Its final guys carter, just broke over all shes been doing is moping around the house. Uh shes not been herself shes, not even showered shes, been really really sad, shes, not even filming any videos. I dont think shes even eating. We need to do something to get liz back in her groove. You see her shes just laying in bed. You guys. We got ta cheer her up, we got ta, do something its time for an intervention. Hey liz liz, stop checking his instagram story its time to get up come on. I dont wan na. Are you hungry? No, you wan na shower cuz, i dont wan na shower. I dont wan na do anything im. Sad im go be free. Get out of here. I dont deserve. You really go. Get oh okay. This is gon na be harder than i thought you guys have any ideas. Look it millys going outside. You should come outside! Please. I dont have a purpose in life anymore, liz its just carter, come on. We got ta, get you up, we got ta, get you back into your groove. Maybe not lets do some fun stuff. I have a fun party planned for us all right, but first things. First, im, taking this put my ids in there nobodys gon na know my identity. No, no, we dont need this. No forward were getting over carter today. Whos carter, nope dont, need that all right its time for the ultimate girls slumber party milly grab my phone grab.

My phone, no, no did it. No, no, no, no millie come on see. Millie wants you to get back to your groove too right, millie, but denise i dont have any pajamas. Oh i got that song. Are you ready for a slumber party? Oh okay, fine denise. Im in my pjs now what well we have a lot of activities planned. A lot of fun activities, get excited, yay, okay, so first things. First, i have a surprise. I think youre really gon na like okay, okay, so we got ta go upstairs. Okay lets go. I mean i dont really know about this. I feel like we should just like go to sleep or something we will go to sleep, but we have a lot of activities planned. First, okay, ready liz. I have a cure to every breakup. What take off your blindfolds? Oh, i do love pizza, look at this okay denise. Maybe you are right. Maybe i should just like have a fun day. Slumber party. This is what i really need. Okay, can i have a better pizza? Oh, i think we should do a taste test fresh versus what z pizza, yes, cheers. Mmm mmm yummy this one has some more veggies on. It sounds good. You know i am starting to feel better yeah yeah, so which one is better this one. Why theres been more happening, yeah its very basic? The crust is nice on this one, its like thin mm hmm, and this is a little thicker, this ones good ive never had a pizza like this really sit sit good girl.

One time i added a whole pie for a video retired video; no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No think about the pizza, how good this pizza is yeah. This is way better. Okay! Well, what about some dessert? What kind of dessert? Yes, you wait! You got your favorite dessert ice cream. We have mint vegan ice cream. What phone we got ice cream. What, if cars calling me? Okay, so ice cream, we got ta, try it! You got ta test, taste slime cheers! I really carter would really like those uh. Okay, you know what the best way to get over an x is a rebound were gon na dm every youtuber. That you think is cute carter. No, no! No! No! No! Someone cuter than carter denise! I dont know i dont think thats such a great idea. I mean we should just like eat our pizza or something uh. No, how about this im gon na dm every single youtuber that i think is cute ill. Do it for you? Okay, all right, heres, our first eligible bachelor! Oh my god! What are you gon na say to him? Oh, my gosh. Stop im nervous. Okay were gon na, say, hey or hi. Are you guys hi? Oh my god? Oh i know what to add. This is what everyone does that no dont out loud? No, no, no hi! Hi, oh my gosh. Next cutie you really dont use cute. Oh yeah, you dont, oh my god, stop im nervous the eyes the eyes sun.

My heart is powered. All right. Liz, i think, were just gon na take a chance here and were just gon na shoot. A shot and lets dm drape what the heck yeah lets see him drake is he even single lets find out. Should we send the eyes dont white? What is with you on the eyes? Is that what you do, thats? What all the boys do? Okay, fine! Send! The eyes because youre probably never gon na see this. Oh my gosh, i dont want that hotline bling lets keep going. This is so much fun with lets, see um everybody i dont know you got ta, think its not like the right thing to do. No, you got ta be proactive here were not just gon na lay around and be sad. No, no! No! No! We are gon na dm zac efron. Oh my gosh denise. You should just dm all these people. They dont even know who i am. What are you gon na say to him hey im this? Did you send it give me my phone back, no more dms were not doing any more im gon na eat, another slice of pizza and were gon na go do another summer party activity, okay, but let me know what drake says: yeah, okay! So next up, we have a pillow fight. Im done lets, go all right! Liz. Are you ready for this pillow fight? Oh yeah? Okay, the rules are. If you fall off the bed, you are out you ready.

Okay, wait! Let me grab my pillow okay im gon na grab this one and this one and this okay im ready all right, Laughter, Music. Oh my gosh, why is Applause ice cream? I couldnt help it uh, but i guess it looks like i won. Okay, i won the pillow fight. Do i get to pick the next activity? Yeah? Okay, sure? Okay, every summer party has a blanket sport building, so we have to build a blanket for quick, oh get the supplies; okay, okay, all right guys! I think that the slumber party is actually working. I think liz is starting to feel more, like herself shes finally smiling and having fun again. This is so great, so happy that we have a slumber party. This is what true friendship is about. Okay, well, denise is going to get the supplies for the blanket for im gon na see if carter, texted or called me – hmm nothing. Maybe i should like just call him or something hes like ignoring me, what the heck liz! I wonder what shes doing hey liz hello carter um? What are you doing that phone? No, no! No! No! No! No! No liz is better. Now without you, come on were building a port come on a blanket for it. Oh fine, okay, what kind of blanket fort are we even building like what is this look im? Not even gon na be its a royal fort denise. You got like the smallest worlds, smallest blanket whoa.

This is actually gon na be lit. Oh my gosh. Look! How big it is in here, its gon na be magical in there. No boys, yes, thats spirit, all right! This is our looking board. We just got here. You just use your imagination for the rest of it whoa. This is really cool denise. I can like sleep in here forever: okay, but were not gon na, do that we have something more fun planned. What lets play truth or dare okay? Okay, okay, you go first truth or dare who do you think is the cutest boy on humor? You have to be honest, i feel like thats obvious, really who ryan really yeah dont. You think so no way jose, definitely carter, okay, your turn, okay, truth or dare uh. Dare i dare you to prank call ryan? I dont know my phone though okay, fine, i have it and ill give it to you just one time only to call ryan, okay, calling ryan ask him if his refrigerators running okay, hello, hello! Are you watching me right now, youre watching me right now, hello were calling about your refrigerator my refrigerator. Is it running? Oh yeah, it has to be running its on right, yeah, its working. You better go, get it its running Music! Oh my gosh! You think you knew it was uh. No, oh, my god. What is that theres, a monster, theres a monster? Okay! Next activity is gon na be in the kitchen.

Are you ready, okay, im ready? Oh lets, go all right. Liz so were gon na play this viral tick, tock game. Okay, all right! So we have this egg here and were gon na take turns smacking it and whoever crushes it loses. Okay, all right here we go Applause, its a little crack, but well keep going there. You go, that was a close one, hooray Laughter, oh my gosh, okay, ready, Music, oh so close were too gay were too good. I think i won, and that is the thousand year old egg, all right liz and to end our slumber party. We are to watch a movie, oh, what kind of movie can we please watch like a rom com or something romantic, something cute with cute guys um? I guess you can pick. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, look. You invited all my friends, yes thats! So nice, you get to pick the movie. Okay, um. Let me look at my phone to see. Oh, my gosh youre, not gon na believe who responded my god. You said whats up cutie, oh my gosh. What do i do? What do i do? What do i do? Um? Oh my gosh. I cannot believe youve responded. It hasnt even been like 10 minutes. I know. Oh, my gosh im scared. What if parker finds out forget carter? Forget carter. I think he should respond. Okay. What do i say, though? What do i say because im like so nervous? Oh, what am i gon na? Do? Okay, i dont know um.

Okay, we got ta cut the camera. This is way too juicy Music. Wait. What should i actually say, get the juice? You got the juice he wants to kiss you, he has to hug you. He wants to love you Music.