I made my own freedom, I did it in the basement of my house. I took these parts I put them together and I made him fly over the past 10 years. I'Ve worked with companies around the world to create to research, to field test, to fly, to have failure to motivate to help other people be able to get their dreams back up in the air wherever they were in life. Maybe they had some struggles and you've had struggles too, but FPV is something that we all enjoy together around the world as a single United entity it's, not just about me it's about everybody and our right to recreative, ello man and woman, no matter where you live. No matter who you are this shouldn't be something that could be never be taken away. The right to react create is yours, you're, an American citizen, it's, built into the Constitution that arbitrary law and erroneous fines are not something that any American citizen should have to he's subjected to by our government and to stand up in protest. You'Re right to wreck me. Music, no one has been killed. Very few have been harmed over regulation, overreach and overbearing. Sharing of your information, your privacy as an RC pilot should never be acceptable by the public or anyone anyone around the world. Your information is yours. It should remain so so, no matter where you live in the world make a comment on this video. If you believe that the RC Hobby should be free for every man and woman to enjoy, we are not hurting anyone.

Rc is not a crime. Fpv is not a crime it's, something that I do on my own time. I want to call to arms everyone that's, watching this video to check out the protests on February 29th and the freedom coalition on Facebook. Please join us in the fight to save our hobby. Help save our hobby calm.