Why all these drones well? I’M. Not gon na lie i’m still a car channel but i’ve been bitten by the fpv bug um, but, as you can see, my first uh fpv outing didn’t go quite to plan. I don’t know if you guys saw my last video, where i do a line of sight on this uh fus spartan, fuse spartan, uh race drone flew around okay in line of sight, but once i got the goggles on it’s very easy to get disoriented, i ended Up crashing wasn’t that hard, but i must have landed at an odd angle, and i broke my frame here so i’m just waiting on that other than that. This is a great drone. What i should have done was, i should have found a more open area. That area that i was flying at it was too too small, too many trees – i’m, not quite at the level with the fpv goggles to uh. Have that much going on around me uh, i need more space, so this thing was this thing is a 4s drone and so in the meantime i ended up getting a emacs um tiny, hawk, freestyle 2 is what this is called, and this is a really good Drone um it’s a, i think, it’s 2.5 inch. They call it it’s still pretty small it’s a little bit bigger than this. This one here, but not by much um this. They call a toothpick and you can see the frames pretty thin, but it’s called a toothpick drone don’t.

Let the small size fool you guys. These things are not toys whatsoever. These are still race drones and this one i was actually able to. I went over to a soccer field and i was actually able to get it up in the air and i flew it around the soccer field successfully. I didn’t get any video again promise i’m gon na get some video on the next one, but i flew it very briefly in in the full acro mode, so that was a successful flight very happy with that. So also, i have something else here: just wanted to show you the mobula 7.. Now this is what they call a whoop drone. This has a carbon fiber frame. This is more like it looks more like you know what your typical toy drone would be, but again this is not a toy. This thing goes very very quickly. This one is a 2s. It also connects to the computer with betaflight, which is the standard open source computer program. So you can configure everything in this on from the flight board. You can connect and flash it and you can adjust all the settings. So this one we’ll use just like just like my emacs here. This one uses two little batteries, this one’s 2s. They sit right. On top there, two 1s batteries in series there’s a little series connector there. So this one here also uses 1s batteries, but these ones are even smaller.

Look at that wow they’re, really tiny. I think i can get. I think i might be able to get a couple of these, or at least one of them in there. It looks like, but those are really tiny batteries i might have to get a few more of those but uh. This is what they call uh. A tiny whoop, a whoop drone it’s got what size are these motors, there’s 16 000 kv motors, and you can see these are not. These are not brushed motors like you would find in a toy drone. It’S got a real flight controller in there. Programmable it’s got the camera, so this is full fpv and it’s got the two tiny little trident stick of gum: batteries, 250 milliamp hour, 60 c 4.35 volt, which is even higher than your standard, lipo they’re high performance batteries. This thing has a lot of good reviews online and it’s it’s, quite quick. So you can fly this outside you get some stickers get some cool stickers in the package. You also get some instructions telling you how to bind it there’s a few different versions depending on what radio you get and this one is fly sky. It says right there and that’s. The radio i have is the fly sky i6, so you can order it with a few different receivers on board receivers built in so that’s great. So with this one, all i need to do is bind it and go so no soldering on that.

One shows you some instructions. There’S, the flight controller, gives you a layout of all the soldering points. If you have to. If you want to change anything, shows you a little bit of how to set it up in beta flight, which is the program i was talking about. So this is a great great model. Beginner friendly, you can fly this indoors. You can fly it on 1s. So this is a great model to buy to get into fpv, and you can even fly it outside, like i said so, also comes with a charger, and this charger is really good. You can plug it in with a xt 30 to a battery and charge off of that uh. It has a usb out, and it also has 12 volts in you, just plug your battery right in there right to this, like that and there’s a few settings here for how fast you want to charge it, and it shows each individual battery it toggles through there Automatically also comes with a spare set of props little screwdriver, a little um wire here and plug. So if you do want to run um 1s as opposed to having two batteries, all you do, is you just plug it in there like that, and it just bypasses. The current just goes through then just uses one battery, so you got that which is cool little prop removal tool, a few extra little screws and you get a few extra batteries which is nice, so should be enough to get you going.

This radio here is very, very cheap, it’s only like 50, but this is a really good radio. It actually has i’ve seen videos of it. It actually has two antennas. It’S got an antenna there and an antenna here great way to get into the uh the hobby. You just bind it up to this and charge your batteries up and away. You go um. You need fpv goggles, which you can get pretty cheap, fifty dollars for some entry level ones, so that’s it guys i’m into the fpv. Now i am, of course, i’m gon na be running my cars as well. I just don’t have a lot of time to get out these days, so the fpv – i can kind of do it anywhere. I have also been practicing on a program called liftoff and it’s. A great program you can actually plug with a with a a nine dollar ten dollar cord. You plug this right into your usb of your computer and uh. You can fly fpv on your computer and uh practice so, and this thing apparently can take crashes pretty well. It’S got uh prop guards and it’s it’s light, so it’s not gon na get damaged easily so that’s. It guys hope you like this little unboxing of the mobile 7 micro fpv whoop drone. Hopefully we’ll get this out there soon and we’ll.