powered it might turn looking at the rear. Chevrolet is actually spelled correctly, so you can tell its licensed and uh.

You do get a nice little license plate at the back and one thing thats pretty cool is on the license plate. They put stickers as if you registered the vehicle, so youve got 69. 70. 71 and 72. on the front, i can see that the windshield wipers do move, which is a nice touch, ill, just push them back down the front. Grille is nicely done the headlights, the signal lights are all there license plate, so lets check. Underneath here we go underneath you can see its a very long vehicle and because of that, the rear suspension is actually on an angle ill show you a close up of that. You can see it back here. The rear suspension is on an angle just the way. The springs are loaded and thats. Another thing there are no oil filled shocks in this. It is a spring suspension. So when you put it down see and if you drop it thats spring suspension, thats what you get when you get 118 scale uh, you know to cut costs or whatever they put all the money in the detailing and the gearing and the motor and everything else. But the suspension they just leave it as springs, but when it drives it looks pretty realistic. So, looking at the bottom, i can see that its a four wheel drive and i can also see that with the springs it will be independent of the wheels theres. No solid axle in there and as well.

It does look like a few metal parts, its hard to tell im touching them to see if theyre cold metal, but i cant tell it, does look like the frame is black metal that goes sort of like a truck frame that runs along the whole thing. It looks like its black metal and then other portions are plastic nice job on the tires. The tires are really grippy and good job on the actual rims yeah. They look really nice. All right lets open up the hood so opening up the hood. I can see inside and just like a lot of these vehicles. I can see the electronics really well and it does not look like those electronics would be designed to go under water. Theyre too exposed like theyre yeah theyre too exposed. I would say you cant go underwater, there is a switch to power. Things on and off your batteries in there ill show you that in a second but uh fms the company that makes these all the vehicles they say you can drive them out in like drive them through puddles or drive them in the rain, but just dont get The interior soaked, so it should be okay, i would think so. Let me pull the battery out looking at the battery. It is a 7.4 volt, 380 milliamp hour lipo battery, and that should get you a pretty long run time. I think fms for most vehicles always says that this battery, if you drive conservatively youll, get like 30 minutes of runtime.

These are not race vehicles, so yeah, if you, if you have the lights on, maybe it will suck up a little bit more power. But if you turn off the lights, drive it conservatively. You can get a long drive time now for the remote it looks like it takes four triple a batteries ill put two on that side and then two in the other, and we should be good to go to power this on and check it out. For the very first time, click that and lets see if this power is on, if i did it correctly, the top should open. And if i go on these two lights here, they look like little shark eyeballs. They should come on and that flashing that you see means i have not connected this to the vehicle. Yet, when theyre connected everything will work and in the back you have a very nice control system here, everything you would need for this vehicle, so lets uh power. It on all right batteries inside lets see how oh my gosh turn it on flick. The little on switch and here ill show you, as i turn it on. The light should come on for a second tell me its working and there we go so they shouldnt be flashing anymore, because they have a signal from that, and this shouldnt be flashing because it has a signal there we go, i can steer so lets. Put you way back here and lets just see, so you can go crawler mode, nice and slow reverse as well.

I got backup lights happening here. Thats, pretty cool got some lights going. I do have the lights off, but theyre still working theyre, just not working in the front and lets go in full speed mode. Here we go, give it a run, thats, not bad, full speed backwards. There we go. So let me show you the lights working all right, so let me just put you over here like that, so you can see it on a bit of an angle and now uh. Once again, i can turn the steering wheel, see the little signal lights working there. We go, nothing is happening in the rear. I can tell you that now its only in the front and of course you have your speeds and ill just turn it sideways. So you can see the wheels turning and go full blast forward. Full blast, reverse and when you go in reverse, see how i get lights in the back also works for when youre doing brakes. If youre going forward, then you go whoa, stop you get brake lights, so theres my brakes. So here we go spin you around and well show you the headlights to do the headlights. I have to hit the switch here. Its got a and b mode, so ill put it over in b mode. There we are and then it says, led lights right there. So lets see what happens so should be no lights and i should be able to get low beams there.

We go thats low beams, oh thats, nice, theyre, nice little yellowy color. Just like the real thing from the past and then i should have high beams high beams there, and then i should have my i have driving with a big load in the back. So i want to put my four ways on uh, so i have that thats pretty sweet, so it looks pretty decent. Uh, no lights are happening in the back. This is all in the front and then, if you hit it again, i just turn everything off. So i do like that a lot all right, so what im going to do is im going to take it outside its really dull and rainy, i think, were supposed to get even wet snow happening and ill drive this around my backyard and well see how it Looks so check that out now, Music, so Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, uh, all right back to me. I should also mention that inside this entire package, it must have fallen out. I do have the manual and its got some pretty cool warnings. I love the warnings theyre so large. It says if youre not using the battery for a long time, please take it out. Dont leave it in the vehicle and thats. Pretty good then got another one. It says i guess people have problems with this gently push horizontally toward the window, then open the hood. I guess people i cant figure out.

How could you have difficulty opening that front hood, but i guess some people do and then you get the instructions here which explains everything that i just explained to you. Its also got a few of the specs in here. So let me tell you right now: the specs it says: if you drive this on the ground, you can get 100 meters range with this, so thats plenty far for a 118 scale. Most people who drive rc cars are standing in a parking lot or someplace near them. Everything else is good. It says it can drive in super cold weather all the way down to 10 degrees celsius and way up to like 60 degrees celsius, so temperature, hot or cold, not an issue. Anything else that i should pass on here, its all good, its a 2.4 gigs transmission, and that is pretty much it. So what are my final thoughts on this? Well? This is a collectors item for me because i grew up in the era where these vehicles were all over my street. I love anything from the past when i grew up that was in my day, so this was in my day and yeah im going to keep this one, its really good its the same as any rc vehicle. I have thats highly detailed if it existed in the past or its something thats like highly prized that i could never afford in real life, then uh yeah, i like those and i collect them so this one here is definitely a collector for me and i love The bed, the bed – you can stick, he could put stuff in it because its a its a real bed, its nice and long.

I dont have any small little toys to fit in there, but yeah thats, pretty decent, all right, guys, im gon na put links below to where you can find this. I believe its on amazon banggood told me they will have it on banggood eventually. So i may or may not have a discount code with a link below fms should have it on their website because it is an fms product but fms likes to sell a lot of their products on different distributors websites. So anyways, with all of that said below this, video will be links to where you can find this, because its licensed and because its highly detailed and because its an rc vehicle, you know the price might be higher than you normally would expect to pay for a Toy so, even though it is kind of a toy, but if youre like me – and you want to collect them im not going to smash this up ill drive it around at decent speeds and not into things, i wont, take it over jumps or anything all right, Guys, i hope you enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a thumbs up.