, Its an indescribable feeling.. Something has happened. The world. … feels different. I’m, not sure. I know how to explain. It. There is a strangeness that has come over me.. You know when you can sense someone staring at you from behind your back. The hair stands up on the back of your neck. You’re being followed …, But there is no one there. That feeling never really goes away. Now.. Those hunter drones are out. Again. Mask I’ve calculated a 29 increase in drone activity. Mask Currently 9 drones in the area. Mask They’re operating on an unlicensed frequency. Mask 915MHz I’ve got an idea. Lets see. If we can pick up any signals. They’re communicating on some LoRa Network.. Can we decode it Uh Oh.? Do you hear that Thats … Not good., Drone Alarm, Beeping Yep? Well, the drone just picked up on our signal and is self destructing.. Well … We’re in it now …. This drone is fried. No. Literally., Its cooked inside here.. I think some incendiary device went off., Luckil y, whoever built these sucked at making the self destruct feature. And honestly … They’re, pretty basic. Off the shelf flight controller. With what I can only imagine is some custom firmware., Some GPS.. I could have done better. Here. Let me connect you up. See if you can recover any data. While I see if any of these parts are … Recoverable. Mask Done., What Mask No encryption plain text list of confirmed locations.

Mask Its almost like. They wanted us to find it. Sending now. Alright., Send away. Wait Number Four. I know this place.. I know this place all too well. … Da Another downed drone. Hope that wasn’t, the signal I’m following. Mask Its dead. Basically, scrap at this point. Must be on the right. Track. Signals getting stronger. Increasing Beeping. Why would it bring me here of all places. Its too coincidental. End of the line. Should be right. Here. Should be right. On top of it. Mask Look down. Oh.. I didn’t write that. Chime, Congratulations. What is that? Do you here that Chime quotCongratulationsquot Chime, quotCongratulationsquot Felix. Felix What … Mask Industries. Mask? I don’t get the reference. Loud Click Booting Sounds That just did something. Whoa Mask Appears to be a human input. Device., Oh cool, like a button Mask, I didn’t say: button. Friendly Chime, quotDNA SAMPLE COLLECTEDquot, quotANALYZINGquot, quotANALYSIS, COMPLETEquot Old, Felix, the Cat Intro Playing quotFelix, the cat, … quot Theme Playing Theme Playing, Okay. Ill, admit it.. That was weird. Even by my standards. And to top it off. I already got my play: button. My actual play, button. Two weeks ago., I can’t tell you where any of this came from. or even what any of it means.. But I can tell you one thing: ….