How can i do for you? Ah, you know why im staffing you as well? No, what did i do? No, no guesses! No! I have no idea what it what what you stopping for im, stopping you for running a couple traffic violations back there run a couple. Stop signs and uh, you know, speed a little bit more things to worry about in the world and some stop signs speeding violations but isnt that my job isnt it your your job to write parking tickets, its a plan where youre parked exactly you got your license On you depends on how yeah do you need your license on every traffic stop, unfortunately, im pretty lenient when it comes to stuff. Like this, i like to tell people to slow down but well see you see, i dont have my id on me personally. Last name its john doe, john doe, okay, he doesnt realize he just gave him the unidentified male name, all righty john uh. How old would you say you are uh, 26. 26, all right. What ima do i dont know how this card is registered to about 68. Other people, what ima do im gon na give you a warning all right, slow down and stop with your staff sign: okay, im gon na pull that guy over that just went 80 past me: hey! You want to see something cool, not really. I dont really trust it theres. A lot of things that have been going around today see something else thats cool hold on hold on on.

I got some else what its honking by itself – yeah isnt, it isnt that cool, but okay, check this out check this out check this out. No, i dont really want to take okay, man, thats, so cool. I didnt want it to drive backwards. Uh see what else i can do. Music open this menu come on drive forward. What is going on come on piece of crap piece of crap drive forward piece of. Why is the siren keep turning on come on? What the? What the, how the doors opening drive forward this stupid, hack, select, hack, drive forward straight forward, drive forward this piece of crap hell no drive forward. Are you doing this huh? No, of course not this yeah, it seems like you are. You said you want to see something cool and then this happens. I hold on its not working hold on reboot. It whats, not working uh. Nothing come on you piece of crap yeah. You should move, oh my god, oh ah, Music, what the this stupid heck. 502. My patrol vehicle just rammed a suspect, 960 uh uh lets i wow that wasnt supposed to happen. Uh uh, oh my god, hey im late for a family dinner egg hes stressed hes stressed about it. Hes not gon na get fired Music, oh my god. The flames Music hes like yeah thats, my car, this big smoke, Music, hey man, you want to see something really: cool yeah, uh, uh, sure whats up yeah, yeah, dude yeah check this out right check this out: oh okay, what the oh yo im im, the phantom! All right, dont forget the name, the phantom yeah im, the fan.

What does that mean? What does that mean? Dont worry about it, oh jesus. What what is that yeah hold on hold on man? Is that some sort of code or something? What is that im gon na show you something really cool all right: oh okay, just check this out check this out and thats okay in this sheet. Now, oh, what the no my car! What howd you do that man thats so cool? Oh, oh! Oh! Oh all! Right uh, i dont, i dont think my insurance covers hacks. Okay, can you make it do a drift uh? Oh wait! Why is it not responding? Stop spawning? Oh? Oh, my god! No now respawning. What did you do to my car? Oh okay? Why is it not responding this stupid come on this stupid thing? Might do the thing? What is it doing come on phone? My phone? Oh crap, whered, my phone go. I dont care about your phone, my car. Whatever i need my phone bro, i im not the phantom without my phone. What wheres my phone? Your phone just hits the ride with my car. Oh, we got ta go get it. Oh jesus run theres my phone, its on the passenger seat. Oh grab my phone. I got ta grab my no get over here. Oh god, phone! I need my phone. I need my phone. I got my phone here we go. This is stupid. Freaking thing come on, come on disable disable.

Oh crap uh this that wasnt supposed to happen. Oh god, whatd you do to just having the police blame the dude all right. I almost got caught back there i got ta become bigger than overlord. Phantoms got ta become the next brain name. What can i hack make a name for myself fbi, maybe just like overlord, did. Okay, all right all right that worked lets see Music, hello. Sir. What can i help you? Oh oh geez. You scared the bejesus out of me, hi, im, just uh im here to evaluate the the pipes of this building. All right. Im gon na need some im gon na need to see some official documentation, official documentation and im gon na need you to take that mask off as well. Sorry, i i cant im kind of sick well, its very simple. Either you take off that mask and show us documents, or we have you arrested, arrested for what this is a federal building. You cannot be in here without proper documentation and your face needs to be revealed all right. Sorry, can you understand our concern, sir yeah ill leave. Im. Sorry, Music, is that the governors limousine wait a minute phantom hacking, the governors limousine, the beast: okay, okay, all right! This is this. Is the next big breakthrough for phantom see if i can log into this thing: okay, Music, hey buddy! What are you doing? What are you doing out here? Buddy, i im just im just doing nothing just taking some pictures.

Why are you taking pictures of our cars? This is a cool vehicle. Okay. Is that thing bulletproof uh classified well, listen! Im! Sorry! Hey! Can i get another agent out here right now by this fence? Asap, oh god, more agents out here? Is there a problem yeah we might possibly have a problem. You were out here taking pictures its a cool limousine whats the deal i cant have you taking pictures im. I just look like such a weirdo cant be taking pictures hey. This guy was out here taking pictures of the cars whats wrong with those taking pictures of the cars its very concerning that youre taking pictures of our car. Sir. Sorry, sorry yo guys what stinks over here all right. Well, i i got a family dinner to run to so uh. I guess: okay, sir family youre telling me you have a family smelling like that. What kind of joke is that? What are you trying to say? What are you trying to say about me? Im phantom youre, making fun of phantom all right one day, youre gon na know phantom okay, actually im helping you trust me take a shower. I guarantee at least one lady will look at you screw you all right, sir nice shoes look like a pigeon on them. Those screws are, sir, you have a great day, everybody, whatever Music come on, everyones gon na know phantom i used to look up to overlord, but now phantom is gon na be way, bigger and way better.

This is quite an experience. Not gon na lie yeah. Unfortunately, we cant have anyone seen the passenger seat of this beast. The seats broken. What the hell does the dude sit on the floor for the beast agent? Why are you sitting in front of my legs agents? I feel like i have a strong chance of winning re election theres, so much possibility for me being the governor. Well best of luck, sir. Oh theres game show auditions lets, go there: okay, ill post postal 680, 680, all right the whole convoys leaving Music all right. Phantoms gon na be making his attack on the uh governors beast limousine over here. Phantom definitely looked up to overlord for a period of time, but now phantom wants to be the new overlord and hes up against a lot of odds here. So, okay, just in case this seems like white area, have all agents look spread out and search the area, make sure theres no threats. Yes, sir. Every time i go out, i feel like i got. Another assassination attempt need all of you to go check. Theres, a lot of threats going on lately. Have you seen the one time all right, sir? Im gon na step out real quick just to make sure everythings, okay, Music? What the hell someone? What is that Music? Oh my god! The piece is going on a freaking driving rampage: god did it? Oh yeah, what the hell are? You hey man, phantom here, bro yo, whats up gordy mozzie in the limo yo im family.

I am very worried. It seems like you might be kidnapping me, but also close your door. I care about your safety as well geez. What are you trying to do with me? Are you one of those assassins? No, no. I mean i mean i could kill you later, but you know i probably wouldnt. Do that im controlling this thing remotely right now wait. You are how the hell did you do that? Oh you know little tricks. I learned over the years. Oh man, i cant believe it. I cant believe i sabotaged the governors beast. Oh, my goodness, the man phantom is gon na, be oh whoa whoa. If youre going to kidnap me at least, do it more properly, i dont want any more city damage. I im im. Still kind of learning here a lot. What do you mean youre, still learning you decide to test it out. Im, the governor yeah man, of course, listen im a little drop in the water right now, im trying to get that splash and look at your friends are here. Listen, you probably know overlord everyone in the city does, but nobody knows phantom and phantom phantom wants attention. Okay, oh gosh, mr phantom, sir. Please dont do anything reckless! You seem like a nice young lad. You have a bright future about a few inside prison bars. Of course, since you keep that see what else this bad boy can do, this thing goes someone help me.

Do you think ive done hit, help hey, hey a governor man? Hey do you know if i got guns in this thing, not really they usually bring their own guns. I beat them and i have something in the back, but youd have to get out and im pretty sure, theyd shoot you outside. They have no idea what phantoms sending in right. Now i dont negotiate with cyber terrorists like the terrorists, i cant believe im a cyber terrorist. Now i, in a single day, i have now ranked up the basically overlord status. Oh, my goodness, not necessarily. Yes, i have you just called me: a cyber terrorist, oh yeah, ill alert you some crazy thats. What im doing here, governor dont you get it im. Getting that guess! Wait a second! Why am i having a casual conversation with you, youre kidnapping me, but phantom is gon na, be a household name by the end of the week? Wait. Why are you taking me whats going on here? What the heck this stupid car wont move anywhere? Oh my, why did it drive here? Why is it stopping i dont know, but thank you. Jesus no shut your mouth governor of the car. If they arrest me, a domino effect is gon na happen to the city. Im unlocked ill say to you: im, not even hungry, for dominoes right now, no, not like that. A domino effect hey get out bro i dont play with dominos buddy start the car, but why is the engine dead start? The car roll do something? No! No! No! No you back off back off.

All of you back off. If you arrest me a series of bad events like a domino effects, gon na happen, you understand you cant touch me, you get it you cant back off. I need a car and im getting out of here. Otherwise, bad things are gon na happen, Music, Music. What the was that? What did you do? I told you: what did you do? Phantom has a lot in store for this city whos phantom. What is battles me? Im fan oh youre, going to jail you better. Let me go more. Damage is going to happen better. Let me go there here. Take him its beautiful look up im, not look up im not being like dumb here, but i think you should maybe let go. Oh thats, a plane, hey guys, hes, not joking, you guys know hes, not joking, oh my god, freaking drones, striking around put them in there, get them inside. One of these, you know who i am do you know who i am im phantom, that plane up there. Thats me, i got a whole swarm in them. You understand you, let me go and that plane will disappear. No more damage to the city. I go to your phone. Well, ive got your phone, so you aint, gon na do drive, drive, drive, drive, yeah, yeah, better. Let me go right now: oh yeah, ‘9, look it look behind you! Look behind you! Let me go now. Let me go.

We blow up youre gon na blow up with us, so thats. What i do guys. I dont like this. Oh youre in the world of pain, listen hes not going to kill himself into yourself. All right lets see whats in your phone, those Music. Those handcuffs are not very nice. They hurt my hands. You know they really hurt my hands. All right, listen, listen! Whats! Your name, my names bill bill all right bill, listen bill. Im, gon na need my phone back and youre gon na have to let me go oh whoa or what hey you all good? Do you not just see the drone scouring this guy uh? This guy says hes gon na blow up the whole state. If you dont know, listen man im giving you a chance here to save every woman, child and family in this entire state. Okay! Well, just i can make it easy for you yeah ill, make it easy for you. I wont decimate the city. I will not completely burn it down to the absolute core. If you give me my phone and let me go right now, all right weve got someone thats a bit higher up for me to do with you. Okay, this, the guy that launched the predator drone at us yeah. The name is phantom. You should get to know it since overlord isnt around anymore nice to meet you what what should go whats my goal to achieve glo, a global name for myself, i mean remember when overlord took over this city about a year ago he became a poster child of The hacking community, his name, is everywhere, t shirts, mugs everything and who am i im phantom? I want to be the next overlord.

You got to give me my phone and let me go ive already received what i needed give me my phone back after i tried to help you hes trying to be like the guy, who, i think, blew up the ship with drones last year by uh, trying To uh strike back or whatever hello im, making a name for myself its like a dog peeing over another dogs, pee its my territory, its my time for this city im phantom. Now let me go, i dont like being in bars, i im kind of claustrophobic. Listen. I hear your units over there sounding like theyre panicking. Why dont you just make it easy. Give me my phone unlock the cell ill walk out. You wont see me again. I got one i needed. I stirred enough in overlords little sandbox here yeah. If i could meet overlord man id rattle here, i might be a screw up of a hacker, but man, oh man, i know some stuff. Oh, was there a little that go in the turns yeah? He was he screwed that up too overlord is nothing but a joke come on. Let me go. What are we waiting for here? Are we waiting for the president to excuse me hes waiting for you waiting for the governor to pardon me, i didnt lay a hand on the governor okay. I just wanted to demonstrate what i could do and i was also testing my new hack, which phantom 5.

0 is doing great. You know i dont need any other assistance. Software developers to help me anymore. Phantom is completely self offerable. I can do this myself. I dont need anybody now youre gon na learn to get the fbi. The national guard of the united states secret service on your back is that whats that your plan whats, that i mean thats, fine, a little notoriety. It comes with a job title. You know global hacker, so you do you just want your name on the t shirt. Is that right? So you listen you better. Let me go right now, or those drones up in the sky are gon na flatten this city and kill everybody in here. You understand. I thought id be out of jail by now. How did overlord get out so damn fast, you got ta, let him go or hes gon na blow the whole silly, including us stand. I was there. He drone striked at me as well, when i shot at him. Yeah federal u.s marshal is a federal um. I dont think theres any in state thats. The thing hello, hey, hey, hello, listen hello! You want to give me my phone. Give me my phone. Oh, do you want those explosions to stop? Why dont you get me my phone right now get me my phone. I wont even ask to be out of the cage, yet just give me my phone explosions. I personally want to let you go so good.

Look at me, im gon na need training. Can i have my phone this thing right here, yeah that thing right there yeah thats my phone right there dont. Let them go near that phone. Yet all right give me my phone. Do you want the explosions to stop? Give me my phone, i cant hand over, give me my phone right now. Music. Do you want more people to die? Give me my phone. Thank you. Give me my phone back guys. Is he meant alone? Hey, hey guys, you always seem really cool, hey guys. You seem cool. You come in this cell im gon na blow up this building, dont go in the sound dont come in this cell. This is phantoms little spot here, okay. So what do i do you just youre gon na stay right there? Okay, no youre not gon na. Take you tase me bad things are going to happen, Music, no, that wasnt supposed to happen stupid, freaking phone. What the whats wrong with my phone, what the phone! You have no idea what it is, at least on the city fake, ass overlord you didnt do phantom is the new face of this city thats. What kind of looked here phantom is gon na own this city? What are you looking at me? Your technology is based off of our stolen technology, youre, the fake phantom im, not the fake phantom. I am phantom. Why do they call you because im a ghost they cant ever see me they dont know who i am a ghost is nothing compared to it.

You give me my phone back, give me my phone back. You want to be with us, youre, not even overlord. I bet i bet my life youre, not overlord. By some fake ass dinosaur hacker. He found moms computer. He patched a little exploit. I had running, listen! Aaron boy go get me, my phone give bam his phone back, or what do you not remember the drones outside you didnt do to this building. No still such things a firewall of a building, i think the guy youre trying to um make fun of a bee. Is kinda bullying you gon na show you give me my phone right now, several innocent, i dont, think youre the real overlord. No, i think, youre a fake, i think youre living in moms basement and you just happen to patch my exploit. You freaking loser and if i saw you whoever the hell you are at the end of the end of the income im gon na kick your ass, pretend to be overlord. Listen im better than overlord phantom is gon na, be way bigger and better hes gon na rule this town with an iron fist: okay, okay, maybe i borrowed some source code here and there, okay, everybody does it. I mean come on his phone yeah. Give me my phone back erin boy, go, get me a coffee while youre at it. Give me my phone Music. The best thing we can do now is give him back hope for compliance and if he doesnt then well see to it that its personally taken care of come on, you have no other choice.

If he doesnt think were the real overlord, then hes about to learn a very i dont give a but civilian life all right, no funny business. Yeah. Give me my phone back. Thank you. Thank you now. What are you gon na? Do please dont flatten the building? Oh lets see what i can do with this bad boy. Oh yeah, look at this! Oh, oh! What are we going to do? Yeah your counter? Drones are gon na. Do youre fake youre, not overlord phantom is gon na rule this city, you wont back off. Nobody touched me youre, gon na flatten this city, its going to be like a meteorite crashed into the earth. Okay, so do you understand whats your name whats, your name alex andrews, all right, alex andrews. I want you to remember this all right. Any of your units. Try to arrest me stop me or shoot at me. Even look at me the wrong way. Im going to flatten this city, like the dinosaur, saw you understand, like the dinosaurs. What are your demands? My demands? Yes, what are your demands, my demands? Ah, what do you want? I didnt think id get this far. Uh. Are you into? Are you in this for terroristic reasons or power money? Yeah? You know, you know, you know the governor called me a cyber terrorist after all, youre a cyber terrorist yeah yeah. That sounds cool yeah and you have and you have no demands.

No, i got ill get demands uh, ten million dollars in a bag uh in legion square, and what do we get out of it? Uh i dont blow up the city and how do we know youre? How do we know youre not lying? How about you hand over your drone and a gold lamborghini spread out spread, spread all right, yeah fear the phantom fear, the fans. Let me see about that helicopter flying okay helicopter looks to be a controlled, looks like its a hacker attacker sort of deal watch this helicopter from block this helicopter folks space from the helicopter. I think this dudes trying to blow it up, take control of this helicopter. Okay, im hacking: it stupid overlord, oh yeah. Here we go! Oh, what the oh wait that wasnt, that oh yeah fear the phantom all right itll happen to any of your units. Youre trying to follow me with us. Okay, okay! Listen to me! You understand you want this money, you want this lamborghini. I do the only way im giving it to you is. If you turn over your phone, your computer and your drone that youve been striking units with in return. Youll get your demands. No, no! No! No! No! Because you, i know how you cops work. I know how you cops. Work youve got police on your vest im a lot more than a police officer. I can tell you that i make things happen. Im the deal maker here now i cant just i cant – just throw you 10 million dollars and let you run away, why not with with your drone and your? Why not what? Oh, this stupid, freaking goddamn, my freaking program is scattered, who the hell scattered my code? Why are cars running me down what the ten million dollars legion square? Nobody dies.

Music disappear, whoosh, okay, basically theres. These two hackers, one school phantom ones called overlord overlord, trying to love the city. A few years ago, oh ive heard that name before and now phantoms. Here hes, i wan na be overlord and hes im trying to hack um and blow up the state overlord that fake that fraud, phantoms gon na be everywhere all over the city. Every building i see a big game, show a big statewide game show and phantom wasnt. Even invited all right, we see that uh, you have a game show going on here and phantom wasnt invited here uh i wouldnt huh, hello, sure you like some cookies. No, i dont want no cookies. I want to understand. I want to understand why phantom wasnt invited. How do you not know who fanam is what if there was his guy, do you know who i am do you know who i am you look like a dollar tree robber noah. You look like what you say to me. Whatd, you say to me: i hate this guy yeah we got cars outside youre, gon na know the name phantom okay, i wan na know your name stupid. Why didnt you invite me? Oh okay, but youre more than welcome to be invited. You just had to see the ads ridiculous. Last couple of days, ridiculous, you got cars out front. You got cars out back right, no yeah, theres, some cars, all right, no youre, gon na! Remember phantom.

What would you come? Come come out here. Look at something cool i can do come on. Are you a you? Remember overlord yeah, yeah, overlords, fake im, the real overlord, okay im, the real overlord? Did you possibly um? Probably push like one million dollars into my bank. Account i dont know its just like yeah yeah. I know your bank account no because you didnt invite me to their party okay, yeah, so listen here, youre going to put them out of my god. All right. Fine give me your phone. You are 1 million. 725. 000 in debt, your house will be foreclosed uh. Just a little little heads up, little heads up your car will also be taken well, come and pick that up. You have 48 hours to pay off the debt, uh yeah any questions. My name is james Music. I can fly a plane any direction. I want oh yeah, oh yeah, baby, all right all right. Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, oh jesus, oh Music! Oh this place is getting foreclosed with a bank. Sorry uh no were doing like a game. Show here. Im. Just oh game show yeah yeah, uh, huh, uh, huh, interesting, remember the name phantom all right, hes scared of me, no ones gon na be scared of you back. I didnt get bullied in high school if youre asking okay. If you want to be more intimidating for one higher body guards that look scary and actually wear whats wrong with my outfit, you look, i need a car hold on Music theres my ride.

What remember the name phantom i didnt get bullied in high school time to go, collect my paycheck. I have my name everywhere. People are gon na fear me. I have t shirts a phantom. Oh, my goodness, i cant wait. Hey a nice roller, blades idiot too bad. They didnt have a smart device on him id hack him if i could make him slam into a wall. This is san andreas, national guard evac. Here, oh man, theyre evacuating the area. Look at that beauty right. There whoa, like my childhood dream, owning this vehicle yeah. So uh this is the vehicle um in the passenger seat, its a duffel bag. With all your money. How do i know that were gon na get what we want in the air youre gon na get well. If you comply with me, i wont see. I i wont see the need to level this small town meet now right. Okay, look come on man, you said no drones. Dont be agreed on that thought. We agreed on no drones once i gave you this well listen. I didnt get my money. Yet. Did i its right here in the passenger seat? Oh there it is oh yeah hold on. I just dont like abcs, that much oh there we go. Oh my there we go. Yeah. Excuse me money all here. Let me Music what the hell, what what the hell was that who was that speaking? I dont know man look.

Do we have our agreement to stop this madness, 10 million dollars all right call off your drones. You dont tell me what to do. I just gave you what you wanted city dont. You understand. You just gave me, prime capital. Okay, you touch me arrest me or do anything of the like im gon na level, this town, you understand, so what the was the deal. Then i gave you all this stuff for what you are just helping me sit in the crown chair i so deserve like. I so deserve you understand, im glad we had. This chat keep moving yeah. I was just gon na go to mrp, but i didnt realize oh what a beautiful day. Oh my god, we got humvees freaking blasting, what a beautiful day, ah beautiful phantom city at last. Ah, you know i should go sit somewhere and enjoy. This. Is that overlord mother? You hacking my drones. I changed my mind. Youre going to jail, put your hands up, put your weapons down youre running control, dont! You understand no, no im, not under anyones control. My control is from the us government. You want to blow you want. You want to blow us up blow yourself up, yeah youre, going to. Let me go right now, lower your rifle lower, your right thing. Im regretting is giving you all this money and giving you my trust. The united states federal government is not letting this go around face away from me.

I dont have to do anything. You tell me to do face away from me. Dont. You see my drones in the sky. Do you want to die today? Do you want to die? Do you want this lady right here to die? What about her? More people have been dying ever since i gave you this money face away from me now. No! No! No, no, not more, people have been dying. The people who need to die get your hands off of me. Get your hands off of me. Face away from me, get off of me. Oh they bait card the car they gave me ah come on crap. I cant get out not even the worlds best hacker can stop that come on come on youre going to forget this come on yeah there we go come on this door, open god, damn it. I cant hack the software. What is this its like 256 bit? Encryption? Do something like that again, youre gon na die im gon na die im, not the one thats gon na die today. You understand youre, going to regret doing this face away from me. No im, not basically you destroyed my card. That was a part of the deal. Listen get your hands off of me face up! Oh my god. What get your hands off your arena? Terror is over phantom, oh its too late. You got ta get out of it. You got ta get out of it for me to be able to put them in.

Let me go. Get me out of here. Keep your mouth shut, its too late. I initiated the failsafe youre too late youre, you started this. All the bloodshed is on your hands. Now i gave you the argument. I gave you the redemption choice. I gave you a golden ticket to free the city, but no what you you did you just stepped in both your feet. Like you just got brand new shoes, you stepped x, ray one. I believe uh overlord is controlling one of their drones, put a thorn in my side since i started thats right, hes crashing my drone. Hey, stop squirming. Im gon na have to hold you down. You get those by healing phone. What are you giving him? Hey get the phone from him, give him my phone back. It was my backup phone. You are in a world of hurt. What i just did you were in a world of hurt yeah youre in a lot of trouble. Now, oh, we got ta stay on the ground and johns gon na come and close up x, ray one all right power, ah overlord, all right lets go. I got ta hit that other phone all right lets go said. Hes gon na try to rip the carpet out from underneath my feet. Phantom deserves a city. Tanks activated. This is freedoms. Town i own this town, overlording phantom is the new name. Thats gon na be running this town surrender now and he wont die.

He might have taken down my drones, but i still have my tanks surrender now all right you want to play like that. All right, oh ruin! Everything! Stop! Now you cant touch me. You cant touch me im im like a big ass. You keep doing this youre gon na get killed surrender. Now. Oh no, im not going with him. No you cant make me lets hold on that lets. Wait for me! Music! You want to make me use my powers for good. Is that what this is? Some re education. I gave you a choice during our first meeting and you chose wrong and you are here. You fell off the face here. Youre, nobody you can join is good idea. Having this fail, safe, go, go, go ill, come back in greater numbers, fine Music! Before you click out, this video makes you check out my second channel jmw, where i upload a variety of different games on there go check it out and go subscribe, so you never miss an upload from that channel and ill see you guys next time, Music aint.