I think it’s the one that’s on the recon five it’s one here. So if you want to see what that one flies like on a five inch prop uh check out the recon 5 video i’ll link that down in the description. I flew these 1800 kb versions on a 5 inch on this set up here on 6s, and this is a frame that i haven’t flown in a while because it had. This is the toma quads katana v2, and i flew these originally on the 1606 millimeters. I believe from beat fpv i actually forgot, which ones i put on here, but i kind of just rebuilt the whole quad um different flight controller stack setup here. I’M testing, something new for newbie drone – is that the same camera setup here with mechanics, uh, nebula micro, eachine version – i did upgrade the receiver. I have a crossfire receiver in the front and i’m, using the hq five inch by bladed props. So now i’ll show you what the motor looks like here up close i’ll, suppose some photos to my instagram. I believe these motors are manufactured by rcn power uh. They probably make a lot of the motors that you see on the market these days that are rebranded by various other manufacturers and they just make a lot of motors and they’re pretty high quality motors. I mean i like the stuff that comes from rcn power. I believe um, this branding labeling is going to be a little bit different um each yoshi is going to change this down the road, so it might look a little a little bit different in in that final production, so this is like an early batch being.

So i don’t think the actual uh specs of the motor are going to change any nice copper windings. I i’m not sure. If those are curved magnets or not um, they might be air gaps. Super tight, it’s, not a notchy mode it’s. A very very smooth motor does have a c clip on the bottom. There uh 12 millimeter mounting for your m2 screws and the standard prop mounting for your t, props on top and um, not a whole lot of motor wire length here, but it’s pretty thick gauge. Remember where i think it’s uh yeah, it’s, 20 gauge wire and stream, which is ways so the motor and full length wire, is coming in at 17 grams. So the battery that i’m using here is a 6s uh 550 milliamp hour battery from i think it’s from kodar uh it’s got an xd30 says xc30 here on the quad um the quad weights significantly heavier. Now because i did add, the uh led race wires on here: um also a full size 20 by 20 stack. So you can go back and check out this video. What it weighed on the 1606 motors that’s, definitely less than it is now and we’re, coming at 309 grams, with the um 6s 550 and typically, when you go 5 inch and 6s you’re going to be over the 250 gram limit. So without the battery it’s 205 grams area, the battery is yeah it’s, almost it’s over 100 grams by itself, 6s, 5, 150 grams by itself.

So if you’re trying to target that 250 gram limit my recommendation, my suggestion is don’t. Get the 1800 kv. 2004 motors get the 3000 kv motors and just build lighter um use an all in one and then go with a instead of a 6s like a 4s uh, not a 550. Something like a 4650 750 somewhere in that range is going to get you right. Around 250 grams um anyway, here’s uh well i’m, just you know, probably showing you reflect footage already and yeah here’s the rest of that flight. So let me know what you guys think of this murder i’m going to actually have this. Not this one! The 3000 kb version on another video soon. Actually i already have it built um. I haven’t flown it too much. Yet though, so this is the uh 2004 motor on the 3000 kv on megaby, with a slammed uh. Well different duct here here. I’Ll show you that in the next video later on, but it’s got the new hq five bladed props. This is a very interesting setup, much lighter than it was before, with 1507 motors, but that’s uh that’s a topic for another day and stay tuned for that video. So make sure you’re subscribed and have your notifications turned on, so you don’t miss that video that’s gon na. Do it for this one i’ll talk to you guys in the next one Music. So everybody everyone wants to know what it Music it is to get it Music right, Music till the lights come on Music think we got a good one.

How we fell so fast. Music is Music sparkling in the dance with me: Music, paradise Music. So we Music, driving through we’re Music Applause, Music, come and electrified with Music.