But before that, this video is brought to you by city flyer. Thank you for being a farm baron, so its taking a few weeks. But we finally have guidance steering brought forward into farm sim 22 or, as i said in the intro, more affectionately known as gps, and many of its features are identical to how they were farm. Sim 19. So if youre a long time, farm sim 19 player and have used gps, aka guidance steering well, then you are pretty much up to speed already on what to expect. But i do know that there are a fair bit of new players that are coming to the game with farm stem 22. So this video is prime merely for you, the new player or someone that maybe didnt get into guidance, steering gps in fs19 and now maybe youre a little bit curious about it. So lets go ahead and kind of break it down. So what we see here with the white and blue lines is our lane lane selection, if you will now that we have a green line in the middle, it means that we have engaged our guidance steering and at this point, the vehicle and this harvester is going To basically keep between the lines and maintain a straight and steady course down the field i can do whatever i want. I dont have to use my wheel. I dont have to steer left or right with the keyboard or the controller.

It is now locked engaged and will go, do north due south east west, whatever direction you set it up at now. This is a script based mod. This was a pc only mod, so well get that out of the way fairly early, and this mod needs to be configured on all your vehicles that you want to use it on. Okay, its not a standard thing where you activate it and then suddenly every vehicle can make use of it. You do need to select it in the shop, so lets take a look at that lets. Just go to a random tractor, fent 900 barrio black beauty. We now have a new configuration option: gps, no or yes, we toggle ts. It is a 15 000 item per vehicle, okay, so its something you may or may not add willy nilly to every single vehicle that you own so just be aware of that. Any vehicles that you already own, when you activate this mod, you will need to go to your workshop, trigger and reconfigure to add gps to it. Should you so wish to use guidance, steering on that particular vehicle things that you have least you cannot modify? So you cannot customize a leased vehicle so therefore youre going to have to return the vehicle and configure the new vehicle with gps as part of the configuration when you lease it in order to use guidance steering on a leased vehicle. Now, once you have guided steering activated on your vehicle, well, how do you use it very valid question? That is what we are about to demonstrate right here.

Let me just get lined up so in essence, we now have this particular tractor or harvester, set up exactly how it would be when you first purchase it with guided, steering, guided, steering is turned off. You can see the lines no longer appear. What we need to do is we need to first enable guidance steering by doing left, alt c now. Youll see a line show up: okay, thats, how we kind of know that its been enabled. Then we do left control s thats, going to bring up the guidance steering graphical user interface from here. We have some options. We can show lines on or off. Okay, you may be in a position in your game play where you just dont, want to see the lines anymore, so you can turn them off were going to leave them on for this particular demonstration line offset. This is how far away from the ground the lines are, so you can increase this or decrease it. Put it say, 2.5 see the line is much higher and therefore its going to be a lot easier to see we come in here. We change it to 0.25. Now the line is much lower to the ground so, depending on what youre doing you may or may not wish to have that increased or decreased snap to terrain angle is going to be something very important for lots of folks when it is turned on what it Means is its going to try to line you up in mostly cardinal directions: north south east west and now, with farmsteam 19 kind of northwest south east southwest northeast et cetera.

So, for example, here im im off by a wee little bit right. If i were to lock in on a course right now, it is going to want to steer me back to be due north. If i have the snap to terrain angle turned off, it is going to very much. Let me set a 10 degree angled course. So you might want to turn that on or off depending on the way of the field and how youre trying to maybe follow the lay of the field or the field edge offset reversal, i dont do offsets very good, so offset reversal is, if youre, using something That has a offset requires an offset, maybe a a side mower, maybe a plow when you get to the end of the row. If you have this turned on, then, when you turn around and come back the other direction, the guidance path is going to reverse the offset, so in theory youre back on the lane, you need to be on all honesty, offsets confuse me, so i dont use offsets Im not used offset reversal in my fs19 gameplay, but that is in theory what thats for headland mode. If its turned on, then this distance takes effect. What this means is is when it gets to the end of the row its going to detect that its at the end of the field and its going to automatically stop your vehicle that many meters from the edge of the field.

So you could set it to one meter and you tilt the stop so that the vehicle would stop when it gets to the end of the field. One meter away: you could set this to 10 if you want it. If you set this to off the vehicles just going to keep on going here, regardless the fact that its at the end of the field or not, this is going to keep on going now over. Here we have autowit, we have plus minus reset width increment. What this does is right now we have an 8.5 meter header, typically, when you hook this up to a vehicle or an implement your vehicle with gps name. When you hooked up to an implement one of the first things, youre going to do, is youre going to do autowit and its supposed to detect the width, the working width of what you have attached. Its rather ironic that its detecting this header at 12 meters. When clearly, it is not, if we look at it in the shop were gon na go to our headers. We are making use of this header right here, which is 8.5 meters, so a 12 meter, auto width is incorrect. So i need to adjust that well, how do i do that? We come here to the width increment and we can change this in various increments and i can click the minus and increment down until im at eight and a half and there we go increment offset.

Sometimes you attach to an implement and it will have a small offset associated with it, like lets, say an offset of 0.1 meters. Well, you might know that thats incorrect, so what you can do is you can basically say reset that back to zero. Okay, now lets just set up an offset whats. The next thing you need to know well here lets look at this red line, see the red line that is the increment offset the implement offset. But again we dont want that were going to zero. That out youll see the red line now is gone. The next thing you need to know is: how do you set your lanes? Theres two methods, theres the a b method and then theres the a plus heading method, its going to default to the a plus b method and the way you use this is pretty straightforward, youre going to get lined up to where you want to be. Typically, you would do this, maybe at the field edge and then you would hit alt e thats going to clear out any existing headings. Okay, so weve hit alt e once were gon na hit alt e again, and now you see a little a up here. That is our a point at this point, were gon na turn on our vehicle were going to drive forward 15 meters. We are manually driving, remember at this point, so we want to be fairly on our heading and once weve driven about 15 meters were going alt e again and now we have set our b point, and now we have blue lines on either side of our header.

This is also how we can tell if our header, audit, detect width is correct or not were still not engaged. Okay, so were still kind of manually driving here. So if i come here – and i can increment this up back to 12. – i cant see our our blue lines because theyre down below the crop right well lets raise them up. Now we see our blue lines, but clearly very clearly. That is not the header width. So, like i said, you know its eight and a half so were gon na increment, this back down eight and a half. Now, once we are ready to go ready to engage alt x, you hear the sound. The white line becomes red or green, and now we are engaged guidance steering aka gps is going to keep our vehicle straight. That is the basics. I know its a lot to take in at this start, but real, quick summary. When you first buy a vehicle, you need to engage gps. You need to turn it on to that its left alt c then youll be able to go to the gps graphical user interface, which is left control s okay. Why is it not left alt s? Well, back in farm sim 19, there was a mod called seasons and seasons came out before guidance steering and the command to get into the seasons. Graphical unit interface was alt s, so guided steering had to basically be control s once you have that youre working with, then you can hit alt e once to clear out the path lets.

Do that lets pretend this this width and this path it was no longer desired. Alt e clears it now. You see, the blue lines are gone. Alt e again sets your a point. We start driving. We need to go 15 meters if we dont were going to get a prompt, thats telling us you havent traveled 15 meters. Yet we hit all e once we have traveled 15 meters, and now we look at our header width our lines. We look like its good alt x to engage, and now we have engaged archive and steering that is with the a and b method. Now, if we come in here and change our method to a plus heading and hit alt e to clear that out, a plus heading is maybe a bit more simplified. It requires you to set one point and one point alone, and also it expects you to already be positioned and pointed in the direction you want to go so with a plus heading. We hit alt e once to clear the course that may already exist. Alt e again desired cardinal degrees is zero and now were good to go, were setting one point its going to base our center on. That point were going to enter the degrees and off we go so that is a plus heading theres, a few other options here. This one is quite interesting and handy: it allows you to rotate the heading exactly 90 degrees, so right now were going north south.

I can click this once and now. The heading is set for us to go Music east west, same working, width, weve, just rotated the whole course 90 degrees and now were going east west. Just like that other options. There are some ways to change your working width increase. The width decrease the width shift, the track left and right and various other things with keyboard shortcuts. I showed you how to already do all of those things with the graphical user interface, but if youre so inclined, you can also do most of those things with a key binding with your keyboard or if you have a controller, a side panel, you can set your Side panel or controller key bindings to do these things also so left. Alt r is basically auto width. Thats the same as going into here and saying, auto width left, alt, r, left, alt, plus and minus will increment were working with up and down by a pre configured amount that pre configured amount is right here, so left, alt minus we can get back down to 8.5 shift track is left, alt, page up and page down. Left alt shift allows to speed it up. A little bit page down were going to bring it back, maybe youre working, multiple fields and youre going to use the exact same machinery the exact same course, but when you line up on the field its just a little bit off, i mean youd rather not just Go through the whole effort of doing the a b thing again, we can do left, alt, page up and page down to basically skew it a little bit and make it work.

How you need to work for that particular field. Theres. Another option thats basically snap to the vehicle, which is rather interesting, so lets say this – is the field edge and i just i dont want to set a whole course. I just want to set the center line right here. Well, left alt home, so its not going to reflect until you move and then youre going to see that snap. Just like that now we can engage. It left alt x now theres one more thing that i want to show you, and that is you have the ability to save courses. This can be really handy in multiplayer, specifically because there really isnt a way to share a course, and if you are lets say in multiplayer and you have a big field and you have multiple harvesters, for example, in that big field, one person can set the course They can save it. The other person can load that course, and then basically, they have same course activated for the field. To do that, we need to go to our graphical user interface, were gon na, go to this setting here and were going to have our plus edit delete and then a file name. So we come up here and we can call this 8.5 meter harvest okay and we hit plus its now been saved. We have options here, save track to farm off or on what this is is. This is in effect for multiplayer.

If you have it set to on, then the courses you save will only be available on vehicles owned by that, given farm the default is set to off, which means that everyone on the server will have access to the course. You know what the course anymore you can just hit delete. It goes away so lets add it now lets say were maybe were going to change this to a 9.5 meter, so lets go here and lets increase. This up to 9.5 were going to change. This were going to select, it were going to come up here were going to rename it to 9.5 were going to hit that button and its now been renamed so lets say we want to recall a course. We want to activate a course youll see right now. I have no blue lines. That means i have no course activated alt s, so this is post edit farmer, client coming to you and i have figured out the issue i was having with respect to loading saved courses, apparently with this version of guidance steering, you have to have at least two Saved courses in order to be able to load a saved course now, once you have two saved courses to simply load a course, you go to this particular screen. Double click on the course you want to load and then it will load up and youll be ready to go. But if you dont have two courses as a version 2.

0.1, you wont be able to load up a saved course now. Im sure it wont be very hard for players to really figure out ways to use this type of steering aid. One way that i enjoy using it is with respect to being able to do lane management and specifically to be able to skip rows. So when you get to the end of the field, for example, and you got to turn around well oftentimes, you cant just turn around and come right back down the next lane without stopping and making like a 3.4 point, turn well with guidance steering and lane management. Basically, you have the ability to skip ropes, so when i get to the end of this field, i can turn to the right in essence, skip a lane and come back down a completely different lane, and then i could work my way, and i often do this. I can work my way all the way across the field skipping a lane. So in essence, when you look at the field its its striped, then when i get to the end of the lane or the end of the field, i can turn around and come back up. The first lane thats not harvested skipping, a lane, thus skipping every lane that i already had harvested and come back across the field and that ends up being faster than going up and down up and down up and down and having to do a long.

Three point turn another interesting way. You could use this for those that hadnt thought about. It is lets, say, youre, doing, field work or lets, say youre, harvesting and youre leaving a straw window. You have an 8.5 meter width here, so im leaving a windrow every 8.5 meters on center right. I could take my tractor where im using a baler or a forged wagon, and i could set its course to be 8.5 meters. I can line it up on the center of the first windrow. I can lock in that course, and as i work my way across the field, i should be lined up on every single windrow at 8.5 meters, because i have the same working width same thing could be done with respect to grass or hay if youre doing a Wind rower, you could windrow and lets say your wind roller is 13 meters. We could set your baler to have a working width of 13 meters and center it on that first windrow and for the most part you should be pretty much good to go to work. Your way across the field at 13 meter widths, because that is what your windrower did so guys. I hope this helped you out with guidance, steering aka gps. I know theres a lot going on. I know theres a lot of buttons to remember, but once you start using it youre going to get more comfortable with it its going to make more sense to you.

Sometimes it does have a little bit of a steep learning curve. If we come back to the video every so often and kind of refresh yourself, if you havent used it for a while as to what is going on, i know initially, it can be quite a shock to have fifteen thousand dollars on every single vehicle, but you Dont need to put it on every single vehicle put on the vehicles that youre going to do your field work most common with, and you can leave it off of other things like trucks and yard tractors.