6.6 has been rolled out to all android and ios devices. So what im going to do in this video is just cover everything that i found and talk about. The new firmware update for this drone and, of course, what it means for you if its safe, should you install and any new features, i have noticed with the dji flight app so lets get into it Music when you power on your dji mini 2 and your Controller youre going to be greeted with this firmware update. You can see this is zero. One zero, five, zero, zero, zero, zero – and this is all about meeting those japanese rid requirements, but of course it comes with dji fly 1.6.6. Now these are not bundled together. You do need to install the flight app separately. You can do the usual ways. Wait for the pop up within the app go to the dji download page using a web browser or, of course use my google drive and there will be a link in the bottom uh in the video description. So you can go there and get it from there. So this took me around five minutes to install so not long at all and not much drain on the drones battery or, of course, its not a huge update anyway uh now, one thing to notice is after doing this firmware update. I this is for the positive. I did a cold start on this drone. This didnt actually do the update in the location with which im filming this um, and one thing to mention for the positive is the satellite lock does seem to have improved over 1.

4.00, and so this drone was pretty much ready to fly after around 25 to 30 Seconds, i believe it was so thats. Certainly a positive step now going through the dji fly app in great detail um now i do apologize because i didnt actually cover 1.6.4, so some of what im going to mention might have been updated within that app. But of course, im seeing it for the first time because ive skipped a step and ive just jumped straight to 1.6.6. First of all, the units seem to be highlighting whether it wasnt before so again. That is always positive if we pop through the menus. If we go to the customizable button for the function button uh, you can see that menu is slightly laid out differently now. I do know that that did come on the last update, uh but of course im covering it first time here and of course, one thing i wanted to test and i always check – and this is absolutely superb news – if we allocate the function button to the ae, Lock and unlock if we actually try that in practice by putting the dji mini 2 up in the air, you can see that is now working now, even though it was working previously, we had no visual indicator on screen to say that it was and im pleased To say that, as you can see down at the bottom, it now tells us when ae lock is on and when it is off.

So that is overall, an absolutely fantastic feature that dji well, really we shouldnt be praising them because it was there initially and they took it away. But now i can see its finally back, and this will make many people happy, including myself. Sadly, the issue does still remain on the dji mini 2, where there is absolutely no ability to reset the aircraft, your rotation speed, so basically how quick and how smooth that is for some reason, even though the gimbal one works, the aircraft one it just doesnt, if You hit that reset button, nothing happens, and one thing to mention as well is because we have had a firmware update. We will need to make sure that you go back and check all your parameters. The little led light color will have changed and it will be unbeaten or breathing or whatever hell it is, or your return to home settings will have changed. Your max distances will all have reset as well, so you are going to need to go in and check all of those taking the dji mini 2 out for a flight. It seems to be performing absolutely fine with no real issues. Now i cant actually fly this drone quite far on this test to do a proper signal or wrench test and thats, purely because it is quite windy today, and so i dont want to venture out too far ill put the drone in a position where it might Have to return to home, i want to keep it in control and make sure that uh nothing goes wrong, but what i did fly.

I saw absolutely no issues with drone whatsoever. I did notice that even one i had actually stopped. Yes, i can attribute it to its being a little bit windy. Um, the drone didnt seem to be completely stable in the air. It did seem to be moving up and down and wobbling about a little bit, because i could physically see the drone um. So that is one thing to look out for again. I have done a compass calibration, of course, um and an imu calibration. You can see that its wind performance hasnt changed at all. It really was fighting the wind. You can just see how uh spanx over this was by looking at the horizon, but it did manage as it always does. This is an absolutely fantastic beginner drone if you dont want to go to the cost of the dji mini 3 pro. I would highly recommend this so coming back down. Then i want to check something that was a bit of a fault on one of the last app updates, and this is all to do with quick shots and the drone actually picking you out and selecting a target that didnt seem to be working. There was a bit of a work around, you could exit the app and load it back up again and – and it would sometimes pick you out, but really thats – not ideal and did you. I should have fixed it and, when ive been flying this drone and continuously flicking off the app into video and photo mode and back to quick shot mode.

The drone actually did pick me. I was at target every single time, so it does appear that that is now working exactly as it should. It has to be said that looking at the controller, initially, my compass was off, but whenever you get, the compass issue is largely down to the compass within the device that you are using, whether it be the rt controller or, of course, your phone or tablet. The easiest way to calibrate that is: go to google maps click the dot, and you can see it gives you the option to calibrate. So once i completed that you can see, it was much more accurate on this drum but of course nothing to do with the firmware update nothing to do with the controller and nothing to do with the app so overall, this combination of the dji flight app 1.6.6 And the new firmware zero one zero five, zero, zero, zero zero does seem to be a perfect combination and, as far as i can see anywhere, everything seems to be working absolutely fine on this drone at this current moment in time. I will follow this up with a signal test in better conditions, so we can see if anything has improved there, but overall perfectly happy and both of these seem to be working. Absolutely fine and, like i said, weve, seen a bit of an improvement with the satellite pickup as well. Now, with all that information, you have just got it its time to wrap up this video because four times now, my camera, that im talking into has shut off due to the temperatures here today.

So let me know your thoughts and everything you have found in the comment section below, or indeed just comment on everything that ive mentioned in this video until next time give this a big thumbs up.