Why are you flying the drone in our yard? Excuse me: why are you flying the drone in our backyard? So who are you im a police officer? I think youre flying the drain yeah back yard over there? Oh yeah yeah. You can see it yeah, yeah yeah. Why are you doing that wanted to do it? You wanted to do it yeah. You know, theres a good idea: finding a police station thats a nice day for it. It is a nice day for it. But why are you doing it in our backyard? Just wanted to do it its okay? Well, not! Really! No youre, okay, bring it back. No its going to stay up hes going to stay up. Is it yeah? Why yeah theres, no law that uh prohibits me doing that? Well, there is were going over private property. I think its a really good idea flying over security. Why would you say that well did you as soon as i walked up, you turn on your little camera. There yeah for my protection and your protection. Okay! Is there anything else? I can do for you why its not its, not a crime. I would expect you to arrest me if you thought it was a crime im just being irritating to to get a reaction. Music. You see that Music, Music Music drone in the car park, who are you, im a police officer that works here? Okay? Can you remove the drone from the car park? Please, property? Oh, is it? Yes, it is.

Oh im, sorry whats, third whats, the issue, its private property. You shouldnt have a drone flight, the airspace isnt private. What would you might identify yourself properly, like you just showed me a thing: yeah whats, your name caller number. Oh, my color numbers on there. My names on there, its not very professional, is it okay, im a detective constable, sophie crafton, two, seven, six, five, seven yeah just put it in the fence, yeah buying it within a certain distance for the building offenses. No, i dont need to land it at all. Its under 250 grams so that uh no use doesnt apply its a toy im 100 sure its, not right, and you also youre flying over people as well yeah, i know yeah i can. I can fly it as close as i like its not defensive arrest me. Then you can arrest him all right, arrest me, then its definitely not an offence, its under 250 grams. I dont need to prove anything. No, i dont need to prove my innocence. Remove it no im not going to remove it. No and its not an offense by the way, so i would make sure youre 100 clear on the legislation. Okay, would you like to go speak to my management? Then you do whatever you want to do Music well see about that was there more of you. Sorry is there more of you, which means youve already been yeah, who spoke with you Music anyway? What can i do for you? Okay, apparently youve been flying a drone yeah within the lane, okay yeah, why have you been doing that its a nice day for it? Okay, would you identify yourself, please well, im a police officer? Okay, would you mind identifying yourself yeah, im sergeant white from days of our lives, inspector clancy, hello, okay, wheres, the drone at the moment and leave me alone im not doing anything wrong, no im not going to leave you alone.

I want to know what youre doing you dont need to know. Anything youve got whether youve got oh there. It is whether youve got a license for that. I dont need a license. Are you certain about that im 100 sure its a toy? I dont need to explain anything to you to be fair. Okay. Well, i dont need to prove my innocence. Am i being detained because im gon na go um im, not asking you to prove you anything well, i dont need to answer any questions. Do i find a drawing within police premises yeah i can do that. You can do that. Can you yeah? Are you absolutely excited 100? So you dont really know what youre talking about shouldnt. You come in here like trying to give directives and stuff im not giving directives, no, but some other women that were trying to tell me to land it and stuff. So other lady was trying to tell me to land it and stuff. So i havent told you to land it all right. I dont need to answer any more questions. I dont need to leave ill put a battery and its going to go back up. Youre telling me youve got a right to be here. Ive got a right to be here. I work here, which is a bit odd, isnt it. What is it a bit odd to find a drawing within the rear? Why do you not think my free wall, cracked, our attention its my free wall? Is it you dont have any jurisdiction unless you suspect the offence has been committed and you dont have any restrictions im, not asking you to leave im, just saying that there might be a better use of your time with that im not committing an offence, though you Can watch me do it Music, you might want to stand back.

Take off the home point has been updated. Please check it on the map. Music ulti tooth zone reacts this isnt a restricted airspace. I didnt know about airspaces Music. What can i possibly do with the drone? I could do that with my phone as well, and i can legally do that too. Stop me walking around until i know um Music, anything else. I can help you with or youre just going to stand around just going to stand around there yeah same as you its not very good use of the time. Is it really well ill? Give you that youll be the judge of that yeah? No, not not a taxpayer cant be the judge of that taxes as well. You dont pay tax. I dont pay. You pay tax on tax anyway, i dont pay tax, okay, not in the same way, not in the same way. So i dont get taxed on my earnings as soon as you do you do, but you pay tax on attacks so that doesnt really make sense talking about our pay tax with tax, i pay taxes, you do. I pay income tax. Why do i? How is that different from what you pay tax on, because my salary isnt paid for by taxpayers? Okay? Why does that make any difference? Oh youre right it doesnt it doesnt. I shouldnt have said anything so sargon. If you rule it like theres, not really a lot that you can do, ive done my research.

I havent. I havent said that you cant fly its just a bit odd like. Why are you just standing around? Would you not think its? What would you think if we came to a police station and started filming within the police station? Do you not think it would be a little bit odd if the officers didnt come out and say what are you doing all right? Well, youve asked theres nothing that you can do about it so like. What are you going to stand here and watch me? Do that, because i want to at the moment, because im interested to know what youre doing, what does it look like? What does it look like im doing, it looks like youre up to dog good that youre filming its, not the sort of thing that people do on a daily basis. Is it oh? Is it its the first time for everything absolutely? Is there somebody coming up Music? Carry on mate, unfortunately, um im, not okay, with all the uh. Neither am i air space stuff, but i i think you can fly drone around if you want to. Thank you very much inspector, so i think we should sleep with that. Take the orders Music. You know he wants to stand around so if its, if its not an order, though interested in what youre doing all right well me and the sergeant will just stand around. If you want to go about your day, then then youre more than welcome to i suggest yeah ill leave you to it all right.

Take care guys, Music, all right! I think that will do go home. All right.