I am your host david young uh excited for you to be on the podcast listening with us today we have uh were gon na, be talking to guillermo wenzel of drone sky visuals and uh. Guillermo was on our email list reached out, told us that he just had his third one thousand dollar month. So i wanted to get him on the podcast, so hes going to share with you again how he got started like we always do and hes going to show you some really cool share with you. Some really cool tips about how he started off in real estate, started doing some construction work and how he really made marketing a focal point of his business efforts even started doing some paid advertising. That was working well for him. He is down in the south florida area, so if you are thinking about running paid ads or youre also getting started, maybe wanting to expand to construction or other industries. This will be a good episode for you to listen to so im excited to get to that conversation. Uh a few things right before we get started. Remember that if you want some free drone launch swag, we have basically like a game every every week that we play uh two truths and a lie game. Basically, you listen to the podcast episode. You click the link that was either um in the email that the podcast announcement or in the youtube video. If youre watching this on youtube, it should be below in the description.

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I think joeys going to bring a lot of extra good flavor to the podcast with a great question since hes in similar shoes – probably too many of you out there, but guillermo thanks. So much for uh joining us on the podcast uh appreciate that youre here today. No thank you guys actually ive been meeting uh watching the podcast since the start and uh setting the mild stones to get to this point today. Awesome cool yeah. So if you for those of you probably dont, know a story, maybe ill mention it in the intro. But um i sent an email about something else. I dont even know what it was maybe like a mapping course we were doing or something and guillermo, replied and hes like hey thanks for this info. By the way ive been listening to your podcasts, just had my third 1k plus month in a row. I had it set as a goal and i hit it just wanted to let you know – and i was like well shoot man lets, get you on the podcast. So hes like all right, sounds good im in venezuela and i was like all right lets. Wait until you get back so uh, but yeah man im pumped to have you here um. Why dont you just start from the beginning with us and just tell us when you, when did you first start getting into drones, like what led you here in the first place, sure of course um actually uh? I bought my first little chinese drone in amazon, like it was like a pop up or something i i saw this forty dollar drone.

I i bought it and i was just playing around with it and a friend of mine, hes uh hes, a real estate agent and he told me like hey. I need some aerial pictures. Can you help me out so i went like i mean. The capabilities of the of the image of this drone are not the best, but lets try to do it, so it came out actually better than i expected, and he referred to. He referred me to some friend of his. This was what like in july, 2019, okay and suddenly the phone started ringing once and twice and three times and i went like okay, so this is getting or is it getting out of hand, or i have to step up so i wasnt doing i mean i Needed some extra cash at the moment and i was really digging the the drone uh the drone that i had and i started googling i started looking uh youtube uh trying to find some information i learned about. Obviously dji is like the first name thats going to pop up along with some other brands, and actually you guys popped up one of the first links that i saw and i started reading reading reading. So afterwards i bought a mavic pro and Music in september. I, like the clients, started like going like. Okay, do you have a coi? Do you have a company? How can i pay you i mean, can i pay you? Is there any other option than cash or zealy or whatever? So i went like okay, i think, like um, two weeks before i founded the company uh, i heard one of your podcasts saying like okay.

If you want to uh get serious into this, you cant treat it like a hobby. You have to treat it like a real business. Like i mean you have to create the the whole, the the complete uh kid thats gon na become like a huge monster in your brain, but you have to get there at some point so um i filed the company name, drone sky visuals. I went to stripe. I set up the accounts um at the moment i was trying to find uh um a bank that could they didnt charge me all those fees that a regular personal account bank helps you. So it turns out that theres, a bunch of small banks that are like uh attached to the really big banks that help small businesses and its like almost free of charges for fees and stuff. And luckily i found um this bank that they have uh theyre linked to stripe at some point so uh they said like milestones, so they dont charge you i mean if youre pretty small, they dont charge. You, like the credit card, uh fees up to certain points and and suddenly the i created the company and um at the time. Well, at the moment, i still do i work in construction, so a friend of mine told me like hey guys, um, hey guillermo. I have uh uh a friend that hes in a job site in miami beach and he needs uh drone uh photography.

He needs aerial footage, so i went like okay, yeah sure lets go uh. I popped. I went like in 10 minutes. I was there. It was like a 25 minute drive. I was like super excited, but i was very nervous. I got there. I took like the eight cardinal points, birds eye view, an orbit, video um, and he was very pleased with the work and he told me like. Okay, lets give you i want to give you a a year and a half contract for this and were like. Oh what wow i mean. Are you joking? I i i couldnt i i didnt get it at the moment, so he started. Okay, i need i need your. I need your company documents, i need like uh w9. I need a coi. I went like oh okay, yeah, im gon na do with the coi. So then, i started researching again and i found the basic uh insurance companies like for base uh basic drone insurance and afterwards the on demand for every time i fly. So i got the on demand for the for each time of the month that i was going to fly for them and actually they presented to them and they went like whats in uh uh and on the an on demand coi. So i explained to them. It was a bit bumpy, but they got it, they got it and yeah. So thats. How i mean i started. I said like okay, im gon na start in real estate, but afterwards it jumped to to construction and the same.

A similar story happened with uh. With events, so a actually an event came up and a friend of mine told me like hey, i know youre flying drones. I know you took some pictures and some video. We need some video of a party of a big company and we need area footage. So im, like sure, of course, lets go ahead. I mean yeah lets. Do it all right lets break some of this down. I feel like this is a really good. This is an awesome story. We were like yeah. I just picked up a drone. I started flying the phone started ringing off the hook. This is like theres, a lot of scenario by the way, yeah and so theyre like well. How do you do this so lets lets break some of it down so lets go back to the beginning. You said you had kind of just like a starter. Some chinese drone remember what kind of drone it was. It was uh it wasnt, i guess theyre all chinese drones lets be real, but you know yeah. It was like a pretty small one. It was like an the same size of an fpv, but all it did, it did flips to the sides and backflips. So it was not a good, not a very good. Could you even see the camera on your screen, like? Were you looking at your screen for the camera? Were you just kind of like pointing and shooting and guessing or did it? Oh? No, i mean you were yeah, you were kind of guessing.

Actually, you were kind of guessing and it had the tilt, but you never knew what degree you were tilting at so i mean i have to take like 50 photos at the same point: oh wow, okay, so just kind of a shotgun approach. So then you got a mavic pro. What year did you get the mavic pro um? Actually i bought it on offer up uh. I i found a guy that was selling one look. He looked in pretty good conditions, and so i went. I went to pick up the drone and to pay the guy and he told me like hey, you want to try it. I went like i mean. Definitely yes, but i mean this is not the kind of remote controller im ive ive been flying the last two months i mean so he gave me like a crash course there, and actually he was a guy that almost crashed the drone. I was like this close im telling you like. No, i dont want your drone because you hit it, but actually i thought you were gon na say either gon na say, like you took it over and just totally demolished it on accident or something no. No. No. Thank god! No, so you got that so when did you get the um? The mavic pro is that you said 2019 yeah 2019. I bought my first dji, my uh, the mavic pro actually uh. Afterwards in around november starting december, i got a second mavic pro uh.

This is like the original mavic pro like the mavic pro one like yeah, the original one, the first the mavic pro the first one exactly so i got it um and like two days after i got the second one, i crashed the first one yeah. I totally smashed it against the wall. It was perfect, yeah exactly exactly so all right sure! No, no! I was gon na say so you got that and then i just want to walk through the evolution of. So you had a friend who was a real estate agent. You did some, you just did some photos for him or a video, or how did you like? How did he even know that you did drones? Were you out there like telling everybody hey im, doing drones or were you i mean? How did that happen where he knew about you doing that? Well, i i bought the 40 uh dollar drone, because before that i was like playing fable like for 15 years of my life and actually in lakeland. I i played a lot theres like a big complex over there, so the team it ended. Everybody went their way. I sold my paintball gun and i was pretty bored. I didnt have anything to do so and thank god that ad popped up – and i went like okay lets – buy this drone lets see what comes out of it. I never in my life. I expect it to be where i am now with it.

Never i mean i always thought the drones were like super cool and they were gon na. I mean change like a lot of things that that could be helped by them in a lot of industries. But myself, if you would have asked me in january of the same year, guillermo youre gon na, are you gon na? Have a drone company, thats gon na um, grow and youre gon na have a fleet of drones and youre gon na have uh even a drone pilot that that flies with you and a marketing team, and i would have gone like what are you joking? No, i mean i, i didnt think about it at the time i didnt realize it. Yeah well thats awesome. So so you got your mavic pro and you have a friend whos a realtor, and so what was the first job you did for me? Did you just take some pictures, or did you do a video or what did you do for them pictures? I did uh merely pictures. I took like 30 pictures of this nice house. It wasnt. Like a huge house. I took the eight cardinal points at uh 200 feet afterwards, at 300 feet um. I took a video, an orbit video one like surpassing over the property and uh. Actually it took an like. It was like a pretty far away photograph. Where you saw the you saw the property, but you saw the surroundings, so i started to get into photoshop and like pinning everything thats around it like okay, you have a publix here.

You have a church, yeah or whatever here, and you have like these access points and stuff, so that was the first and afterwards uh he he was my friend. He was my friend from my paintball team, so uh thats how he knew i was flying gotcha and afterwards he referred me to some of his friends of some of his colleagues in the realtor company and they started calling hey and yeah. It started like i think. After the fourth phone call i went like okay, i got ta, i got ta step up, i got ta, so were you? Were you doing these as like favors for them? At that point, or i mean im assuming you – did it as a favor for your friend or did he pay you before? No? No? No, he he wanted to pay me. I told him like no dude, i mean this is super fun. I want to do it. Yeah, this is incredible. This is awesome. I want to do it again. Do you have another house so for his friends? Oh go ahead. No afterwards, he told me okay, any other houses that i need. Pictures for for the mls sure come along, but im gon na, send you some friends and you have to charge them. I mean you have to charge them. Do it thats a good friend yeah exactly you said that so youre. This is this first job was your friend and uh. He needed aerial photos, he knew you had a drone, but so so i come from a photography background too.

I had some experience, editing photos and i knew how to do that stuff, but a lot of our listeners and a lot of people come into this, maybe not with the photography background aspect of it. So how did you know how to go in there? Edit photos to look the way that real estate agents want them to look. Were you using lightroom? Are you using photoshop? I mean i hear you using terms like. Oh, i went up and took the eight cardinal points at 200.. How did you know to do all these things as a total, beginner, okay, uh, my first, i dont, i would say mistake, but thats not the word. The thing is, i said yes, without even thinking what i was. What i had to do, okay, usually thats the right move. Yeah i mean i said yes and afterwards, when i hung up, i went like i mean im, not sure what im getting into so. I have to research a bit, so i start. First, i started on the uh on the drone side. Okay, how do people take pictures for drone photography? What are real estate agents looking for photography in uh within aerial photography, within our aerial footage? So the basic first was birds eye views, thats the first thats, the main image that everybody looks for and actually, when i read eight carnal points, i went like no, its northeast west and south. I mean wheres, the other four and afterwards i went like okay, its the combination and for the photography.

I found a youtube channel of some somebody. I know a a drone pilot, i think in australia, or something that he had like some pretty nice photos and he did like the arrangement of the pins with with the with the access points and stuff. So i went like okay, its he says. I mean he gives you a tutorial that of how to do it, but i still wasnt completely sure of how to do it. So i have another friend that shes a photographer shes a professional photographer and when, like okay, you say im stuck here and i need to give you some. I need to give a client some pictures, but i dont know how to so. She told me like okay, guillermo, come on home and tell me what you need and im gon na show you how to do it, but youre gon na. Do it im not gon na? Do it for you, so i showed her the video and she went like. Okay sure easy lets do this. These steps, this steps, and actually i mean, i think, that, yes, that it gave to my friend it was like me pushing myself without even knowing it yeah it kind of held your feet to the fire, to take some action and learn how to do these things. Oh yeah, definitely definitely i threw the fire all on top of my head, so guillermo, so you. So how much did you end up when these other real estate agents came to you? You know what did you end up, um charging at the very beginning for these other, these other people at first i was, i think i was charging like too little.

I i charged them im sure you probably were yeah. Of course i mean you go like okay. I dont want to blow them out. I dont want them to go running away, so i went like i didnt find any any real numbers of somebody charging for this kind of stuff. At the moment i didnt have that much time. So i went like i dont know i charged like 50 bucks, something like that. Yeah i mean it was for just okay, but afterwards exactly for the photos and yeah the little orbit video i mean it was something: okay, pretty straightforward uh until i started looking around and and and searching – and i found like okay, the the photography and the area Photography hours are in around the range of a hundred to two hundred dollars, uh raw and you, you start adding like the editing and stuff and uh the amount of um of images that you give in. I dont know every package that you create for your clients. I started like looking around here in miami for drone companies and that was around the range that they were charging. So i went like okay im new at this im, not the best, obviously im a new drone pilot im, not very good. Yet i dont have that much skill as and the same thing goes for post editing, so i try to go like 120 125. You know the whole package and try to um.

Do it as best as i can. My my photographers friend she told me like. Okay, you can give me like one revision in one job, to see if youre doing okay, so that came good and um. I dont want to say, unfortunately, but on the drone side on the drone flight side, i didnt know anybody who really blew drones. So it was basically youtube for me. I was like going in trying to see how to fly um the intelligent modes in in the mavic pro helped me, like you, just figured it out yeah exactly so so you kind of went really low on these initial jobs, which sounds normal. You know you probably could have charged more, but youre, probably a little insecure about like am i good enough to charge more and i dont want to push these people away, so you kind of warmed up with that, and then you said you started shifting over into Was what was next? Was you said, construction right? You got a call from somebody to do some construction that led to a contract so um up to this point, you hadnt really done any active outreach right. Its just been people youve been working for and theyve been referring you to someone else word of mouth and did you have like a website or anything up? Yet it was or it was just like this guy worked for me. He can you know you want to use them.

That was it that was it. I didnt have a website. I didnt have an instagram, i opened the instagram, and but i was im very bad at social media like at recurrently uh, publishing, yeah my work and stuff. So i opened uh an instagram account at actually. At the same point um i created the website and its different to the one that i have now, but i created it like around november december 2 and base i started. I dont know if it was the best route, but i started like going to okay. If i want my name to go around and to jump from mouth to mouth, i have to do sales, so my i have a background in sales before construction. I i worked in sales for it like for seven years so, okay, i know how to do this so lets go to events lets go to networking events, uh specify you know specifically for realtors or for construction agents or for developers and okay, so im gon na Do that, but you need cards, you need presentation cards, you need somebody to remember. I mean and its not going to be typing giving them your your phone number and theyre going to type it in their phone and theyre going to forget about it and theyre not going to scroll through their whole address book again, you know its fine right, thats, Not thats, i mean youre gon na be lost in their phone and theyre gon na find somebody else or just google, it thats it.

So i started going with my presentation cards like here here you go, it was like uh at first it was like a really yellow, shiny stuff. So um, i thought it was gon na. You know like being be remembered, like the drone guys about no, it was like the yellow card guy or the yellow card thats how they remembered you, the color of your cards, yeah its really shiny. Look. I have one here. Does that end up being good or bad, its really shiny? No, it was pretty good, because people like yeah, they made a cl an unexpected click that i didnt know that i mean it. It came to their minds like pretty fast, so i started getting like one call from one event and afterwards a couple of calls like hey: what are your rates can? Can you help me out with this? Can you want to do some pictures and i went like yes? Definitely, of course, of course, lets do it lets do it and um okay, i, after a couple of months, maybe three months i went like okay, i have i mean you have to go, but you have to spend money okay, so i i need to. I need each networking client to pay for for the network event to which i went to so that was happening, but it wasnt giving me giving me that much revenue after so i went like okay, i mean this is working im, not gon na stop doing it, But i need like uh on another lead: income, okay and obviously what better leading income that google google ads.

Yes, so i started google ads like in around may or april 2020, and it was amazing on the second day: okay, uh client popped up and uh. We closed a deal for i had to take some video shots and some photographs of a yacht here in miami beach and it paid for almost the first two months of google ads thats awesome. Just one client, this is it i mean google ads is staying for good for good. Definitely now im curious about the google ads thing, real quick. So when you have a google, your google ad, were you doing that to yourself or did you have somebody do that for you? I have a friend to help whats that okay, either im just curious. Now what what were when people clicked on your ad? What page were they going to? What were they seeing to the old crappy one? Well, what does that mean? What is the old cat? It was like. It was like my initial website, where i had like was just your home, page yeah. It was only home page that was it, it was. It was just just a home page, uh thats impressive, to get like good conversions like that off of just sending people just straight to your home, page yeah. It like i started. I started with my i made like three small packages like uh the photograph package, the video package and a bundle package thats it. So i i included my prices and stuff and afterwards um.

I change it to basically contact me to to grow up my database of clients or leads or whatever so because i i i after reading and reading your reading, obviously a bigger database is gon na cost. I mean its gon na be better for you than just a one time, client that youre not gon na. Do i mean youre gon na do a one time gig, but you you want him to be converted into a recurring client right. So actually, i heard from you guys saying that okay, you need to be like you need, you need to make them continue with you with your work and coming once and once and once again and not everybody refers uh refers, you i mean it happens. Lets say of 10: you get two that really yeah. Well another thing i like about building instead of just saying like oh you know, people will come to my site and then they just leave. If you somehow have a way to like trade them hey, you know theyre information for something valuable, whether its like oh hey, heres, a free sample of this or they contact you for something and they give you their email address. You can follow up with them later because a lot of people they might just be curious now, but theyre not like ready to buy now. You know what i mean, but now at least have their contact info to follow up. Maybe you check in like once a quarter its like hey, just want to see how its going you know, uh just touch and base.

Let me know if you need anything or if you see about them in on linkedin or something you can shoot an email. Oh, hey thats cool. Congratulations on this. It just allows you like stay in touch more so when they do need someone or already you can at least kind of pop in their mind. So i think thats always the one of the benefits of like youre, saying, building up a database of people exactly yeah. Actually um i mean the thing: is you have two types of leads? Okay, the lead that comes to you through google thats a hot lead, so they need it yep they need it through google or through whatever other platform that gives you like drone jobs or photography and but the ones that youre looking for may may not have that. Need at the moment, but theyre gon na have at some point i mean theyre gon na need it if theyre in the market. So i started with mailchimp okay, with the recurring emails like once a month or every yeah. I started with once a month so each one of the uh drone news that i found i tried like to pop it up in in the mail in in the recurring mail going out every every month, but i had like seven clients in that database. You said seven yeah, it was, i mean it wasnt much. I was just pushing emails monthly just just to let them know that im there yeah exactly yeah yeah, no thats thats, i mean listen.

You got ta start somewhere, so um thats, two seven, two thousand whatever and you can say something: joey guillermo yeah, quick question for you. So it sounds like you started with real estate, and you started with your friend and those few other contacts where you were providing like a package of set of photos, maybe 10 15 photos and then what you called an orbit. Video, where it was at just literally at 30 seconds a minute of you orbiting the property you werent doing any editing or anything like that. And then, when you switched to construction or you added construction in, were you kind of providing the same package or were you doing? What were you providing? That was different from what you were doing for the real estate agents? No, the thing is with the with the different markets: uh theres always different requirements, okay, so usually for real estate uh. They need this. This footage for the mls. I mean its 99 percent of the time its going to the mls, so the mls has some requirements and, for example, i dont know the the cardinal photographs you have to see like the the horizon and you need. You know, like certain aspects within the image in construction is different: they dont they dont care about that. They want to see the progression of the site month by month or bi, weekly or weekly. So they ask only that you can see very clearly the image of the construction that youre that youre taking photos of and for the video part um.

It depends. It depends on the market and it depends on the client if its video for real estate theres theres a lot of real estate agents. That say like no. I want to edit it my way because its very personal, you know so its like sure, its very, very much a personal thing, what they want for, if they, if they want to use some uh some music without copyright, but, for example, in the construction industry, they Just want to play video okay; they just want to play video because basically theyre doing like inventory and and history of of what theyre, if they want to do since uh the day one of the project to the end of the project until handle yeah, because thats, Probably like for more like project manager, not for like the marketing stuff right, exactly correctly correctly, thats for oac meetings like recurring meetings for developers or the investors, so im curious. You said you know you, you were in construction, you were in construction and you had a friend and he referred you out, because you knew you were doing drone stuff which again its another reason to be like really important, to be known as hey, be known as The drone guy, we also be noticed, the drone girl and people will start like oh pushing you different places but um. You know when you took those those update, videos for them uh or the photos, and they present you with the contract.

How did you handle that? Like? Do you mind, sharing um like how much you charged them for that and how you structured? That recurring uh deal of course, of course, um, so actually for the construction project uh, it was like the the basic deal was like they wanted, like 10 photos. That was it so i went like i mean this is a new client i want to. I would like to i mean i would like them to have a good impression of me or my work or how i deal with it or how i work for it and but within the within the package that we, the the that we talked about. It was like i mean yeah, you have the third side view you had all the sides of the construction site and thats it. So what i tried i did was for them. I charged 150 bucks monthly and i included five more photographs and i said like ill. Give you ill give you the video for free, i mean like yeah, i mean youre still giving them a really good deal. Yeah yeah, of course, and i went like i mean if you like it uh for i dont know for this project, but maybe for a next one uh. You would like to add some extra footage and stuff, and he told me like yeah sure great, of course, definitely definitely when they hire you to do 10 photos. Are you saying they want you to go out and shoot 10 photos once per month throughout the duration of the construction, so youre going out on the first of every month and shooting 10 photos and giving them your orbit video or is it 10 photos throughout the 30 days, no, no, no, its 10 10 photos um every 15th of the month or a year and a half something like that, got it so guillermo you.

You mentioned that um! You know you hit. You ended up getting up to the 1k mark, at least for like three months in a row, so i imagine your construction job was a part of that. What were the other types of jobs, that kind of filled out the rest of that revenue? Number look um! The main market for us for drone sky visuals is construction and real estate comes up a lot, but i i mean i would like the main focus of the company to be construction uh as its been working out since since yeah starting 2020, but theres always other Types of jobs of people that come and look for you like events, yes, um, roof inspections. I did uh. I did the roof inspection course with you guys in front launch academy and um. I offered it uh it hasnt been uh. I havent had that much opportunities, but ive had some and they worked out pretty fine, actually uh ive done two ive done two infrared scannings for roof inspections, and actually i had to get a mavic enterprise uh with the thermal with a thermocat with a fleur thermal Camera so between those jobs, both of them paid for the drone. I still have it here, im so im and im trying to push that market because thats a pretty its a pretty good one, its a pretty good one, thats awesome! Yes, now now youre bringing up a whole bunch of new stuff.

You didnt mention any of this before about doing thermal roof, inspection, stuff, youre, just throwing all this extra stuff in here. So how many? How many different clients are you working for in a month? Would you say, um Music lets say around 10 more or less okay yep its it? It varies a lot um like, for example, theres theres. Always like this. I mean my my segmented markets, but theres always like this little percentage of very unique works like, for example, um, theres, uh theres, this jewish end of the year, its called rosh hashanah its in september okay. So these uh, this rabbi, he contacts me. He tells me. Okay were in the middle of kovit, okay, this. Ah this was last year, so he goes like were in the middle of covet. We cant do a ceremony okay, but were gon na. Do a ceremony on facebook live okay, so i need you to do uh a wish drop and well go whats a wood shop. I dont know what that is. So he sent me a video and its uh, its um, its an, i think, an mm 100 or something like that. Its like a big drone like bigger than uh than a phantom and after the rabbi says three two one. The drone drops a bunch of papers at our wishes from the kids from the school okay, so he tells me like. Can you do it and i went like yeah, of course, ive done it a million times? No, never havent done anything.

I mean i didnt tell him but yeah so, but i had three: i had a three month lead. Okay, so i went like okay. If this guy in that video can do it, i can do it. I mean its its attitude controlling its basic touches and configurations with the remote control, so i went on google once again the savior of this company and um. I found a solenoid that you can attach to the upper part of the mavic uh pro and with its connected with fiber optics to the to the front uh to the front lights that each time that you take a picture, the light pops up. So the fiber off every i mean you take a picture. The the light goes on the fiber, the fiber optic, uh activates, the solenoid and the solenoid opens. So what i did is i closed the solenoid i made like a little uh rope bed for the wishes. I strapped them under the the mavic pro i turned off the the the the sensors that go under under the map pro and i flew it. I did like ten tests and after the fourth i i i made the drop with uh with the little wishes. Actually, it was tested with uh some some post, its i bought, like i dont know like a hundred packs of post its. I still have it there dude. I love the creativity youre, just like im, just gon na figure this out and make this happen.

I mean its its when you get there, i mean im, a nervous guy. When i get there, i went like oh, what am i doing started sweating. My hands started sweating, so the remote control like slips all over. I was like oh, its gon na burn with all my sweat and stuff, but when it happened i went like oh. I cant believe this just happened. It worked, it worked. It wasnt thats, awesome, awesome, thats, awesome, so man, so you had youve had a lot of unique uh, unique jobs, come up and so kind of a mixture of construction clients, some real estate and then just other jobs, and so youve youve been able to cross. That kind of 1k threshold, when did you, when did you consistently cross that the 1k threshold at like what at what point in time in the year three months ago, three months ago, okay, so youre out youve, so youve been like at 1k a month for the Last three months now, right, yeah, almost almost yeah – almost double that. But yes, oh awesome, so yeah, so its still growing, i think thats yeah and the reason for that is its not only i mean at colbit. I had to stop the nor the networking events um. So but i needed i needed another income of leads, so theres i mean marketing is your best ally for this its theres. I mean theres, no theres, nothing against it. I mean you have to go through it: okay or sales.

You do the marketing, so i started um i started uh. I found a marketing its a virtual assistant that its like, basically a community manager, so i hired her and and uh. My instagram account became my portfolio so theres like three public publishings a week of all. All the work and uh i got with with the google part of the marketing uh i got that google has something thats extra to the ads thats, its called uh. Google try back okay, so the google trial pack includes the the ad the the map. Okay, your location in the map and the third one is your images and videos. Okay, every each one of those images and videos is tied to them to the uh to the data or the meg, the metadata okay. And if you search in google, whatever you want to look for. You write drone in the google search youre gon na the first things are youre gon na see are three. First links are ads: okay, afterwards, youre gon na see the little map with the first three locations. Okay and afterwards, youre gon na see some the like the like the showcase of images and videos when i started that is when i really made the jump to the 1k, so you started showing up there now. Did you show up there organically or are you paying for ads to be there? No, no, you have i mean you have to pay the ads.

You have to pay the ads, but only the ads. Okay, the rest i mean i i its like. I pay 15 bucks daily for ads, so google. What google does is it gives you a space in the search depending they do like um its its its, not a bingo thats, not the name its like uh. They they do it. The swordmaster, oh, its a yeah, its a uh, a bidding system exactly depending on the cost of the click. So if you do uh 15 bucks a day, okay, if you find a 14 buck, uh click and um and you win it. I mean that clients gon na call you youre gon na pop up in the first uh, the first of his list and hes gon na call you uh, but afterwards i mean thats, the only click youre gon na have for that day, but you have 30 clicks In the day, or do you remember oh, do you remember how much youre paying for each click um? It varies its its not. I mean its, not uh, but i can tell you like its never an average of uh 10.5 dollars. Maybe eleven okay, something like that. Something like that, but its definitely worth it i mean i havent had ive had like one month which it hasnt paid for itself like for 20 bucks, thats it, but all the other times it has and it and its exceeded it like way. More awesome, thats, awesome, yeah and so less than everyone listening do.

Google ads, like guillermo, does 100. I want to ask you more about that. So did you know a lot about google ads coming into this business? I know you said you had a friend that kind of showed you the ropes, or did you take what resources did you use to kind of learn? You know the basics of google ads. You know how how to navigate that, how to get a campaign up and running and make sure your money was working for you the right way. Well, this this friend that told me about google ads. He set up a website thats for creating campaigns in google and facebook up to the moment, hes still working on instagram and and some other social media and tick tock and some other social media, so its its for beginners its. Not that complicated, like going into google into the google ads manager, that you have like 100 million buttons and you dont even know where to start its as simple as you put the name of your of your campaign. Um title subtitle keywords: uh adds how much you want to pay payment method and boom thats. It thats it actually um. He created the the he has a. He has a a personal, its uh uh, its like a link tree, but he has it under his name too its called uh sich c. I t h c. I t c h, um and its basically the easiest way to make campaigns right there.

If uh, you want to check it out, i mean i do all my campaigns through there. I pay everything through there uh. I do include all the keywords. You see the analytics of the keywords you know which ones working which one is uh people are looking for. It and maybe youre asking how do you find those keywords so theres a website called uh, listen to the public or know the public. I think its answer, the public or answer the public. Exactly answer the public so answer, the public is going to give you the five first keywords that are going to work for you, the rest, you may may not have any clicks, but the first five or the first three are going to help. You find those clients and thats a free website. It works beautifully and i mean i hope it works way better for me in the future, but its worked for me up till now and its i mean its its a tool, its a free tool, thats going to help you grow your business, get more clients yeah. It basically shows you right, you can type in like a topic, and it tells you what everybodys searching for related to that topic, different questions and um who, where, when all that stuff so its very helpful, if youre trying to figure out hey what? What do you want people? What do people want to know about online? What are they searching for its a good way to kind of flesh that out by topic exactly so its a good tool? Thats really cool well were uh were coming up on close to the end of our time here, um but guillermo.

I really appreciate you walking through your whole story just from beginning to end. I love your attitude of im, not 100 sure how to do this, but im going to say yes and im going to figure it out like most of the people. I know that find success. Have that kind of attitude of just im just going to go for it and im going to you know, throw myself out there and figure it out as i go. Otherwise you can just find a million excuses to stop or oh. I need to do this first or i need to get set up this way first and they just you, never end up getting anywhere. So i just love that attitude that that you showed theyre doing doing it that way. Um is there any? I guess two things any parting: wisdom for people who may uh have be be like, maybe where you were a year ago, um what you would give them and then uh number two uh. Where can people find out more about you, of course, definitely for number one. Try to read and digest everything you can. I mean theres a hundred million places for information. You can find um, google, it i mean its youre gon na find way more information go to forums. Uh, try to talk to people follow people on instagram text them like send them a dm like hey, im new here in the industry. Uh. What can i do? What do you think about the market here? Does it work uh i mean.

Is it worth my time? What do you think youre gon na have youre gon na? Listen, some people say yeah. Other ones are gon na say like no, the markets, too saturated, but its its all about perspective its. If you have your point of view and you go and you do it um, maybe i mean youre not going to have the same experience as that other person, and i mean throw yourself out there, try to find as much knowledge as you can youtube videos and And go: buy your drone and fly, go, go outside and fly thats what you have to do, fly and love it fly and fly some more until your battery is dying. You have to buy some more and um people find out about. You sure, of course, definitely something that i didnt have was somebody to ask things so im i mean if you want to get in touch with me, i would be more than help try to help anyone who needs some help starting this um. Our website is www.droneskyvisuals.com. Our instagram account its at drone sky, visuals and linkedin facebook, its drone sky, visuals and uh. At least you locked up all the social media accounts with the same handle thats nice so well, link to uh, well link to all that your website and everything in the description to the podcast. So people can check you out there um if they want to hit you up so well.

I really appreciate you coming on and sharing everything i love digging in stories. I loved hearing about how you found success with all the google adwords stuff and got into all the different industries, and especially the thing with the rabbi that was really awesome. So i love your ingenuity and creativity and figuring all that out. So thanks so much for coming on guillermo. Oh thank you guys for your time. All right, i hope you enjoyed that chat with guillermo. I really enjoyed uh talking with him hearing about what he was doing, especially on some of the google ad stuff. Since i know, weve been preaching that a little bit like hey, you can use google ads to bring in leads to your company a lot of times. You have to do it right with sending to the right landing page, but sometimes just paying for the exposure works, but you have to be careful, sometimes if google, just so, you know from experience. Sometimes, if google sets you up and helps you out, their only goal is to get you to spend more money with them, so it doesnt always convert to paying customers if they set it up for you, but there definitely is a way if you want to take Some effort into learning that we actually have a course on google ads thats within our drone business mastery program. If youre interested in that just go over to our website, you can find it on our courses, page its.

I think its digital advertising and paid advertising for drone businesses – something like that. So you can check it out if you want its actually taught by the guy who runs all the google ads and facebook ads and youtube ads for drone launch academy and hes also run those ads for a number of drone service businesses in the u.s and the Uk, so its great course, you can go check it out if youre interested in that um again theres a reminder about. If you want a free t, shirt either answer the question in the email or the youtube, video or leave us a review, and we would love to get you some free swag as a drone launch uh drone to 1k podcast listener all right.