Welcome back to my channel today, I'm excited because we're going to give away to mobile. Oh six is here from happy model. These were super popular on my channel's little 1s brushless woop that really rip. So if you want a chance to win either one of these, you have twice the chance coming up in March, we're gon na announce the winner of both of these coming up. In the first week of April, so make your entries and comments all through the month to enter it into our drawing, go ahead and click and comment down below subscribe to the channel. Those are the first two things you need to do and also, third, let me know where you're from to win. One of these very simple click Subscribe, make a comment. Let me know where you're from and click the notification bell down below. So you know when the new videos are coming out, so you can find out when the winner is released now also some other news in our logo design contest we don't have a solid winner, yet for that logo contest and guys, you have to understand that this Is extremely extremely important: this creates the idea channel ID identity of drone camps RC, and it has to solidify everything that this is all about to the fqv community and the other people that watch our channel, whether it's quads Rock, Carlos or airplanes or RC in general. It has to encompass everything and it is a really hard design to come up with and win the 1400 prize, so keep those entries coming in through the month of March and don't get upset.

If you didn't win, there is still another chance to hone in on that logo and bust through the barrier to win that 1400. So the winner is gon na be seen everywhere all over the world on this channel, and you know by millions of people so by all means, go all out and create the coolest mascot logo. You possibly can but good luck. Everybody for the month of March and I'll see you in the first week of April, when we announced the mobula 6 winners, 2 winners on the channel coming up. Take care guys.