Mobulus 7. running on 2s tiny whoop i’ve been flying it a lot. It’S been no wind out the last few days, so it’s been great there’s. A little more wind today really excited because i did my first uh loops and rolls with this in full acro mode, so very excited this thing’s been great i’ve, crashed it many many times in the house outside the only bad thing i can say is the camera Angle tends to move these screws. You got to keep them tight other than that also grab yourself more batteries. If you get this, this is a great learning. Uh drone. It also comes with many different receivers already pre installed, so all you have to do is bind and go, and i chose the fly sky because the radio is pretty cheap and the radio is pretty good. So far you might want to get yourself a radio master 16. If you want something that’s going to grow a little more with you. I recommend this over the freestyle, tiny hawk 2, because this thing can take crashes. It’S crashed a lot it’s, a great drone, guys, like i said, just pick up some more batteries and you’re all set. This is great for learning all right, so we are recording in the goggles let’s see if we can take off here there we go. Something sounds like it’s, vibrating now, i’m, not sure what let’s get back into air mode. I see a lot of jello in the uh camera now i’m, not sure what happened getting close to those trees come back towards me.

I got my camera angle now set for slow flying with that. I can really fly slow with it. Something sounds like it’s vibrating a bit that’s me right. There guys let’s go up around this tree we’re in uh, full acro mode let’s do a flip yeah. I got my camera set too low a little flip. There come back towards me. Do a fly by yeah see you can fly slow when you have the camera angle set it’s a lot of jello in the uh camera. I don’t know what happened but i’m. Seeing a lot of vibrations but that’s, okay, we’ll just fly around a bit let’s, do a forward! Flip front flip! Go up a bit a little flip nice notice, my voltage it’s dropping let’s, go over and see that dog. That was barking. Should i do that? Maybe not fly over these trees whoa up up up and down away from the goal posts battery is, i don’t know if the battery is okay or not i’m still not used to whoa. That was close to those branches. You can hear it beeping battery doesn’t. Last very long in this thing i don’t know if it’s the batteries i mean it lasts like what do we got? We got two and a half minutes. I guess that’s fairly normal got ta watch what’s behind me, let’s see that you can see guys i’m flying in full acro mode and okay it’s saying stop so let’s bring it in now that i got the camera little bit i’m.

Bring it back over here and wants me to land bring it in here. I am hi guys a little closer and down all right, perfect landing, so let’s bring it over. Do a little final wrap up final thoughts on this all right there. You are final thoughts on the mobile a7. This was the drone, i would say pretty much that allowed me the freedom without worrying about crashing the freedom to learn and take some risks like today. I just learned how to do uh to do flips and rolls and it’s a piece of cake, and i crashed this thing a bunch of times. Everything seems okay in the camera here, but uh that’s. The only thing i can say bad about it is the camera. Is prone to jello, which is vibrations uh waves? Looking looking like waves on your uh on your video feed coming from this camera other than that, this thing is bulletproof uh i got a spare frame and i i don’t even think i’m gon na need it. One thing i do want to say is don’t: let your batteries go too low, because what happened to me was uh. If you let your batteries go, really low the flight controller, the in beta flight, it reset back to factory settings everything. Was there all the uh? All the rates and everything the pids but uh it did reset some things that i had to reset back. Like all my modes were gone, everything was gone.

I couldn’t arm it. Actually it actually um the receiver unbound. I had to bind it again so but other than that there’s a few little quirks get more batteries, because these batteries only last about three minutes for two of these, so they’re two 1s. Other than that, i recommend this drone to beginners it’s great. I recommend it actually over getting a tiny, hawk. Freestyle 2. get some wind today, but uh just come out when it’s it’s, calm, light, breeze and choose a big area and it comes with many different receivers, so you can bind and fly. I chose this one. Sometimes they’re out of stock, but they’ll they’ll come back in stock. This is only a fifty dollar radio. This is like a hundred, and i don’t know how much it is. I’Ll put a link in the description it’s just a little over a hundred bucks, but to get going and these goggles are really good, isheen 800d. These are really good that’s it for now guys sorry for waffling on a little nod to mr talbot. There uh yeah i’m waffling on and going on and on, but this is great if you want to get into it. This is what you want to get. I recommend this over uh the emax tiny hawk 2, because you get an actual radio reel radio, not saying that’s, not a real radio, but this one, i think, is a little bit more versatile that’s it all right like and subscribe guys hope you enjoyed this little Review i’ve got about 50 packs through this thing, so i haven’t had any issues other than the low battery all right, guys, that’s it running in full, acro mode now so uh hope you enjoyed it like and subscribe.