What are we doing today? Today, we are going to fly like a real bird ooh. Yes, so we have the go, go bird today to check out with you guys. Yes, we want to thank han von for gifting this to us. We are super excited. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very excited, so we’re gon na take a quick look at some of the features it has for you guys um it’s, going to do an altitude hold. Oh, we have a circle mode. Slash! U turn! Okay, six access sensor, which means it has six little sensors around its body: oh wow, yep, okay, um. It has the autonomous obstacle avoidance. That is a key, so it doesn’t look that yeah like yourself flying. Yes, you don’t fly into a tree or something yeah um. A 2.4 gigahertz frequency, okay, led a signal indicator, okay and then fly like a real bird that’s. What i’m excited i know so? Here’S the packaging it’s, absolutely gorgeous. Yes, you know um. We have some information right here on the side, some more on this side. Just disclaimers and whatnot, this is the side that i just read to you guys with all of our little features: yeah and then on the back. We have a picture of what the actual bird looks like um with the little remote right here, and then we also have the color indicator of what bird’s inside, as well as technical information we’re going to post that for you right here on the screen here somewhere Over there yep the front side has all of our accessories um the egg that’s going to come with that’s, really really cool, but let’s go ahead and let’s open it up.

Okay, let’s open it up, yeah, okay, so here we go yes, okay, there we have the instructions and whatnot wow. I can’t it’s beautiful it’s gorgeous yeah. It looks like a phoenix, it does look like a phoenix yes, so i was just thinking. Yellow the picture on the back is a little more yellow than this is. This is a little more orange and red, and it looks just like a phoenix we’re. Gon na have to name this fox, oh harry potter, yeah beautiful name. I can get like folks yeah from harry potter, yep, so we’re going to grab that real quick. Yes, so we have our controller. Okay is a one. You know one handed joystick type controller. We have a couple of functions right here that we’re going to get into on our test flight. This is our little joystick to actually control it. Okay, pretty simple! So this does require two aaa batteries: um that can go, go back here, not included that’s, pretty standard yep, pretty standard um, but then yeah all the buttons they’re they’re labeled. So once you know what each one does you just can look and see and then, as you get more comfortable with it, you just know: okay, very, very cool. It also comes with a screwdriver. Oh so you can do your own little repairs, it’s a mini flathead. I love that yeah. I love it too, so you know you can tamper with anything that needs to be fixed inside as well as anything that may or may not need to be fixed in the controller.

This is a wonderful addition to have this tool. Oh yeah yep and then we have our lithium battery. This battery goes inside your bird okay and then the usb charger for said battery. Oh wow, yeah, okay, so this is something you can just take out. You don’t have to plug the whole bird in you. Just take whatever it takes: okay, very little space, very, very, very cool. Okay. Now taking a look at what we’re all here for the bird first of all aesthetically, i want to say that the the weight it’s so light yeah, i mean it’s. It would almost take off from my hand if it were going it just it. It’S very buoyant i’m, really pleased with how it looks, though it looks beautiful. I love it. The only thing that i would change on this or add to it, not change but add to it just acidically – is a cover on the body now tad was telling me that perhaps this is this way for air to flow through it, to give it more buoyancy. As well as to be light, light yeah, yep super super light brain. I was thinking as a solution to put a wrap around it like a very thin wrap like this, the sort of plasticky uh wing to do the same thing but put little holes in it. Like sometimes you’ll see a sign in a window and you can’t really see inside, you can see the sign, but from the inside of the window you can see out perfectly because it has all these little punched holes right like a grid, and perhaps they could do That um, but it would have been nice to have seen a covered body but we’ll see how it flies.

I mean it is beautiful yeah and these tails these feathers. They are just. It is a joy it’s done so well, so we have the double wing system. That’S, i think really really cool we’ll see that in action once we start flying like a hummingbird i’m, not really sure exactly how it works: okay, okay, yeah um so and then we have our little head, which is beautifully decorated yeah. So we are super excited to check this out. Yes, so let’s go outside all right guys. Here we are outside, as you can clearly see in our local park. Yes, not too crowded. So hopefully, we’ll have plenty of room and won’t bother anybody. Um we’re gon na open this up and yes give it a go. We already showed you all the insides everything it comes with so we’re gon na get to flying so excited let’s go let’s, do it. We have our bird on. We have our remote set to auto for our attempt here we go push our trigger button to get our wings flapping, and then you just toss it and there it goes left and right turns it left and right up makes it go forward down, makes it go Backwards or maybe lower the altitude, you can do dive tricks by turning the wings off and turn them back on so that’s a prime example of what happens when your battery dies, so our battery and our bird died. We have been flying for about 10, 15 minutes or so so we’re gon na do a quick change of the battery super super simple and then we’re gon na test out the uh manual mode, which gives us a little bit more freedom to kind of do what We want with the bird so let’s change the battery right back let’s.

Do it so here’s our battery. You just pull it out like so and kind of just wiggle it around to the side so that it can come out like that. Now what’s really cool about the battery. Is you see this little notch right here? It actually lines up with the notch right here on the battery and on the charger. So that’s really really cool feature we’re going to grab our new battery follow our notch guidelines. So you just pop it in place, follow your guidelines, like so i’m, ready to start flying again. Let’S do it so when you first turn your remote on it does automatically put you in automatic mode. So if you push this power button, once your little light will turn blue and that will put you in manual mode that’s, how you know which mode you’re in on your remote. So this also has a function apparently where we can just toss it and it should start flapping we’re going to give that a try, let’s see how that goes. So that did nothing so i don’t know if it’s, probably user error but we’re gon na do it. The best way that i know how – and that is just to simply hit your trigger button it’s, so simple, it’s, so simple, then you toss it and then you go. The other part is flying now, let’s see if the the control buttons work. Okay, so the the turning buttons do work to make it do its automatic tricks.

Let’S see the figure eight. This is a figure eight. So not only does the board button make it go forward in the in in direction, it also makes it go higher in the air, and the opposite is true for the down button. Let me get it back up, so why you guys are watching this fly. I’Ll talk a little bit about it. The only difference really between manual mode and auto mode is that auto mode has the obstacle avoidance automatically installed. It will not run into a tree, it will turn on its own around this thing is so satisfying to fly around. I love the little dropy swoop thing it can do. Is that butterfly flying with it wow? I did in fact. Yes, that was really cool that’s the coolest move right there. I love it, especially like it’ll glide. It live on its own. Do we have it on auto mode right now, nope, oh we’re, fighting to win we’re fighting. Okay, all right! We were fighting to win there, all right guys. That was it for our flight time today. So why don’t we go inside and give you our final thoughts. Let’S go all right guys. Here we are back inside the studio. We absolutely had a blast flying this. This was some amazing fun seriously. This was great. We don’t really have any complaints. Our only con for this is the flight time now they do tell you from the start that the batteries last about eight to ten minutes of flight time right uh.

Oh, we did a test flight in the house, not a good idea by the way, no not recommended yeah, but carlos was like obsessed with it he’s following around around yes yeah, so he’s gon na lay down right there, so it’s a very rare moment that carlos Approves the toy – and he came up here with one accord, so that says he really likes this. He saw what we were doing. He was like. Oh i want to. I want to get to that. Yes, this is definitely carlos approved, but back to the batteries yeah. It comes with two you take, both of them out they’re, fully charged once your first one dies, right, switch them out and you can charge the second one and put in the all charged up battery and keep going yep. So, as long as you have a portable usb charger, you can charge your first battery while you’re flying with your second battery right and then just keep switching them back and forth, and you can really extend how long you’re out there there’s a really quick recharge time. Right very, very quick yeah, so that was a plus. It was awesome, so we definitely had a lot of fun. We’Re gon na go back out and do it again yeah. We 100 percent recommend this. This it’s a strong recommend it’s a must, have yeah yeah yeah. It was, it was great. I would fly it every single day if time permitted.

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