I mean perfect. I love how reactionary the clutch is: that's nice, that's, nice. Why don't you get comfortable and rip it around a little bit while I start mine, yeah Applause Music, but here we can do make sure my kill switch. It off now there's ready to go mine has a TMR engine in it. I also put the 1 inch extension on the front and 1 inch extension for the links on the back. So now I've got a wider wheel base, yeah Applause. Let my engine warm up. A bit so you're just driving, slow right now, I've kind of given that engine a chance to warm up, fruity and rinse. It does so. This is a 49cc like hundred and fifty dollar us engine that's normally made, for you know: mini bikes, ooo you're, deep over there. You may need to give her a push. Yeah go gear and I can do it quite a steep embankment. The guys can't see you're in Reverse. I love the fact that a giant monster truck like this that's gas has reverse. I just got you out of a nasty spot now. People would say give it a tune. We'Re going to it has a high speed tune on it. Oh, we can do it right now. Applause turn put it to the perfect. Now give her a little crap take her around the circle. Again, Applause in the colder temperatures. We try to run it a little bit richer than normal Applause, but you can lean these engines out quite a bit only one adjustment needle on here, though, Applause keep on it, keep on it, nice job.

Yes, yes, a lot of people don't understand the size of this Music, it's frightfully, scalable, Music, oh okay, whoa, a magnet, remember, look where you want to go, not where you're going Applause away from the door. Applause we're just driving around right now trying to keep gems engine running here as we break it in but being in the cold. It is a bit of a challenge as well, but once it starts easy, just trying to get that perfect tune right now, just miss Jeff, Music, Music, ah Music. It happened again through this. The end of my shock came off. I should have used some Loctite hey. I know how it goes threadlock, at least on that screw, that I wonder if that's the same one, but I did have a damaged part on this shock before Jam. Can I get you to hold this for a second? This is easy to fix, it's just missing a oh, the screw that goes into the piston there I'll lift it up, so we can limp this home it's too bad. I wonder if we got any of that. Flip yeah well, plus it'll. Give me a chance, because these obviously, as we knew we're gon na, be way too bouncy right. It was the squad Buster revival here and back back. I think if I switch out these springs to like a lighter spring, like maybe one of my Lucy blue ones or something it'll, be it'll, be better I've seen tests with other people, but there you go so one of the issues I notice in the cold is That the stock you don't need to really see in there, but it is just a throttle.

Horn. It normally seems to stick in the cold if it gets any build up and then what you have is starting to get a runaway. If you really want to see it so there it is, could you actually grab the throttle there and give it a back and forth so the people can see so back and forth yeah there we go. Thank you. So that is the throttle horn. So I just put some dry silicone lubricant on there to help it move back and forth, but I noticed that ice can build up there from the pipe right. Because all the snow comes up onto the pipe, then it falls down onto the steering horn and you start to have runaway and stalling issues. Yes. Well, I noticed it was on the first one I had to so people that are running in snow. As you can see, everything is all quite frozen if you guys do have that luxury in your life, if that's, what you want to call it, you know some people say they wish they had snow. You know it's, like girls who want curly, hair straight hair that's. Pretty much it hey, let's, try to see if that works a little bit better and ya want to get a nice speed, run here up and down the way, at least at least one Applause, Applause Applause. But we seem oh, oh, no, I'm missing the front. No I'm gon na need a body.

Man, that's, that's, gon na be costly. The whole front panel hey got no idea when or where Music Music, okay, Applause, okay, so there we go now I busted my nose I'm, not surprised. I got a big nose anyway right. So what do you think we spent a lot of money on this truck? You? Do you love it even with the throttle sticking issue, I think that's gon na well and and so one of the things I know that help me out with that was actually shortening the cable that it comes with. Where hey I don't know if they were expecting snow and ice, but dripping off the exhaust pipe onto that area, it does cause some resistance and it doesn't seem to have a very good, bushing or you're exactly right. So we can figure that out I'm glad you enjoy it. Thank you for helping us entertain everybody today. I know it's huge. I don't care that it wasn't a perfect run. It was a learning run and it was my first round with first first engine, first tank. You got to cut it some slack. We don't really see these engines open up until about fourth or fifth tank through and warmer weather. Hey, I know I totally did hey. I don't know how I'm gon na fix that, but we'll figure it out. At least yours is still nice and pretty, and we do have an extra body just yeah we'll figure.

It out all right guys, thanks for tuning in today and as always leave a like click for Jamm in the first monster truck yeah, guys bye for now dang. It look at that that's what happens when it's this cold outside and you decide to send it, and you have eight shocks on your body. This could have been prevented if I would have taken the time and put some Gorilla Tape or something behind here to help this lexan have a little bit more flex instead of just breaking like that, and that is a huge bummer that's totally driver error when I Did the flip end over end and this shock right here? This is the same shock that came apart before and it had a damaged bottom, so I don't know if that's just for that shock that I have an issue with.