First of all, this video is kindly sponsored by winx dvd, a software company that enables you to easily convert videos on your mac or windows computer. They are currently having a contest in which youll be able to win some nice prizes, including the dji mini 2. The participation link is included down below and in order to participate in this contest, youll need to upload an original spring themed video based on your location. As for the winix video converter, it will enable you to convert 4k videos and supports most of the file types that currently exist. It supports batch downloading videos from more than 1000 websites, compress large video files with no quality loss, edit, your videos add subtitles and adjust the video parameters like bitrate, framerate and etc. The software features a user friendly interface and in case you are interested, you can check it out in the links down below now. Lets get back to the main topic of this video, the hd0 freestyle vtx. Just to make things clear. This is a digital video transmitter, which means that it is not supported by analog video receivers and currently at the moment of shooting this video. It is only compatible with the sharkbite digital transmission system. As for its specs, its output power can be set to 25 or 200 milliwatts and once unlocked youll be able to set it to 500 milliwatts or even to one watt. It can only be par directly with between two to four s.

Batteries so make sure in case youre going to use it on a 6s setup, for example, to use the included, blc or use the bsc of your flight controller. Just make sure that it is going to get enough power as when it is going to be set to 1 watt. Its power consumption is going to be 15 watts. In addition, the freestyle vtx is using 30.5 by 3.5 millimeters m3 mounting holes, its out of dimensions of 40.5 by 40 by 9.5 millimeters, the mipi connector of the camera and the ipx connector of the antenna are secured using two metal plates and phillips screws on its Own it weighs 28.1 grams, including the rtcp antenna that comes with it. It weighs 29.6 grams and the total weight, including the hd0 micro, v2 camera and a very short midi cable, is 38.3 grams. Now, by the way, its important to note that only hd0 approved cameras are compatible with the freestyle vtx and the mipi, cable and camera are not included with the vtx. As for setting up the freestyle, vtx first youll need to make sure that both sharkbite receiver and freestyle digs are running the latest firmware. In order to do that, head over to hd0s website download the relevant firmware files place the firmware file of the sharkbite receiver on the root folder of the microsd card power. It up wait for the firmware update to be completed. Then youll need to place the firmware file of the freestyle receiver again on the root folder of the micro sd card connect the firmware update, cable that is included in the shockbyte kit to the freestyle, vtx and again wait for the firmware update to be completed.

Similarly, in order to unlock the full power of the freestyle, btx youll need to use this cable place. The file that unlocks the vtx on the root folder of the microsd card wait for the confirmation on your screen. Then youll need to unplug this cable power it using an external battery and make sure to connect an antenna to the ufl connector, as otherwise it is going to be damaged after that, youll need to connect again the cable to the shockbyte receiver and update to the Latest available firmware its important not to skip the part where the vtx is powered externally, using a battery and not directly by the shockbyte receiver, as otherwise the vtx is not going to be unlocked. Connecting the freestyle vtx to a flight controller is done using this, provided harness the right pin on this connector is vcc, then ground ticks and rx ports and the left pin is smart. Audio. Remember that rx on the vtx is connected to the tx on the flight controller and vice versa. In order to get the osd working, youll need to use a recent version of betaflight and enable the msp slash configuration port on the port that the rx and tx ports are connected to and youll also need to type the following command on with the flights cli. In order to enable the betaflight osd, as for configuring, the vtx in case, the smart audio wire, is going to be properly connected to a tx port on a flight controller and properly configured on bit of light.

Youll be able to use bit of light in order to set the channel and output power of the vtx and, in case its not going to be properly connected. You can either use the control board, which is provided with the shock by system or use the vtx menu which, by the way, is going to be disabled in case the smart audio feature is going to be in use now, im going to measure the output power Of the freestyle vtx using the immersional c rf parameter tool when the output power is set to 25 milliwatts im getting about 35 milliwatts and after one minute, the output power is still about 35 milliwatts on 200 milliwatts im getting about 150 milliwatts and again the output Power is pretty constant after a minute on 500 milliwatts im getting about 330 milliwatts, and now the temperature is rising a bit, but again the output power remains about 330 milliwatts after a minute. Finally, when setting the output power of the vtx to its maximum value of 1 watt im getting about 620 milliwatts, while the vtx is getting pretty hot, the output power remains relatively stable and when the vtx is cooled down, im getting a constant output power of about 650 milliwatts. The next thing that ive done is to head outdoors and test the hd0 freestyle vtx, using my mavic air 2, which was restricted to 2.4 ghz in order to prevent it from interfering with the video signal of the vtx.

The vtx was set during this test to the maximum output power of 1 watt and ive tested the receiver setup using the stock patch antennas and two omi directional foxeer lollipop rtcp antennas after testing it out. I can tell you that the range of this system is definitely better than the whoop style, with the x that ive previously tested and, according to other videos on youtube, you should be able to extend the range of this system by upgrading the antennas of the video Receiver, anyway, now im going to wrap up this review with some footage from the ranged test, and you can expect more tests of the freestyle vtx to be done soon. As im going to feature this vtx in a build and slide video, which hopefully is going to be ready in the next two weeks or so as always, i thank you for watching my video. I hope you enjoyed it and you find it useful if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section down below dont forget to leave a thumbs up.