Today in this video, why am i gon na fly it out in that field? Well, because hey theres, nobody out there b, because its got like a race track around the nova race track and its got a few goal posts for soccer that i can fly under. So this here drone is the one im reviewing today and im, really not sure what the heck this drone is. I have never seen anything like this before this is called the hg lrc race, whip 30, as i mentioned, and its a very different design, its designed for racing with huge, huge, huge ducks on it that are supposed to be unbreakable impact resistant. So when this drone flies, it has to fly like this so yeah, so this is how it flies across the sky. The reason it flies like that is because take a look if i bring the camera up check out the camera. The camera is encased in this 3d printed mold and it only sits in one direction and that direction is looking up at the clouds. So, if im flying looking through my goggles in order for me to see where im going, i have to tilt the drone like this to go forward. So you see ive tilted my gopro as well tilt like that. So, in other words, the drone is flying like this. So, yes, i am as confused as you, because ive never seen a race whoop design like this before so you cant, go slow and go through and under in in and out things its not designed for that.

Uh with these huge ducks on it, i it could do freestyle, but i dont think it would be phenomenal at it. Its designed for racing its designed to go under. You know those posts, those race posts you go through them under them really fast. At super high speed and if you hit them or you hit the ground its designed not to break Music. So would this be good for beginners? I dont think so, because a beginner cannot fly a drone like that. Its too fast youll just crash it in two seconds or hurt yourself or hurt somebody else, so i dont know i havent flown this, so im gon na check it out today. So let me tell you a little bit about it. Really quick so up front youve got a cad dx retell 2 camera on the front its analog. So i have to fly with my fat sharks to see what i see while im flying it shoots out the video signal at 350 milliwatts, which is perfect for a race drone, its not a long distance. Drone 350 milliwatts is perfect for going around the field behind me and having fun inside hidden in this carbon fiber uh would be an f7 flight controller, so thats, pretty decent thats very modern means that it can really handle a lot of processing quick. It does take from a 3s battery up to a 6s this here drone that im going to fly today is designed to fly with a 6s battery, so i will put a 6 cell battery on it and fly it.

You can buy this in a 4s configuration the only difference between the 4s and the 6s is the kv on the motors. You always want to match your kv on the motors to the type of battery put on, and this one has the proper kv for 6s. So, in other words, the motors on here are 2 800 kv the lower the number the better it is for a 6 cell battery. Now, with the gopro on here, i stuck a gopro hero 7.. Its got some weight, but its less heavy than other gopros, like the eight or the nine. So i put the gopro hero 7 on it. My first flight is gon na be with a six cell battery this one here, its an 850. You can put up to a 1300 milliamp hour lipo battery on here, so if i stick that on top check out the way heres an image of the weight, i i took some video of the weight before i left and yeah it. It weighs quite a bit. So usually a race drone, you dont want a lot of weight, so in other words, if you have a lot of weight on this with the gopro and everything else, then the motors have to be super powerful, and these are super powerful motors. So were going to see how it flies here today, so im going to take it out now. Here we go now the radio im going to use to fly.

This drone is the tx16s, because, when hglrc sent this to me, they put an xm plus and fr sky xm plus receiver in it, and this radio binds nicely with that. So this is what im going to use now. I just got to attach the battery and were going to go fly there we go batteries connected were all good to go. Okay, fat sharks on lets, see what we see. So here we go. Let me put an acro mode and uh looking at the sky arm motors. Here we go with the 6s battery. It makes a lot of sound im, scaring the birds, scaring the birds, see the bird all right ill, bring it back to me. Nobody out here in the field today so lets see lets go this way. You can see all the birds going nuts, i just cranked it for speed, whoa birds flying under me. I got ta drain this battery fast, so its definitely a race drone for going fast. I do have wind so im going with the wind and against the wind here. Let me just see ill take it. This way ill calm the battery down, because all batteries have like a c rating, so you can punch out a lot of power, really quick and then reduce the power. So here we go. Let me go im going to go like this. I dont know which way the winds going, but here im going to gun it there we go now im getting a low battery warning on that one not to bring it back.

So i guess this is made for cornering racing all over the place. Bring it down bring it up uh the battery on here i did get one warning: if i go slower, its better ill, just bring it over here. Lets. Try freestyle, whoa, thats, a weird freestyle on this thing. I really dont know why this was made. It takes a lot of power to fly a drone like this, with a gopro on it very, very heavy and make a constant race speed. So im just going around the track as if i was jogging around the track here. Ill, try to land over here and coming down in front of the camera its hard to land over here here, ill just turn it off its hard to land because im looking way up in the air, so that was flown with the weight of a 6l 850 Milliamp hour battery with a gopro 7 on it, so a lot of weight im going to increase the weight now and im going to put. Can you see it there its a 1000 milliamp hour battery, so this is a heavier battery thats going on top lets, see if it even fits on here, a huge 1000. Yes, it fits nicely thats. My gopro lined up looks good plug this in okay. Here we go 1 000 milliamp hour lipo battery on this very heavy. Now lets see how it flies with a 1000 acro mode arm motors, and here we go nice punch.

I dont know from my vision i cant say its any faster. You know i have more weight on it, so i cant see it going faster aim at that close to the ground ill, keep it low. So it looks more racy. So lets say these were posts to go around. You go around them. Miss that tree avoid the trees. Nice come around. The trees corner is nice, say youre going like this say this was a gate. You would corner, you would gun it there. You go so youd go through a gate, thats. What a race uh drone does. Oh better get that down too high. There we go and then you take it up. You get to a victory loop im, not getting any low battery warnings or anything like that. So its all good right now, like i said, transmissions really good reception, is really good. So, all in all, if youre looking for a race whoop, this would be one to consider if you want one that is big heavy massive six cell and can bang into things and not have to worry about anything well, this would be it okay. So what im going to do next is im going to take the gopro off and im going to put a massive size battery on it and fly it with a gps for speed. So lets try that okay next im going to try a speed run. So i have a 1 300 milliamp hour lipo battery on here, no gopro, so ive saved some weight.

I do have a gps skyrc gps up top, which is going to measure the speed just to see. If i increase the speed in any way so lets go. Try it so it should fly a little bit different, now different weight, different balance to the drone without the gopro up front – and here we go – lets – put an acro mode arm it and take it up. So this is the way you would probably fly it. If you were racing, you wouldnt put a gopro on it and you probably put a massive battery, so you can race for several minutes all right, so im flying here lets go around this course im going to pick up speed there we go see if it changes Anything ill see what the peak peak speed is when i check the gps after so far, im not getting a low battery warning, because this battery is super good, its great for punching out power. There we go yeah, so this battery is good. The way i have it configured there is a wind, so its blowing the drone sideways. So if it looks like im flying on an angle, its just the wind pushing me to one side, flys, really nice, though without the gopro, i will say that you know the gopro does make a difference in weight, but yeah for everything else really good come down Here, go into that stay low, go by these bushes corner around this tree.

There we go im back in the race going back this way, all right, i think we were done well, so i think we should have what it is. Oh, let me just try. Some freestyle now that i dont have a gopro on it. Take it up well, thats, a lot better without the gopro yeah, you can do some freestyle now, better stuff, yeah, no problem there yep im, not getting a low battery at all right, so far flies really well. So i think this is more designed for a light. Camera than a heavy gopro, so yeah its perfect. Now, if youre gon na race with it, i wouldnt put a gopro on it, but if youre, just gon na have fun flying around and you want to film chasing planes or something, then a gopro is perfect. All right so lets bring it back in all right. Come along the ground, slow ill, bring it over to me for atlanta. You can see me over there. Just dont hit one hit. The post and im gon na kill it right here. Okay lets see what the gps says there we go. Can you see that, on there 118 kilometers per hour, that was the speed attained uh with this here race whoop? All right, can you see me? The wind is picking up right now. So next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out here we have the box, the race whoop 30 comes in, and these are the specifications of the drone i received now.

I have to admit the racewarp 30 is stunning. Looking and with those massive ducks and the carbon fiber, it looks like its built like a tank, and it feels like a tank if you buy extra batteries, for this drone be certain that they have an xt60 connector. My racewarp 30 came with an fr sky, xm plus receiver be sure to order the correct receiver to match the radio you own. In addition, if you want the 6s version make sure you get the one with the 2800 kv motors. Other items included in the box include two sets of props and two battery straps. The card is included, so you know which way the props turn. You also receive additional body frame bolts, as well as a camera mount bolt. Finally, you receive a diagram of the flight controller and hglrc stickers. Total weight of the drone without an external camera or battery is 326 grams, alright, so heres. My final thoughts now keep in mind. My final thoughts are on the analog version, because thats the only one they sent me to review is the analog. So i can only talk about the analog. There is a digital version which would be much better for the video back and the distance you can fly. The analog version comes with a 350 milliwatt vtx, so youre only going to get a few football fields of range, but it is a race type whoop, so its designed for that now.

What do i think about having a race whoop in this configuration? Well, ive never seen that before you know, like theyve put these ducks on that are supposed to be impact resistant, so i can crash in the ground crash in the metal posts crash in the trees and it should survive. So from that point of view, its pretty good theyve locked the camera in this position, i would have to take off this yellow 3d printed item to move the camera into a different position could do that if you want, if i want to fly it slow, but Theyve locked it into a race, whoop type position. I think this is designed for people who like to fly fast. They like to go under things at a high speed, uh racing. You know around posts in and out of things and if they crash they dont want their arms being broken off or anything because, look you can you cant break the arms off? Look at there are no arms theyre like its just the way its built everythings protected. So this would survive a nuclear blast, probably but yeah. So, due to that, it weighs a lot and when you put the gopro on the batteries, it weighs an awful lot and due to that and putting the word race with it, youre not going to get a massive speed. As you saw, i had over 100 kilometers per hour for racing and thats without the gopro, so thats pretty much what youre going to get the digital version the same thing.

Obviously, if you have the digital version, you can fly miles and miles away, because the digital video coming back is designed for miles and miles away. This one is designed for just a few football fields, so i dont have anything like this in my catalog of drones. So this one here will get some use from me for certain purposes. It would be fun to chase airplanes with this, because if i hit the airplane, i would just destroy the airplane its just like a ramming ramming, speed, blink, you know its you cant damage. This thing, all right, guys hope you enjoyed this video im gon na put links below to where you can find it to the analog of the digital version. Go check them out, see if its for you and if you have questions on this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you, and if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. I would appreciate that very much and i will catch you in a future review of drones. Something really cool all right.