Let me tell you it’s getting a bit chilly, i think it’s about 10 degrees celsius. I have no idea what that is in the freedom units, but hopefully it’s warming up on your side of the world. So you can get out and get flying, because today we’re checking out what’s in this box. It is this bad boy right here from hd lrc. This is a. I don’t know what the correct word that’s almost going to say, bonafide, but give me a better word to use right there. This right here is a binder flight tech out of the box. It is a freestyle rig with maybe some long range in mind, there’s some digital versions, some analog versions – 4s6s, whatever you’re into whatever gear you’ve got this one has a version that’s going to be suited to you, so these sector 5 v3 from hglrc? What we’re doing it’s a bite and fly it’s decent value, we’re going to quickly go through the techs and the specs on the bench and then the fun stuff we’re going out of the field of flying it around with wing man. Jonno i’ve got my tbs receiver in here and we’ll. Show you how it goes. I’Ll show you some dvr and also i stripped a gopro on this. So you can see exactly what it looks like and find out. Is this the right quad for you blind flies? Have been getting more and more popular, and this one, let me say, is right up there it’s very similar to the nascal, the price isn’t too different and all in all, i think we should be having a lot of fun, because hg lrc makes some amazing stuff.

Let me get this box out of here so as a bit of an overview. Let’S take it on the scales, i think it’s a slightly heavier quad uh right there. So let’s do this it’s coming in at 430 grams, so it’s definitely no racer! Absolutely more of a freestyle and a bit of a cruiser as well, and you can see that because it’s got gps on the back it’s coming in around 250 bucks i’ll put some links on the screen anyway, or some links down below go check. Those out and uh, essentially what it’s made for you, can see some of the big things. You’Ve got our crossfire receiver in the back. It’S got gps as well, so it can be doing some long range. Maybe some recovery that sort of stuff – and it has some big chunky motors on the outside now speaking of the motors let’s, do it let’s jump in have a look at some of the components starting at the outside in it’s also got a very, very thick, robust Carbon frame, i don’t, think you’re going to be breaking this anytime soon, so, if you’re, the sort of pilot that crashes a lot well, this might be up your alley uh and we have a whole bunch of tpu mounts all over it as well. But i think that 20 2306.5, so some very big chunky motors right there i’ve got the 2550 kv version, there’s, also a 6s version as well.

So this is the 4s version moving towards the middle, though this is where we have some of the stars of the show. So we have a 60 amp esc, which is absolutely huge, a lot of innuendos in here. If you blow that well uh you’re going to be doing something wrong, it’s going to be very, very difficult to make this esc catch on fire, or anything like that. Everything that’s put in here is designed to take a bit of a beating man. I can’t get over how many innuendos are right in those couple of sentences. We’Ve got an f7 chip rocking betaflight, so it’s got very, very good flight characteristics as well um, and then we have a powerful vtx, which you can change uh. Some of it see. If i can get a picture of that or something in the back, you’ve got a pretty decent uh vtx in the back of course, it’s got smart audio and then uh we have our gps. Like i keep mentioning, this one’s got a crossfire receiver in it, and you can also see the little crossfire mount uh. It comes with a little tpu part right here, which is a nice little touch, and then there is a digital version, but i’ve got the analog version with a retail camera at the front. So all in all the components in here i’ve got to say that’s what you’re paying for like. I know it is a little bit more expensive than the nas go, but i think the components in this one are just a little bit higher quality, a little bit more robust as well, especially something like the 60 amp esc, which is absolutely ridiculous and then uh Let’S talk about the design of the thing, it knows what it wants to be.

It is a little bit heavier. Yes, i understand that, but i like how it carries a gopro it’s got gps. It can do some long range. It’S got some big chunky motors on there. If you do need a bit of pop and you would like to do a bit of freestyle and aggro, but don’t be expecting to go out and do any like racing or anything like that. That’S, not really. What this is made for, i, like all the tpu, mounts that designed with it as well, and talking about the quality thing i got to say it really doesn’t get much better than this for a binafly when you’re looking at quality. This is not a cheap, like one that’s going to break very easily it’s robust. All the tpu mounts that are designed on here are very, very nicely put together. It’S got some quality components in here, so yeah i’ve got to save like a eight eight and a half nine out of ten in terms of quality, and then we can talk about the pros and the cons things. I don’t like let’s talk about that. First, before we go out of the field and do the fun part um, what do you guys think about this quad on the bench anyway things i don’t like it is a little bit heavier than what i’m used to, and i don’t know if it’s going to Be going extreme long ranges, i don’t think it’s something to be suited to endurance.

This gps, i think, is more for recovery mode and maybe some mid range uh sessions. I love, though, the things that i do like. I love how robust it is. I love the components i’ve visited hg lrc over in china. Their factory is definitely top level i’ve seen how they test all their components and all that sort of stuff over there. So they have a very strong quality control check. Um i like that you’ve got a whole bunch of options, whether you want to go digital, whether you want to go analog, i got different receiver options in here, 4s or 6s. This really is the bind and fly that will suit you. There is an option for you out there if you’re interested in it there’s going to be an option that fits your radio, your fpv system or your battery size. So there is uh and the mix in between there so there’s a whole bunch of stuff about it. So all in all it’s a pretty decent drone around the 250 buck mark, but what we should do let’s go fly it around, have some fun catch up with a wingman jonno and see what he thinks in three two one all right. That looks nice actually with the little session on there anyway, a radio out here in the field wingman, hawaii and jonno. In the background we’re going to cruise around with hglrc’s mouthful right here, it’s the sector 5 at least i can pronounce that we’ll rip it around i’m recording on my session, because uh it’s, old school cool we’ll show you what the footage looks like talk about how This drone goes hand it over to the wingman himself and just find out.

Is this a good purchase what’s it like, because in the past hg lrc has made some amazing stuff it’s stiff competition against the nazca. This one it’s got the tbs long range in here. So uh, where do you go? We’Ve got the crossfire system, a bit of tpu it’s, pretty robust, as well as a gps. Few gps fanboys out there as well. If you’re going to be going extreme long range, i know jono, you want to test the return to home all that sort of stuff you’re. A huge fan i just want to rip it around, have some fun and do some freaky freestyle, so let’s find out just how. Well we go all right man. What is that noise someone’s uh, speeding around on the bay all right these motors, too they’re pretty chunky boys 2306.5, which look i feel like, is a bit of a crock point. Five is all the difference. Is it yeah apparently now this battery lead is going to be very close nice there we go jam it in that’s, true that’s, true i’m, going to press record. Hopefully this session still works. Listen to that beautiful noise. I record some dvr as well, so we can put that on the screen. Let’S do it here, get my remote turn my goggles on we’re gon na focus on the drone. Just do a bit of freaky freestyle one meter from home, and it knows exactly where we are that’s. Pretty cool gps is working out of the bat.

I mean that seven eleven satellites didn’t take long too to get. I am getting a few little breakups, which is unfortunate, though, on the video reception. I think that might be this. This drone let’s see let’s, give it a bit of a punch and uh find out if we can disappear into the stratosphere. You know if that’s filming the drains on it. Oh yeah, you ready, yep, okay, it’s uh, definitely popping up into the air, not shabby doing a little man. It’S been a while, since i’ve done, some freestyle it’s been a while, since i’ve done some uh, some flying at all, really all right cruising over the top of these trees. Let’S drop down in here do a few little uh. Maybe do a few little power loops. I don’t think this is really made as a freestyle drone, though like if it’s got a gps in here. What do you think gps is for johnny more like a long range a little bit. You know because it’s got crossfire in here as well. Absolutely yeah, like you’re, going more long range and stuff like that, i feel like you, should be really pushing it off a bit further i’m, not getting the greatest confidence with the with the um. What do you call it? The vtx, though yeah that’s, really needs to be solid as well. If you’re gon na put a bit of range on it, yeah absolutely like you know, given the trend is all towards um, mountain dives and stuff really see like if i’m going all the way out here, it’s it’s, okay, um and i do i don’t – have any Patch antennas on here i will admit that what’s above me, is there a hawk above me.

I can’t see i’m cruising backwards here, oh yeah. I think i think i did. I think i did see one yep there. He is up there. I don’t want to. I don’t want to annoy him, but i did want to just see if he was up there. I don’t think he’s eyeing you off yeah it’s, probably a little bit too aggressive sounding this uh. This thing right here, all right, let’s, uh, yeah, we’re, free good to go he’s gone home. I don’t think you’d be taking this to the races or anything like that. The camera is quite nice, very warm see how low we can go away pop over the fence. Going for a cruise, you know what the video reception is: it’s, not too bad, not too bad colors are nice. I think this would be a robust drone as well. Oh just went over the top of that magpie lucky i wasn’t too low. He gave zero f’s. That was some sick little tricks all right now. Look, i guess what can i say about this drone it’s doing some freestyle? Okay, it seems relatively efficient. Our flight times are definitely going okay at uh, where it looks like we’ve been on for four minutes so that we’ve been flying for a little bit. Less we’ve got a 13, i know maybe a 13 or a 1500 size battery on here, still 14.4 volts. So not even down to storage vaults, just yet nice colors responds well.

It had plenty of poke the gps arrow as much as i’m trying to uh trick it. It knows exactly where home is, which i really like. If you lost this drone uh one thing that is very very handy is you could say exactly where you are and use that dvr information let’s say if you didn’t have return to home setup or anything like that. You could use that dvr to say, okay. This is exactly how far away it is. This is how i can go and get it, which i think, a lot of people, especially if you’re going to be losing some drones, would appreciate it. Doesn’T make too much of a difference in your everyday park flying but uh. For those long range, pilots, yep Music – the rates are not too bad either. I should probably bring it in now. Let’S see how long this flight time was all right, plus landswell. So look overall uh i didn’t mind that man, the colours were good. The only part that i probably had some issues with was, i didn’t feel like. I had the greatest confidence in the vtx, but it felt fine. It was smooth, it was stable on the sticks and yeah it’s all right. If i really like the gps as well, i wonder how close i can tell him that was armed for four and a half minutes so relatively efficient as well. Tells you your max speed. Uh 83 kilometers per hour.

That was just cruising around so yeah that’s, uh, that’s kind of cool man. All right ready to have a go: johnny, yeah let’s! Do it yeah all right? Sorry, i’ll stand up for you just squat down that’s. It probably get a little bit come, get a little bit of squat action going on rodeo the sector, five jono first impressions. First impressions, uh yeah, it looks very solid built it does. The arms are a little bit on the thinner side, but also you don’t feel. Like it’s, true freestyle, it looks it with the long range and stuff it looks like it’s meant to be more of a cruiser call. You gopro the 3d prints on. There are very nice. I can appreciate those they look very well done. They’Ve got their 3d printer dialed in did come with a different part for the other gopros. I just like the session. I wanted to go home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yep, yep, yellow stuff is stews all the red and nice stuff. Is there so yeah very well color, coordinated and stuff like that uh the stack looks like it’s very well built. Are you a fan of gps’s on your drones? Oh yeah sure they’re useful for all kinds of things like you know, making sure you can find your stuff um. If you’ve got the return to home setup, which i don’t think we do online, you can do that so yeah. All that kind of stuff is um is pretty rad and pretty handy, particularly if you’re gon na you know lose your quad in a tree at some point in time, and you know so, you could just find it instead of having to get your friends to walk Around and get on with it, yeah that’s me losing a drone the other week anyway.

Anyway, so is he ready to do a rip? Yeah we’ll give him a bit of a cruise. It looks like it’s going to be some good fun. Let’S go! Your satellites are coming in real, quick, yeah yeah. The gps was really locked in and locking it in. I liked it yeah enough it’s, just because they’re out here, but like i never get that good of a you on film already yeah man, yeah yeah. I don’t know if that’s just because we’re out here but um, i know where i live. I never get that fast on those satellites, i’m gon na say. I think it is this drone, because trevor has been flying over the tyro one, two nine and he was waiting for a while for satellites. This one is just uh like 11, already or 16, or something like that sitting on 11 and 12 bouncing backwards and forwards. So yeah as they pass over that’s uh, pretty cool yeah it locks in pretty quick, because i know a lot of these systems um. If you don’t, have the satellites locked in you can’t arm and stuff until you’re good to go so it’s nice to have it. Just ping and we’re good to go that’s really nice let’s go for a roll, it sounds smooth in the air. Yeah definitely feels smooth. It does let’s get my head up a little bit so reception’s a bit better yeah behind the trees, the receptions a little bit.

You’Re getting a bit of break up as well: yeah yeah, just just uh yeah yeah, going behind that tree and stuff, definitely which doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. I’M. Just pushing it a little bit further, each time just to see how getting a little bit confidence. Yeah, it feels good on the way back, because the reception is great, um it’s nice having that pointer, if i was out somewhere where i’m, not familiar with having the home pointer, would be very, very handy to be honest. That’Ll actually be a pretty fun game where you fly the drone away. Someone else is watching in the goggles and then you can hand it over and they don’t know where you’ve gone and yeah say: okay, use the pointer to find your way home, but yeah it’s. Pretty is it staying accurate? You reckon it knows exactly where it is versus your pointer, yeah yeah. I feel like it’s, pretty good i’ll, do i’ll, do a quick pass by us and keep check on where it is, but i feel like it’s um, pretty locked into where we were. It is which um yeah heaps handy, particularly if you’re going down like you know in a high tree area or like i like to fly at like a beach on occasion and um. And if you, if i’m standing up in the dunes, i can find it very hard to find myself amongst all the um, absolutely all the like little shrubs and things like that.

Yeah and i feel like um there’s a couple of times there, where i’ve come in and like been panicking so i’m, like, oh god, where am i i can’t, find myself. I need to land some of those people too, who fly kind of out of, like the canopy, like there’ll, be a spot on the side of a mountain yeah cruise around and then you’re trying to come back in for a landing you’re like. Where am i actually standing so yeah you’re right there? I didn’t think of that yeah yeah. I absolutely feel, like i’d find use in it doing my beach flights yeah absolutely yeah, particularly where i like to fly i’m, always standing in the shrubs or i’m standing in the rocks or yeah yeah. Something like that. Is there any oscillations or anything like that. How’S, the camera, a bit of punch, yeah, a bit of punch uh. It sounded pretty clean there, um i’m, not seeing any wobbles it doesn’t feel very wobbly. It feels uh i’m, not really giving it any flips or anything like that. I’Ll give it a bit of a yeah yeah, i feel like the rates could be a little bit higher for me. I think i, like that’s, just a preference thing, though that is um yeah yeah. What about uh? Who would you recommend this for um, hey uh? If, if that gps works well and if the vtx um was working a little bit like, i just feel like vtx isn’t working properly.

To be honest, it should go further than this like yeah, even if it’s a not good one, but it looked like it was a good one. I think it’s for rush vtx on it. So it should go further than this to be honest, yeah, and i could almost guarantee that i reckon it’s the uhfl connector, the the pigtail that they’ve put on there, not the antenna, not the vehicle yeah, not the vtx it’s, the pigtail connection yeah, so um yeah. If, if um yeah uh, the vtx are running nicely and gps locked in i’d, be um all up for, like i’d, be totally down with giving us a bash down a mountain side or something like that, just for some good fun and to test it out see If it comes back, uh yeah, a good beach run i’d be happy to run with that. I reckon it’ll be great for that kind of thing, like i said, being able to find i’m just buying it um who’s, buying it uh people that want to do cruising. Scenics, i reckon yeah cruising c cruising scenic flights. I reckon is where it’s at mountain dives stuff, like that, and the thing you didn’t like about it – was they got to fix the vtx yeah vtx that’s about that’s about it that’s. My only criticism, it flies smooth handles nice, um yeah. Camera is good, looks great, gps yeah, but uh you got the arm, switch yep, i’ll! Let you do it then freaking me out: oh man, that was a beautiful landing yeah it just the throttle’s, really smooth on it as well, it’s, so easy to land, because the throttles just really nice and smooth it’s right in there, where you want it to be Yeah, i feel like it’s, a great cruiser all right thumbs up thumbs down.

What do you reckon uh? I i i’d say thumbs in the middle okay yeah thumbs up for that one or we get thumbs in the middle. Now you can choose. You can choose your angle of thumb. Yeah, i feel, like angle of thumb. Angle of thumb is like yeah somewhere in there thanks mate radio. So there it is there’s my review of the hglrc sector 5v3 man. What a mouthful but right here, i’ve, got to say. The one thing i want to say about this quad is it’s very easy to recommend, but it is just a solid choice. Solid is the word that you need to sum up this. It is solid in terms of its performance. The components are very, very solid, it’s going to be very robust. I don’t think you’re gon na be breaking this thing at all, and it is a little bit of a solid chunky quad. So it is a little bit heavier than usual. If you want a drone that can pretty much do everything, maybe not some hardcore racing, but everything else from some medium range. Some freestyling some cruising carries a gopro it’s got gps capabilities. Look no further. Uh hglrc has been making some killer stuff ever since they kind of debuted with their ex jb one four five like so many acronyms and stuff like that, but yeah all in all the sector, 5 v3 uh absolutely kills it. The one thing i don’t want to say here’s a little bit of trivia.

So a couple years ago, when i was visiting them over in mainland um, i said: hey what’s the deal with like your t rex, as part of your logo. I’Ll put a picture on the screen if that’s not coming up and they said well, uh hdl. I think it was like hulong or something like that. Some of the letters represented as dragon and i think it got a bit lost in translation. So the t rex that was chosen was chosen to be a bit of a dragon because it was like a big lizard or like the dragon. I guess so. They couldn’t find a dragon picture. I don’t know, and the dragon picture was chosen because the hdl is kind of like dragon, i believe in uh, whatever i don’t know in mandarin or something like that. Anyway, that was a bit of maybe they were just pulling my leg, but that was what they told me hope you guys enjoyed that big thumbs up for wingmen johnny subscribe for more fpv, related content, most importantly, be kind to each other, and the most important thing Be kind to yourself: why? Because you deserve it, you guys are awesome.