This is the hglrc sector 25 cr. This is basically an updated version of the sector. 132 that i read maybe like a year ago that one came with like a 4k camera that rca pre built in there and at the time they didn’t have dji versions. They do now. So this comes in a analog version, which you see here and also a dji version with the vista, keep in mind that the dji version with the vista, because the vista is mounted here in the center stack they’re using the all in one the zeus. All in one board, instead of a separate flight controller and esc stack they’re using here in the analog version, so keep that in mind and of course i haven’t flown that. So i can tell you that the weight difference is about 15 grams. I think something like that check the product description um. This here is a prototype sue. They may be making some changes to this one. I already know of one change that they’ve already made on the 1404 motors. They sent this out uh with 4 800 kvs. So these 1404 motors from hdlrc come in a variety of kvs, i think 3600 4800 and something higher 5600. I think um. So the 4800 is basically meant for 3s. If you’re flying this on 3s or you do force with a motor output limit, they opted to go for more flight time on the production versions, so the one that is actually in production that customers will be getting, has the 3600 kv version or 3600kv motor.

So you’ll fly that on force, you’ll get a little bit more flight time, maybe like a minute more than i got on 3s um, but they i don’t, think they changed the frame. Much at all. Here you know: i’ve been kind of harping on all the manufacturers to switch away from the 1106 motors to something bigger and with a lower stator like uh 1304. I think that’s what i was kind of saying back way back when the 1106 was super popular and and they’ve opted to go with a 1404 instead of the 1304, so pretty close to bigger motor the volume is the stator volume is a little bit less than The 1106, so what you’re giving up is top end power. So you you know if you try and drag race this um you’re not going to like it you’re going to like the 1106 motor version better. But if you’re flying this as a cineup, where you’re kind of like uh flying more slower, want more control um, the 1404 motor is better than the 1106 motor. In my opinion, and so all the manufacturers are now up updating their models. Um, going from the either 1106 or 1204 type motor to a bigger 1404 motor, i think even the gepperc cinelog. They have also updated their motor from uh 1204s to 1404. Just recently, i just learned that today, in fact so uh yeah, you know it’s kind of funny. I think i think i was complaining about eleven or six motors back like a year ago, when all these were coming out with little six motors i didn’t like it.

I didn’t like the way it felt and um everyone was like. Well, you know you’re wrong. 116. Murders are better. Why are all these 1404 versions coming out now? I don’t know maybe they’re just looking to sell something new and different anyway. Uh i’ll link the video to the sector 132 down below. You know: it’s a it’s, not a whole lot more here to say about this one it’s, a single bottom frame, so not individual arms, keep the weight down. I do have individual prop guards. So in terms of maintainability, in terms of like maintenance, if you’re going to be crashing a lot or maybe if you damage your prop guard, you just want to change. One prop guard. The this sort of a setup here is going to be more advantageous versus something with a unibody or unit like a single uniframe like a hom fpv or the 95 xv3 or the pavo 30.. Any of those like with the basically a plastic frame that’s a single piece if you damage the prop guard or the frame or breaks, and you need to replace it, you have to take the whole drone apart and that could be very daunting for a first timer. A beginner, so if you’re looking for something a little bit more maintainable, if you happen to crash and break something, this model is going to be better for you, because if you crash it break a prop guard, these prop guards are very easily replaceable.

I believe you’ll get a couple of spares in this set and they’re also pretty cheap to replace to a couple dollars. I think for each one of these you can buy extras if you need them. Um – and all you have to do is just remove the four screws here for the motor uh pop it off pop out a new one and just put the screws back in and you’re you’re good to go very unlikely, you’ll break this frame. I think it’s uh. Three, if the neither two half millimeters three millimeters thick you’re gon na, have to be flying super high up and going super fast and causing a lot of damage to crack this frame. But of course, if that happens, then you have to take the whole drone apart. But pretty unlikely at cinder whip speeds, especially if you can find this indoors, which is what i recommend for something of this size. This is mainly for indoors, like you know, real estate, shooting you know like houses, that kind of stuff. You know indoor indoor spaces, you can’t fly it outdoors. I did fly it outdoors as you see in the video demo uh, but the wind does get kind of pushes around a little bit. This is a little bit heavier than the 95 xb3, some of the other ones with the single unibody frame, but if you’re looking for something with a little bit more maintainability uh, this one’s, probably better for you guys all right.

So this is how much it weighs. This is just yourself with the naked gopro mount. This is 155 grams, so this the amount they’re using here is uh, basically the same as the one in the protect 35 and so i’m. Using the camera mount here from a protect 35 style, mount from iflight they’re, going with that one with the m3 screws, so it seems to be pretty decent, and so then, this plus the uh naked gopro and the 3s 1100 battery that i used now we’re coming In at uh, 249.1 grams, just under 250 grams, all up weight here with the battery and everything so you’ll be just fine in terms of the regulations, and you probably want to go with something like a 3s 1100, you get the most flight time, you’re gon na, Probably in this set up here like around, i think around four minutes anyway. So, as i said uh this is a prototype they have. I already changed the motors. I not exactly sure if they’re going to go with the all in one stack for the analog version or not, i haven’t checked it lately, but i think the analog version is going to come with the two two board stack. Instead of the single stack or a single board stack for the um dji version, so obviously the dji version is going to be totally different. There’S also a three inch version of this called the sector: 30 cr i’m hoping i’ll get that later.

I want to get the dji version of that one because i did test the um sector 150 was what it was called previously with the 1507 motors, so they are also going with the you know: wider theater, with a shorter stator, shorter, wider theater, basically, 2004 motors On the three inch version, which is exactly what i think everyone should be going with for these three inch: cinder, whoops, um, yeah, actually that’s a pretty big trend. I think all of them are switching away from the taller narrower stator, where you get like lots of top end power, but you know now. You know people know that the people actually want to buy these and actually use them for something uh like cine whipping they’re. Not racing them around, so they don’t really need you know 1507 or these giant motorists for racing, because these aren’t really meant for racing. In my opinion, and if you want to be doing racing, you ought to be getting something other than something else with prop cards. That’S my opinion on that one anyway here’s the flight footage on this.