A drone is a perfect gift for a dad, its just really hard to shop online for one, if you dont know the specs and youre, not in the hobby. What, if hes, not a dad hes just talking about drones, a lot well its time to take a pregnancy test in front of me? I have every drone thats pretty relevant to this year. Drones now are very, very capable. So congratulations. You picked a really good time to get into this. Why should you listen to me even though im bald, my entire career has been in film? Ive got an online course on drone photo and video thats well reviewed. I talk about this so much in a day that i am ashamed of it. So everything you see in here this is all stuff that i filmed. This is my footage and my examples that im showing you topic number one: what is it with dads and drones? Why did dads love drones so much? I have no idea really good news. You dont need the most expensive drone to get into this. Now the technology has caught up. You are going to need to spend at least 400 on this, though, if you want to spend less than that youre just going to get a toy its going to have really plasticy parts, its not going to have stabilized video, it wont, have sensors, so itll crash Into a tree, and that will be the end of it, something you fly once and then put in your closet and never use again.

If you refuse to spend more than that, stop watching this video right now go on amazon and get a holly stone. Its the closest youll get to an awesome toy thats tons of fun to use, but its not going to be like a flying computer. The way all of these drones are all of these drones have incredibly smart features. They have an incredible connection. You can fly like five miles away without it losing a signal all of them connect to your phone through an app you plug the phone in to the controller and thats how you talk to the drone, so your phone sits in here with the app turned on And you can control it like that if your controller gets disconnected, these drones are smart enough to stop what theyre doing wait for a signal and if they dont get one theyll fly home back to you where it recorded you when you took off. If the drone is going to die, it will give you a heads up. You can see the battery the entire time. It will refuse to go any farther and start flying home if it doesnt have enough battery left to make it home they all have sensors on them. So, even if you wanted to crash it, you couldnt, because the sensors would stop you and say theres a building in front of you. They connect to satellites. So it knows where it is gps, wise on the planet.

They all warn you if youre near an airport or a hospital, and you cant take off there because theres helicopters or something they wont. Let you take off if its somewhere illegal, because these drones all have really smart features. The differences youre paying for is the quality of photo and video. Remember that there are professionals in this market too, photographers and videographers who use these so theyre willing to pay a lot more to get a little bit better video and photo in each of these. All of these drones that im talking about shoot 20 megapixel photos thats huge thats, a ton of data it this little one right here, only shoots 12 megapixel photos, thats still really big, though theres still tons to work with all of them have a stabilized camera as Well, its on a gimbal. So if you want to take a one second long exposure before sunset, the drone will keep the camera still and it will soak in all that light. Theyre very capable photo technology in these drones is just light years ahead to apply this. To the person youre buying this for, if hes new to technology – and he doesnt, know how to save as a pdf hes going to have tons of room to grow with just with the standard photo formats in each of these drones, even a little one. If he is an adept photographer though, and he edits in software like adobe lightroom – and he knows photography, principles and editing and photo tricks, then he might want the bigger drones because they shoot 20 megapixels and theres more to work with in that file.

You will also get better shadows and richer highlights on a bigger sensor in the bigger drones thats. Only if its very important to him because remember there are still professionals who are using the very little cheapest drone, its still very capable. But if its a huge deal to him – and he knows what hes doing hell probably have a better time with the bigger one. No matter what, though, all of these drones shoot in jpeg the regular photo format and in raw format, which is for photographers, you have to edit it in software on your computer to make it look really nice. So, even if he was a beginner, you have tons of room to grow because when he gets bored with regular photos and wants to start taking, fancy edited photos. Yes, all of them do raw format, so hes going to have tons of room to grow with and experiment. That brings us to topic number two, which is video quality and thats. The other reason. The price changes eventually hell get bored of taking photos. Hes gon na start playing around with video and hell have no idea what hes doing thats. Okay, though, because all of these drones do at least 4k even the smallest, cheapest one shoots in 4k, and it does a heck of a lot better job than what youre paying for this thing is insanely capable, but if he wants a little bit better video quality, Meaning that when hes shooting at sunset, hell notice the difference in the clouds and the shadows, the richer and brighter thats.

When you move up to a bigger drone, the thousand dollar drone, the air 2s does a little bit better video it shoots in 5.4 k. I dont think thats a big enough deal, though, because 5.4k is really big footage and you wouldnt notice the difference until youre doing like heavy editing on your computer. If hes just posting this on facebook, you absolutely wont see the difference between 4k and 5.4k. So remember, thats more like a feature for professionals and people who want to get the most out of the drone, then theres this one over here. That was like three thousand dollars. It has a bigger sensor, its the most recent drone, its insanely capable again thats for professionals its like 3000 bucks. I dont suggest it at all if youre watching this video to buy him a drone. This is for somebody who knows what theyre buying for themselves theyre making money off of it, and they want something insanely capable with a focus on the quality of video and photo, and nothing else, thats why this one is up here. This is what im using now. These two are outdated, now theyre from 2020, which is like 10 years in drone time – very, very capable drones, but its not worth 1700 for each of these, when newer drones have come out, so these are just up here for the thumbnail. If you want to talk about the absolute best quality drone, that would be this pain in the ass right here.

The inspire 2., its like a flying 8 000 monstrosity – that is a lawn mower, its extremely loud and a huge pain in the butt you have to de assemble it every time you fly and put it down. It takes two batteries. You have a completely separate camera system on the front of it honestly. This is for like filming for networks and really huge expensive jobs. I have this is not what youre doing just for random casual photos. Everybody looks theres no way. This thing is in the sky and somebodys, not looking its like a little helicopter. If it falls out this guy itll kill somebody. So yes, this is like a huge deal to go fly this thing, but the video quality is incredible. It shoots really beautiful low light footage, so its a love, hate relationship, but it seriously its heavy – and i you know so thats just nowhere in this picture, but i thought id show you for fun. So all of them are very capable video wise and you picked a very good time to get into drones for a drone like this, though he wouldnt even notice the difference, if hes not doing some pretty advanced, color, grading and editing, you have to know how to Use that stuff to maximize these drones, its like being a chef, and this thing is recording ingredients its not making anything for you. You have to know how to cook with it with all that being said, realistically, youre left with two choices here.

That is the air 2s, this thing for a thousand dollars and the mini 2, which is like four or five hundred dollars. Almost everybody in the entire drone market is using one of these two drones right now, the biggest reason being that theyre, incredibly capable for professionals and consumers like pound for pound dollar per dollar youre, getting a heck of a lock for both of these. Neither one of them is a bad choice for photography. 12 megapixel photos on the mini 2 20 megapixel photos on the air 2s. You get a little bit more dynamic range, meaning brighter shadows and richer highlights with a bigger sensor on this drone again thats. If hes editing the photos most of the time, nobody will notice the difference. Both of them have all the smart features, so those are pretty much the same, but the smaller one only has downward sensors, so it doesnt have collision sensors in every direction like the bigger one. That could be a problem if hes very clumsy. This one shoots in 4k and this one shoots in 5.4 k again not a huge deal if hes not like a professional or editing these a ton, you really wont notice a difference if its just for fun for video youll also get better highlights and richer shadows At something like sunset, if it was the middle of the day, you would not even notice the difference between these two and the little one does a really good job for the equipment that it has.

Both of them have stabilized photo and videos and they shoot in raw formats, so he has room to grow as a photographer. If he wants to start editing, the air 2s has a feature called hyperlapses and thats a moving time lapse. You can record its a really cool feature not to sound snooty. I just want to clarify that its not going to look as good as this because im an editor, and i know how to make these look really nice. It still is a fun feature to have, though the debate is pretty much settled here. Is he a pretty avid photo and video guy? Does he know professional settings for photography? Does he have an expensive camera already? Will he appreciate the marginal difference in photo and video quality? If, yes, then, a thousand dollars for the air 2s? I just want to make a point that is the air 2s, not the air 2.. The air 2 came out like just before this one and its not as capable as a smaller sensor and its way closer to this drone than it is to this one. The air 2s is the best bang for the buck and its just phenomenal and changed the market because everybody just jumped on this thing right away. Is he everybody else? Yes, then, the mini 2 is going to knock his socks off and he will crap his pants with excitement and wont be able to sleep for a week if the inspire 2, the that huge annoying drone, that i showed you if this is the worlds biggest pain In the butt, then, the mini 2 is the direct opposite of that.

This has been the best experience. Ive had flying a drone hands down its so discreet, nobody looks when you take off. It can fit inside of your pocket, its so quiet that you dont draw a ton of attention like the inspire 2 or bigger drones, which cause a lot of anxiety, its scary people look theyre huge. They feel bigger when theyre in the air and thats kind of scary, its easy to take off from your hand, itll charge in your car with the usbc, which is less hassle than the bigger chargers. If you crash its not that huge of a deal because it isnt a very expensive drone for the quality, the size, the convenience, its just, it stayed steady through everything. Ive put it through ive flown it at the beach and it hasnt blown away its not threatening to seagulls, which they get very defensive when the bigger drones come by because they think its a hawk and still for the size. It somehow manages to get really good quality video every time i put it through something, and i think, oh its not going to be good enough. It does a better job than i expected. If i turn this thing on right now in front of you, i dont have to move all the other drones out the way and stress and create a huge fuss, because its small enough that it doesnt matter, like i said earlier, you can take off from your Hand with like very little threat this one takes like five seconds to connect.

All of these drones are louder than you think they would be the first time they take off, but let me show you the difference with this one, its not nearly as loud as the other ones. If you can still hear everything that im saying while im recording this, then i think its doing a pretty good job of staying quiet because the other ones you kind of have to yell. So the gimbal. You can see working its keeping this thing stabilized, while im moving it around. So if it was really windy, it would still be steady. Its just such a good experience all around and when you fold this thing up, it seriously fits in your palm thats. The whole mini two right here, this teeny little thing, shooting 4k footage. I have to consider every kind of shopper when i make this video, but if it was up to me, yes, i would absolutely say just go: get a mini 2 and dont stress about any of this, its more capable than a drone that i paid 1500 bucks For in 2016., so yeah the technology is moving very very quickly, so the price for these in the end, you wont find any deals on dji drones, its just like this phenomenon, where the price goes up the longer theyre out. So the real sale market is very high. Its like apple products, just pay. What you have to for it, because theres not going to be a black friday, where its like half off the only thing you could do is find a used one and save like a hundred bucks on craigslist or facebook marketplace.

These drones have enough smart features that it would let you know if something was wrong with it, if the gimbal wasnt stabilized or if it couldnt connect to satellites to see where it was gps. Wise ive bought used drones before there isnt, really a ton of fear of buying a used one thats like gross and its not working or something itll, pretty much be fine, and you could tell when you started up if something was wrong again, though, thats only saving You like a hundred dollars. Part of the experience, is opening up the plastic and the smell and unfolding the little legs for the first time. Thats something ill, never forget with my first drone, so consider that when youre buying one as well, the only final thing you need is like a 10 sd card. 64 gigabytes is so much room. He probably is never going to fill this up, but this records the photos and the videos to the memory card.