Finally, finally, finally e unbox assemble and test fly nanaten yo, hdrc prone nah, indirect, on birthday, hd camera, electric 360 rotation. So it means young camera is going to navigate through the remote control, which is good casey on previous drone and ability link it down below. If you haven’t watched it on camera and at the same time, hindi, machado, hayan outdoor, so hopefully this one is really good for outdoor. So you know other features: yeah it’s, madonna, 360, a degree, unlimited version, 2.4 gigahertz, rc series, headless mode, led light, flies outdoor and altitude mode. Big claims, nah features, let’s open this up. I wasn’t able to provide my initial feedback. I wasn’t able to assemble it. Oh, my god, oh my god, um, but regardless, even if sixteen eighteen or nineteen years old, ganamas magandapan, accompanied by adult and at the same time, if you’re going to fly your drone area, you have the tendency to damage someone, else’s property right and we don’t want That as much as possible, we want to enjoy our drones Music moto download the application. Based on my experience with my previous drone scan musa. It would automatically direct you to the website where you can download the application, and then, if this would give you an idea – or this would teach you on how to navigate the app and then the other manual is the user manual in here. We have the controller components i’m, setting up the controller drone charging your drone battery.

Okay. What i noticed here is a charginger drone battery human battery. Nothing is not the usual battery that we use, so your battery in the meron and drone is lithium. Polymer battery, based on my research, high risk shop for secure lack of a better term explosion or overheat, okay, uh as much as possible right after use it cool down your battery charge. Therefore it was, and then we have here safe flight environment. So like what i mentioned earlier, i am so merenting didn’t prepare for flight, headless mode, preparation before taking off flight control and how to do a 360 degree flip. I am flight adjustment section headless and one key return function am and wi fi version photo camera. Okay, so mas magenta, now before you fly your drone, is you read the manual carefully and at the same time, in your indian minion tips and tricks on how to navigate the drone accordingly and accurately, Music? Nothing is we have the remote control i, and so this is the antenna. Okay, just like the previous remote control that we have is okay, okay, so this is the joystick again um. This is the take off ayan and then button Music and then, if you’re not comfortable, navigating the joystick, you have the arrows, but i think it’s much better for me, based on my experience, navigation and joystick and then at the back. I think no batteries, no remote control that long double e yeah by the way tips to maintain the remote control is after use.

You have to remove the batteries battery is maintenance magnet, and i wanted to make sure before i do. The vlog is no rundown and then mama after nothing. My test flight angling gon na that’s about it for the um, remote, okay and then this is the camera, and that is how it looks like i like named sanganito. I am young rubbery thingy, nian adjustment, known camera through the remote control, okay and then here please um Applause. I am to fly okay, so based on the testing that i did earlier anyway later are uncovered it’s a propeller, nothing i am so. Those are the extras, as far as i know, dunsa website, in a billion concerns, dot, p, h and i’ll link down the website below so from fifteen thousand three thousand nine hundred. Ninety nine, alongside i don’t, know up un up until when you say nila pero. No again i’ll link it down on the district description box, but just in case the gusto de nino mc purchase i’ll. Let you guys explore the website during your own convenience. Nothing special Music one is the battery, oh by the way, guys sorry and so mehran shang um 3000 mah the battery. So this is how it looks like again see and then – and this is the charger and 15 watts again – i don’t want to use higher than 15 watts to avoid long massive ion cored battery, just like what i did yeah so yeah fully secured the posa and Okay and then commit nothing new camera, so um, sorry, i am yeah, see it’s fully secured now and then foreign Music rico a unless okay, so blah blah blah use our remote just to make sure not ready enough for takeoff and got going in.

You is, of course you and muna nino and then up and then down yeah. Please do not try this at home because built for indoor i’m only showing you guys for demonstration purposes on uh, okay, so off give it to me Music. So i love you. Music. Give it to me, i love you Music and what i could say is for 3 999 pesos it’s a hit okay, i would highly recommend you guys to buy it um again. The website is pure store, dot, ph uh. I i’ll link down the link on the description box website and major order. I am if you like my content, please don’t forget to like share and subscribe and don’t forget to ring that notification bell, but button notification.