While I think we got a 40 minute flight time, so we can just chat for a while before we get off, did you have to raise gates hanging from an altar extra, a 33 inch pump machine and what this looks so gosh Music that was so sick? New wing still live sort of the battery got knocked off. If I hope you have more batteries, I have two more and you just fix these with glue. I hear so so fun. I got this one perfect shot. I was going, I didn't know you were behind me and I go and I do a half front flip through the gate and I just hold looking back at it and as I'm. Looking at it, you you, I think, you'll know if you went through it or you crashed into it, but either way. I'M perfect, we're, gon na fly this through the gates now we've flown little quads through the gates. Now, we're gon na fly a bigger quad through the gate. The catalyst machine works Tasmanian. This is their beast class, quad 575 millimeters it's like x class, but smaller I'm excited for this one and I always turn it upside down. When I push in case you know, I mean it never has, and hopefully it never will, but Music go for it. I wish I had less up til. I got this though you got this. The gates are so much bigger relative to my props.

Oh my god. I'M really impressed you flipped it flips. The easy part: oops miss miss the flips, the easy part, because it happens after you go through well, if it's turning now, so you probably got one or two more Music I'm bringing in drew. I want you to trippy spin. This no bees class trippy yeah, okay, I'm gon na sit down. He asked for it. I can't believe how fast this thing: flips it's just stupid. You think we're on a safe distance here, yeah whoa, oh okay! Then what happened? Oh! No! It just what happened! It'S! Just different, it is different hold on watch yourself. Oh yeah, yeah control, you're in control. Are you in control, yeah yeah we'll be go ahead. Look like a no it's got lines dude it climbs. You'Re freaking me out a little bit I'm freaking out a little bit. You got it, you got it, you got it, you got it, you got it beast class! Trippy spin. Do you got it? You got it. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh it's, Caird spirit bucket. Now, oh these glutes trippy spin at ulta. Are we trippy spin? An altar with a beast class: Oh, can you land it? Are you freaking out just yeah you, like super I'm, just gon na set it down at someone's, hover it just hover and it sits down real easy. You got it. Oh it wasn't a clean one. I know isn't it clean on, but the stakes are so much higher.

It'S you're just it's a ball. I know how to do this move right, but if I screw it up, it's gon na hurt so bad yeah they fly different mm. Hmm was it that, was it different it well, you know, I think, it's actually more function of you're up tilt I'm. Actually, a fly lower up tilt so I'm calibrated for doing trippy, spins yeah that I use a lot of throttle gotcha and the thing is high in my friend idea, and you have more of like a classic Maddie stunts angle. It'S it's, like catalyst machine works, sent me this up too right. They have it up tilted for racing. So what was crazy is when I was doing that trippy spin. My throttle is not even 50 yeah, so my trippy spins, but I feel like the dial in so I had to dial it back and I was still climbing up and I'm, like I'm climbing towards the altar that's. What I freaked out was like, if he's close to the altar, then I know he's not about to hit the ground cuz that's. What goes wrong with a trippy spin right lose altitude right, but if you hit the altar that's, also try back Applause, Music Applause, let's pack, that's better we got the good thing is about Daniels. Last pack is really like four rounds for us Music. Thank you watching this. Is there one? The best episodes are good right, yeah go check out.

Our cheat us play. Thank You, pre flight systems for bringing us out here and allowing us to do this stuff, of course, link in the description to Paul's channel, because he does all this crazy, citt, whoop, stuff and he's always a blast to have. In fact, we did a build video with his DJI Cinna whoop, and you can check that out, yeah and I'd like to say thanks to you guys for coming out, because this was much better than my average worth it.