Cine8 85 millimeter cinewoop – and this is a diy. Do it yourself build kit? I did a build video already, which i released on my channel, i think last week. So if you want to know how to put this together, go check out that video it’ll be linked down in the description. This is actually pretty easy to build because there’s no soldering involved, if you’re going to be using the versions that have the built in receiver and even if you have the ones that come with the receiver, i think it’s already. Those receivers should already be soldered. Pre soldered from the factory, although i don’t, have those orders. I can’t completely confirm that, but they’ve told me that um there should be no soldering involved and you can see all the parts and everything that are included in the build now since that video. I did add these two parts here for mounting my naked gopro and so there’s. This part here, which i printed in pla and this is actually meant for a smoke 4k camera. But i decided not to use this no 4k camera because i wanted to use the naked gopros. So i printed this part here and this parts from bfpv for their 95 xb3, which is for the small 4k camera. But this mount fits that basically, where the smoke 4k camera would mount. So i printed this in tpu. I printed this in pla. This part, you can get from the happy model website and then this part here you can get from the beta 95x v3 product page is at the very bottom of the page.

If you want to look for the link for that, i’ll link those down in the description as well, so this is a pretty nice little combination. You can get these parts and just print them out, uh pla, for this one and tpu for this one and worked out pretty good now i didn’t do any soldering to power the naked gopher because i’m, just using my diy don’t solder power solution here and i Made a video on how to do that, where i’m, just using the balance, leads to power the nikki gopro from the ballot from the battery, so i’ll link that video in the description as well. If you’re wondering how to you know basically utilize all these components on this particular cinema without having to solder any parts to the flight controller, you can just use this little power. Adapter solution i made and uh you do get a 3s 450 tattoo is included in the kit, so it’s a pretty decent price for everything you get battery um. You get all the parts to build this and it’s about a hundred and ten dollars. I believe so. It’S not a bad deal for everything, that’s included, in fact that you’re going to get a flight controller that has a built in receiver. So the parts in here you know again, you can watch the build video if you want more details on all the parts, because everything is obviously fully built here, but you got uh 1202.

5 8 000 kv motors. You have these gem fan uh four related two inch. Propellers uh the bottom plate here is one millimeters, and then you have another plate here for the flight controller that’s one millimeter, the cadx nano camera, a pretty nice camera. You have a 25 to 400 milliwatt video transmitter. All these are happen, model parts and they have this. I think it’s called the crazy bf4 version 3.1 and um. This has a built in uh flight controller and 401 esc it’s, a 12 amp 400 hdbles, and this have a built in freesky, spi receiver with uh. Two detachable diversity antennas and you can see those coming off the back here. These are the antennas for the receiver and then you have the antenna for the video transfer coming out the back light here and i did have to mount my battery sideways. But if you want, you can go forward and backwards as well. Xd30 for your battery connection, there’s a buzzer connection in there and an extra connector for um external receiver. If you don’t want to use the built in receiver – and of course i mentioned the parts here for mounting the naked gopro and that’s pretty much it, the the frame itself is the carbon plates, and then you have this tpu. Basically, prop guard slash ducts here that basically comprises the frame, and then you have this foam that goes on the outside. That kind of holds everything everything together, but it is, you know, somewhat flexy, but it’s so light it doesn’t really make that much of a a big impact in terms of flight characteristics for the um, basically from the flexing and you’ll see that in the video i’ll Show you, the uh i’ll, actually link the raw footage from the fva camera.

The analog footage. You can’t really see that much jello or vibration at all, with the default tune that comes on the flight controller and i didn’t change any of these settings and then, of course the gopro footage is a stabilized. Real, steady, go, looks totally smooth and flawless as usual. So and if you’re looking for, like a nice, really simple x, uh indoor type of cinnabup solution for your nikki gopro, this is probably a pretty good way to go. It’S, nice and light. You got these nice foam bumpers for indoor use, it’s not going to mark up your walls. It is going to have somewhat limited flight time compared to my three inch. You know ultra light cinema setup on this 3s 450. I was getting roughly 4 minutes of flight time something of this battery. I think on a 3s 450, i think that was a 2s 450 on the 3 inch setup uh. I was getting something like six minutes of flight time, so significantly more flight than because they have much bigger props and the weight is actually a little bit less. So you know if you still get four minutes not too bad on this overall setup here with the 3s 450, and this doesn’t really weigh that much but go ahead and show you how much everything weighs. So this is the drone without a battery with the mounts for the naked gopro and we’re coming in here at see here, 78.

6 grams and then with the 3s 450, bring that up to 119.3 and then with the naked gopro and power adapter 152.3 anyway.