So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of another neat drone, the mob lite. 7. 75 millimeter ultra light high efficiency, whoop now i’m, a little late to the table here. Folks, with this one but that’s, okay, it’s better late than never, but this is a nice little whoop. I really like this little thing. This is very lightweight to uh um, very good for indoor flight, safer and dwarf line, but it also has the power and agility for outdoor flight now it’s. When i say in lightweight this thing, only weighs 19.5 grams. Compare that to uh its predecessor, the original modulus 7. they’ve shaved off over 6 grams off of this, because this thing was, i believe, uh 25 grams, something in that ballpark. So you know that made this makes this a lot lighter now. How did they do that? Obviously they got rid of the canopy is the main thing that they did get rid of this uh saved them quite a bit of uh of weight and also they’ve integrated a i’ll talk about the integrated receivers, interesting that’s, really cool it’s about this. This diamond uh flight control board that they got on board this thing. Okay, before we go any further, let me first go. I always forget the show this does come with a carrying case nice little carrying case for the drone and its accessories. So we don’t forget that okay, um, again they’ve lightened this thing, getting rid of the uh canopy and also integrating receivers and the video transmitter into the flight control board to save shave off about six grams off of the thing.

So that makes it nice and light and should greatly improve its performance, actually considering uh. What is that it’s about uh close to twenty it’s about twenty five percent, lighter yeah, so that’s great um? What do we got on this thing? Let’S talk about it. First. First off we got a run cam. Nano 3 wide dynamic range camera incorporated on here, it’s 800 tv line resolution very lightweight at 1.2 grams um. It has this strap here. This strap enables, is a friction, adjusted amount so that you can point the camera up or point the camera level, if you wish, just by maneuvering like so so it’s it’s, friction adjusted, makes it very easy to adjust the angle of the camera. If you want to fly slow indoors or fly wrap it outdoors, you can raise that angle up on that camera. Now i talked about the flight control board. This is the jewel of the this particular drone. What’S that’s what’s cool about it is the diamond f4 flight control board. Um it’s loaded up uh on beta flight with the target is crazy. Bef4, uh, f4 uh flight control 3.5.7 is what’s loaded onto this thing. Um now i mentioned it has integrated uh receiver, it’s integrated, fr sky d8 receiver currently uh. I think they’re planning in the future to also possibly in court. F our fly sky, but right now, it’s, just fr sky it’s on on board this particular flight control board.

Now it also has integrated 25 through 200 milliwatt uh 40 channel video transmitter with on screen display and smart audio capability that’s built into this. Also so that’s pretty cool. You know that helps bring down the weight and other things about it. It also has integrated five amp bl heli las 401 escs and uh let’s talk about that. That goes out to the motors. The motors are uh unibel ex0802 19000 kv motors along with hq prop 40 millimeter props. These are widely available, easy to find just type in hq prop um, going back to the flight control board. I forgot to mention something: it has an easy bind button. I call these easy buy button. This bind button is right about there near the center of the board. It’S not going to focus, i know, but uh what’s cool about that is. You can plug in the battery and then press the bind button. To put this into bind mode. You don’t have to simultaneously plug in the battery and hold that hold that button down, while plugging in the battery, like you did with the older drones. That is deep. That makes it very easy to require to bind the particular drum now. Uh let’s talk about the couple of downsides. I see on this uh. We no longer have this canopy anymore uh. As such, you know that canopy does provide some protection to the flight control board. One thing i am worried about in particular is protection to the re receiver antenna right there, okay right now, the way i got my receiver antenna, i got it pretty flat close to the board reason being i like to keep it.

There is to provide some protection to it, especially if it flips over on onto the carpet and gets jammed on the carpet. I don’t want to break that off, in other words, folks, um. Taking that doors, i might consider raising it up a bit to get some more range to. You know receive a range on this, but uh right now you know that’s. My only concern about missing the canopy on here is the protection that another thing this canopy provided was some protection to the camera, and the camera in this case is, is somewhat protected by these um prop guards here um. There is a little concern if you do a hard enough smack into something that you might be able to hit that camera, but it’d have to be a really hard whack. I i feel you know uh regarding that and it’s going to have to be nice flat. Whack too, at the same time, to do that. Another downside i see on this is the battery connector. You know we, you get two 650 milliamp per hour, uh with ph 2.0 connectors. That is the downside, one that i would have preferred to seen the new gnb 27 or et 2.0 plug to get rid of that voltage, sag that we see usually that we see with this type of connector, but other than that. This is a nice little drum. So let’s go over what you get inside here other than the drum you get.

The instruction manual nicely nicely written. It goes over the drone how to bind it and how to set it up. Also, you get a couple stickers. I got at least a couple stickers with it happy model stickers you get a spare set of prop cards for it. You get a spare set of propellers a screwdriver, a propeller puller, two 650 milliamp per hour batteries and a battery charger. Uh, quick let’s talk about the battery charger, real, quick um. It does not have it labeled. This is a lipo lihv battery charger you charge through a micro usb or through a usb port, the plug or the switch when it’s toward the plug it’s charging in lipo mode. If you put it away from that toward usb, then it’s li hv mode, i there’s. No marking on it to tell you, which is which, but i had to find that out by experimentation so again toward the plug, is lipo away from the plug, is lahv so that’s the mob light 7 that worthy upgrade to the original modulus. 7.. Let’S. Take it that now the weather is real bad here, where i’m flying this it has not changed. I still got about a foot of ground there’s foot of snow on the ground, so i’m going to have to fly this indoors, but let’s take it down to the indoor flight control facility of quadcopter 101 and see how fly so hope you enjoy this flight good Morning, quadcopter 101 here welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility, okay, uh one thing before we take off.

I forgot to mention that this drone, the mob light 7, is only available as a 1s drone or 1s flyer, folks, um 1s, only okay. So let me arm the motors and let’s: take it for a flight around the facility, so humming the motors and taking to the other okay. Let me get a feel for this. First it’s been a while folks and we’re indoor flying i i apologize folks. I have to fly this indoors because the weather here in erie pennsylvania is really really bad. So let me get a feel for it. First, by going around this room here, we’re at 4.0, volts after takeoff we’re going to see what type of flight time we get out of this uh 650 milliamp hour battery. Now this thing’s supposed to be really efficient, folks we’re, going to see how how efficient it is too, as we fly around, let me see if i can go through here: okay and smooth let’s go the other direction. Now, try going this way going around going this way now, uh 3.9 volts so far, so good seems to be a good flyer, a lot of punch out of this 1s battery. I don’t think you need to go to this. I would really love to take this outdoors to see how it is outdoor flyer, because it really feels like it could be a lot of fun. Okay, going around coming around let’s pick up a little more speed on it.

That should be nice. Nice life 1.41 minutes flight time, it’s doing 3.9 volts, my goodness let’s try something while we’re early in the flight here let’s go for a flight around the house in the kitchen around the kitchen. Oh my wife’s, taking my dog out to go. Do her duty all right, the living room let’s see matt locks on this time of day. My life like likes watching that matlock coming back downstairs on me tv against the ceiling there. Okay, arming it again, let’s take back to the air again, no problem now here’s, something on the quadcopter 101 channel. You see all the crashes folks, i don’t edit them out. You’Re going to see it as it occurs, going through there going through there going through there, i like to keep the trashes in to keep it real. This is actually flying nice for an indoor fly. This is an excellent flyer. How many minutes two minutes? 51. 3.8. Volts you kidding me this only 3.8 volts so far been flying over three minutes. Remember the loops that you used to only fly for you were lucky. If you got three minutes this one wow, i am surprised and i’m only at three foot, three minutes whoa. I felt the wind of that one don’t, i better slow my butt down here before i yeah yeah slow down i’m a little bit a little too aggressive there, a little too aggressive, so slowing it down in just a tad here and straightened.

My head up, my head was tilted that’s a thing folks. Uh keep your head straight. When you fly we’re uh, getting a little too aggressive again slowing down let’s try the other direction. Maybe that’ll help um four minutes. 3.7. Volts really that’s a lot of power on that battery. I guess and uh. The efficiency of this thing is impressive. So far, let’s see here let’s go back up again all right, there’s, my honey going around coming around coming around a little bit and maybe how to turn up that 200 milliwatts but i’m. Only at 25 right now, 25 milliwatts, our flight power or uh video transmitter power go clockwise for a while. So i can get the feel for clockwise. Okay, now counterclockwise 3.6 volts five minutes of flight time, so that’s impressive. Five minutes. I think five minutes is about the backs i’ve seen in most drones, so that’s great still only 3.6 volts getting bored let’s go back upstairs again. Let’S try to go back upstairs again, increasing that they’re going up there ride the kitchen where’s my dog she’s around here somewhere there’s, my wife matlock’s, on coming around coming around coming up there’s my dog. I ain’t gon na bother disarming coming down the stairs and arming again away. We go yep, no editing, you see it as it happens. Folks, it’s withstood the crashes so far: okay, just gon na slow it down i’m gon na look at 3.5 volts six and a half minutes of flight time.

Wow, okay, something sounds different here. Let me let me land it real, quick and check. I think the batteries probably needs to be adjusted. Let me check that and yes, let me adjust that battery okay got ta, keep it centered, see folks: okay, uh where’s, the camera camera’s there back on the pad and restarting and arming taking back to the air yeah. Here, a change of pitch always check your battery it’s, probably not loose, but probably slid around from being in the center position, and it did okay flying flight time has restarted again. 6.57 minutes, oh by the way. How do you like my shirt today, folks and pajamas yeah? We got so much snow here in erie, uh, ten minutes of on time and it’s flashing. I don’t know why it flashes in ten minutes a long time, but there we go i’m going around my treadmill by the way i actually do use that treadmill. I do i do 3.5 volts. I still got a lot of power i’m going to go upstairs, but i passed it uh yeah. I use that thing. It doesn’t look. It, though, does it let’s go back upstairs one more time going around the bed staying away from the ceiling, so i don’t suck up into the ceiling that could happen with this drone. It happens real easily, actually, with this drum uh being sucked up to the ceiling because of this missing canopy, so be very careful.

Coming back down yeah going around eight minutes of flight time, folks at only a 3.5 volts. How can that be? This has got to be the longest flying uh whoop. There is folks i’ve, never never seen an eight minute flight time on a whoop ever some of you out there have you ever seen eight minutes of flight time well, coming up on nine now on a whoop huh, i didn’t think it would be possible. You know carrying a camera around on something this tiny and uh flying for nine minutes now, okay, three point: four volts: i got ta watch that voltage i’ll, probably better slow down about 3.3 um. I did fly this previously folks. I have to admit that and uh there is little voltage, sag it’s, not much, but i got to believe the voltage so i’m going to call it twits at about 3.3 volts because it drops fast after 3.3. You know three point: you know: 2.2 goes down to 2.9, just like that, so, okay, 3.3 we’re, going to call it quits here, we’re just going to hover for a bit i’m, bringing it over, keeping it real close to the pad to the final portion. Here i want to see if i can make the 10 minutes of flight time. Is it possible and there’s my shirt again? Oh there we go coming back to the bed and disarming, so that is the little bob light. Seven one of the um, if not the most efficient microwork there is.

I like this drone folks, it’s very nice. I mean how long it can fly and it flies reasonably. You know it’s got a lot of punch i’d, really want to take this outdoors when the weather clears up so hope. You enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.