We just got a notification that someones in our house. What is it your parents? No, my parents are out of town well, pull up the cameras, Music and knock knock. What are they doing? Music didnt, we lock all the doors – yes, Music, Music, okay, lets call security, have them go to our house okay and lets pack up the car and head to the airport, all right guys. We are back from puerto rico. We got in a little bit late last night mommy. How are you feeling im feeling good its so nice to be home right, but i still am a little weirded out by the whole knock knock scientist thing. Yeah me too. Did you check the house yeah? I checked everywhere, but honestly i dont really want to talk about it anymore, yeah either. What are you working on? I just got titus and riot finalized with their school for the fall. Oh yeah and guys this portion of our video is sponsored by norton lifelock guys, as most of you are aware, back to school and school in general has been a lot more digital as of late right. It is, and its a no different for our family, titus and ryan are going to be in class a couple days a week which is really cool were excited about that, but they also are going to still be doing distance learning here at home, which is why We have decided to partner with norton lifelock because they will be accessing a bunch of different websites apps, and we need to ensure that our personal information on our devices is more secure, thats right guys with back to school and retailers, offering promotions and sales right now.

On devices, there is no better time to start thinking about how to protect your personal information that lives on these devices, which is why we recommend norton 360. and norton 360. Deluxe even has parental controls, which comes in handy in our household plus security for your devices and a vpn for online privacy, guys before your kids go back to school, make sure you are more cyber safe click. The link down in our description to learn more about norton, 360 right thats right and thank you so much to norton lifelock for sponsoring this portion of our video now back to our regular content. Well, what should we do now? Where are the kids at titus and i are playing in the backyard and i actually think i just heard bowie wake up. Okay, you go get bowie and meet us in the backyard. Okay! Excuse me hi. What are you doing its sketchy? I see that be careful. Buddy, okay, look at you ry. What are you guys doing just hanging around just hanging around yeah, very funny, hi ryrie, what its a cat hi? Whose cat is that i dont know i think neighbors cats are just running around here. Are you a neighbor cat? One time i petted it wait, you know this cat yeah, i put it in it. You pet. This cat, yeah watch ima, get it buddy get make, make kissy sounds and cat noises there. You go whats its name. Do you know Music? Should we give it a name yeah? What should we name him: bad boy, bad boy, Music or monkey bar or tiki? Okay? Oh, i have a good one, its black and white.

How about oreo oreo? Is that a good one yeah and you guys like oreos? Yes? Yes, i just like to eat the white parts. Oh yeah, oh look! Whos here, Music! Oh super happy, oh geez Laughter, bring her on the grass bring her on the grass dont fall, come on joey, good job joey. What should we do? Mommy um? We should okay ill come up with an activity. I have an idea. What have we ever done? The who bowie loves more challenge whats that well, you know like we get in a circle, we put bowie in the middle and we see who she goes to and whoever she goes to. She loves the most oh thats funny. We should do that. You want to yeah, you guys want to do that. Yeah all right lets get in a circle. All right. Are you guys ready yeah, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! There should be something for the winner right, yeah ooh. I know what maybe the winner gets to choose what we do after this. Yes, hows that sound yeah, okay, so whoever bowie goes to from the center gets to choose what we do after this. Yes, all right, mommy, please release the baby Music. Okay, Music, over Music lets reset put the baby back in the middle. Please grab the baby. Have the baby new rule. If she comes slightly near you first one to grab her without moving. Is our Music tackles Applause? Music, what would you like to do now? Music, hide and seek? Oh all righty.

So since im filming, i feel like i should be the seeker and you guys are the hiders. Okay, all right, so im gon na count to 10. starting now. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 10.. Music. I think i heard something over here. Bowie can you say dad gotcha thanks bowie all righty whos next titus or riot? Hmm, they couldnt have gone far. Where could they be Music, hello, gotcha, but good, hiding, spot good job? All righty? The only person left is titus, and i bet i know where he is. I happen to know his favorite area of the backyard right in there. I found you, what are you doing? What is that i dont know huh Music plans. Is this yours? No. What is this its gross looking? What is this is that yours, right right, no plans, Music traveling course schedule 7 12. They return from tahoe 722. They leave for puerto rico, seven 30. We enter the house when we came home from puerto rico. This must be the scientists – oh my god, theyre keeping a record of when we come and go eight eight. They leave for jakes fight. We go back in the house. We they think that were leaving today to jakes fight. Jakes fight got changed thats right its later. This month, its august 29th, now so they think were leaving today and theyre gon na come back in the house Music. What i have an idea, we should do a stakeout wait what and catch them.

Oh my god! Well not you guys. We could give the kids to your mom ill, set up a stakeout and we catch the scientist and knock knock its, not a bad idea. You want to lets. Do it all right lets, call nana and ill set up a stakeout lets. Do it all right all righty perfect? What do you think our stakeout spot this? Is it yeah? This is it okay, i mean i was picturing something a little more steak outy. What whats wrong with this? What do you want a hut covered in grass? I mean what are we gon na do like snuggle up down here? Yes, were gon na snuggle up right here behind this wall, im hoping they come through, that same door, theyve been coming through so yeah, whatever lets just snuggle up and get ready for the stakeout. All right come on okay, so this is how we stake out. No you dont, lay down. You got ta, be on high alert. Okay, so wait. I know you do one person sleeps and the other person stakes out car its like nine oclock. We dont need to sleep right now, just grab the flashlight and get ready for our stakeout. Welcome to our steak. Oh my gosh youre. Not taking this very seriously. Give me this core im gon na need you to take this a little more seriously. Okay, you look really scary with that flashlight on your face. What are you talking about? You kind of look like the scientist.

Stop core focus im, no youre, not look youre, not even looking if theyre here. Yet, yes, i am anyways. What do you think the deal is with knock knock? Why is he back? What do you mean? Well, the scientist turned knock knock into the clone and now knock knocks back. So what happened? Did the scientists turn the clone back into knock? Knock, oh yeah! That is weird right. What the heck cause we havent seen the clone for a while, so i dont know whats going on thats really weird, i know. Well, what should we do while we wait um? Should we tell like a ghost story, a ghost story yeah like we both tell a ghost story, um sure you go first, oh, i can chills. There was a young boy named travis travis, yes, travis like me, just like you, oh my gosh. It was a rainy, stormy day out and he wanted to go for a walk. Oh, this is scary, so he snuck into the woods and he fell down a deep dark hole and he was stuck down that hole and he was forced to eat what im interested. What did travis eat his? What wait? Stop stop! I think i know where youre going with this. This is weird rubbing it all over it. No, i dont do any of that. My turn. Okay. Okay, once upon a time there was a girl named corrina kind of like corey kind of, but not really, okay and she went into the woods to find a boy named travis.

Oh really, yes, it was her brother. I took a turn yeah and she found a hole and in that hole she found something really. But then what all of a sudden travis showed up her brother, her brother, and he said he couldnt, believe it. He found a hole full of chocolate and he was eating it off of his face: a big old child yeah like willy wonka, anyways thats, it okay, yeah end of the story here: hes, sorry, all right, well, im kind of hungry, now, youre hungry, yeah, im kind Of feeling, like a uh chicken parmesan what im not making chicken parmesan right now? Okay, well, how about uh skirt steak? Are you crazy what dude ill get you like some snacks or something fine, but be quiet? Okay, okay, all right, quiet, wait! Yeah! I just got an idea perfect. What did you make me? I didnt make anything what you snacks from the pantry snacks from the pantry like what like veggie chips, veggie, chips, string, cheese and grapes. Well, thank you. Youre welcome its not quite the skirt steak or chicken parm that i wanted well. I will have a grape at the brick Laughter. What is wrong with you, its just some old halloween decorations. We had dont, you like halloween, no im. Sorry come back, come back come on, we got ta, keep staking out, dont be mad. Come on here i have some veggie chips. Come on, stop have a veggie chip.

Veggie chips are good. Stop it come on that guys kind of creeping me out now. Can you take him down yeah, oh my god, what its a scientist, Music, theyre coming in Music, get down Music Music! Hey get out of here! Get out of here! Forget this! Hold this! What be careful on our next video get out of here! Dont come back here. Are you? Oh, my okay, i tackled him. I ripped this off his face.