Mine has the cadx cadxvista digital system with the crossfire receiver, and i have the 6s battery version it’s a pretty interesting. Looking quad, i, like the minimalistic, prop guard design. The battery i used for flying is the 6s statue airline with 1050 milliampere hours and, as you can see, there is not a lot of space to put a 6s battery on it. In my opinion, anything between 850 and 1050 milliampere hours works the best and you get both a solid flight time and a good performance oops, so yeah an ideal camera to mount on this drone would be a naked gopro or the new insta360 smo 4k camera. But since i don’t have those i flew with gopro 8 and it handled it, just fine. Only the flight time was a little bit shorter with the gopro eight. I got around four minutes and without you get around six to seven minutes in cold weather, okay, so let’s go explore paintball leblana! This is an insane polygon uh, if you’re ever in slovenia and you wan na throw stack or bachelor party for your friend. This is the place to come check. The link below the video and let’s go explore it with the fpv. What the hell catch me for ken okay, i got him, i got him, you can run, but you can hide so in case you’re wondering who’s this. Oh man, this is my crazy cousin. That was a nice jump. So, as you can see, the drone is really quite agile and perfect for doing like filming medium.

Oh damn didn’t see that one coming medium fast movement uh. So, as you can see, this place is like perfect for flying yeah he’s stuck in slovenian don’t, don’t uh. What do you want me to do? Fly under your legs? Open your legs? Oh the net, oh good, quick tip when you’re trying to improve your flying skills. Yes, do your first flight out on an open grass area, but try to quickly progress to fly around objects or trees. Basically, in an environment that challenges you – and you know it will push you to improve your flying skills. You need to get out of the comfort zone now back to sector 150. What i really like about this drone is that it’s, lightweight and it’s convenient to carry around it’s easy to fly, and if you get the hours of practice in the simulator down, you know the basics of flying. This is a perfect beginner drone that you can fly in a real world. You know when you go fly for the first time, it’s also durable. It handles those small bumps and minor crashes with no problem, so it really is perfect for learning how to fly but i’m, not sure if this lightweight prop guards could handle the severe crash, but anyway they are really easy to replace. So no problem where i see using it for cinematic fpv purposes, is for flying in tight spaces and hitting those gaps, which is super easy to do with this one, because it’s so small.

As long as there is no strong winds, it will fly very smoothly and precisely now keep in mind that this is a cine group. So it’s not super powerful or fast and it’s not designed to do freestyle moves yeah. You can flip it and roll it, but expect prop wash to be there, and i also like that it’s not super loud, because there are prob. The prop guards are so thin, so the air can like flow through it without creating that high annoying pitch sound. I mean it’s, not super quiet, but it’s, not super loud, so it’s, okay, what you’re watching right now is the 720p image recorded directly into my dji goggles. The image quality in goggles is really good. As you see, this drone is perfect for flying safely close to people, and the aerodynamic prop guard design makes it a very responsive drone, and you can also adjust your camera angle easily if you want to fly slower or faster. So i would use this drone for filming bmx riders, skaters running stuff, like that medium fast movement, and you can also cruise around slowly and use it to film a one, take tour of our real estate, for example, and so on. So you can really be creative and range is not a problem. Of course. Battery life has its limits. It’S not a drone that it’s designed to do some super long range flying for that hgrc hg, all rc released their new drone recon and the review of that one is coming soon.

It’S a really good drone and i was positively surprised so stay tuned for that. But regarding sector 150, what are my final thoughts on this drone? Well, it’s, okay, but nothing super special. To be honest, i mean it’s great for cruising around and for flying indoors, but don’t expect to do any crazy maneuvers. With this one it’s designed to fly slow with precision and for best results, i recommend you mount a naked gopro on the drone, so yeah, let me know in the comments below if you have any questions.