I wanted to um hold off on this video until it was available for you guys to buy so the links down in the description, at least ones that i have. It should be in stock, i know its not going to be in stock at kxfpb for sure, and i know that supply and this is fairly limited, because the sensor is in high demand and as other stores uh come in um, i guess get their stock like. I think pirate german race day quads will get them a little bit later ill. Add those links to the video description uh in the future, so this should be available, at least at the cat xfpb site to buy. But this is a camera that i think many of you have been waiting for quite a while now cadxs naming scheme on these cameras is pretty poor. So this is the nebula pro nano. Obviously the nano sized version of the nebula pro. I think some people are calling this the nebula nano pro, which is incorrect. The nebula nano is the old camera that everyone hates or everyone loves to hate. I guess its this one here: the um old 14 millimeter with the 16 by 16×9 and only 60fps sensor. This is the one that everyone does not like: the image, quality etc. This is the nebula nano and the new one here is the nebula pro nano, not the nebula nebula nano pro, so i know its all its a little nitpicky there, but there isnt a difference in the name and i think theres a lot of confusion, because this Is being called the nebula nano pro they hear they hear the words nebula nano they think of this, like oh, its another bad camera and its not its just this ones, not any theres, nothing related to the old sensor and camera this one here and by the Way this is um as far as i know, as ive been told this discontinued, although theres probably lots of old stock thats lying around youll.

Probably, if you want to pick these up for discount later, theyre, probably going to be dumping these at some point, the nebula pro nano is basically in terms of specs, exactly the same as the nebula pro, but just smaller and with a smaller lens. The sensor is the same sensor, so some people are saying that its not the same sensor, its smaller its exactly the same size and youll, see why um its the same size, because the shape of this camera is a little bit weird and ill. Show you that here shortly, but the lens obviously is smaller and it is significantly lighter than the larger micro sized. So the nebula pro is micro. Size 19 millimeters across nano size is 14 millimeters across for the mounting holes, and so the sensor, you know again, four three, its got the low latency mode. You can change your settings in the goggles uh in terms of, like you know your image, quality etc, which you cant do any of the 16 by nine sensors. And, of course, this is four three and sixteen by nine switchable, and the sensor is the fourth three sensor 120 frames per second, that everybody wants with a little latency. So exactly the same as the original nebula pro. In fact, im told the firmware is the same as well, and and well talk about whether or not you guys can tell the difference a little bit later. That has to do with the giveaway contest and ill explain that shortly as well.

Now, while the image quality between these two is essentially indistinguishable, in my opinion, there is a difference between the nebula pro and the original dji camera. Now, while cadx did source the same sensor that the dji camera has, they did change, they did tweak the firmware, and i talked about that in the original nebula pro the nebula pro video about a year ago. This one here and so this the firmware has been slightly tweaked from the dji camera, but its the same sensor. And so what theyve done is they take the same sensor shrunk down the electronics into a smaller form factor and put into the nano size, but im told its the same firmware. So you really cant tell much difference between the image now, with the lens being a little bit different, obviously being smaller, you may notice some differences in the distortion on the edges. I it for me at least i i look at both and i go back and forth, and it it isnt really obvious, which is which, if you guys, can tell the difference as to the clues that well point out, which is the smaller lens versus the larger Lens, let me know in the comments below um i cant figure that out because its kind of in some situations it looks like theres, more distortion on the larger lens and not in the smaller lens, but on, but also the reverse is true as well. So it is a bit confusing when you look at the footage, but in any event, the lens aperture is actually larger on the nano sized the smaller lens.

This is actually an f2 aperture, whereas the larger lens is enough 2.1, which i thought was a bit odd. When looking at the specs – so i dont know if anyones pointed that out in previous videos, but what that means is, even though the lens is physically smaller because it has a larger aperture, it should have slightly better low light performance. Although honestly, this camera in really low light, is pretty poor, which i would recommend, if youre, if youre me, flying in really low light conditions, get one of the polar uh cameras. Instead, this is actually a different sensor, obviously its only 60 frames per second and no no low latency mode, but youll have better low light performance if youre gon na be flying in really dark conditions. So you should get this camera instead, but in you know, dusk, sunsets and bright lighting conditions. Both these cameras perform perfectly fine and fairly. Similarly, i was expecting that the smaller lens would perform worse in low light conditions compared to the larger lens, but i didnt find that to be the case. It looked pretty much the same again if you guys notices and notice any differences. Let me know in the comments all right, so i just wanted to show you guys the weight of all these cameras, because everyones going to be asking me anyway and no ones going to go, watch the old videos. So this is the dji camera 9.9 grams.

That was again, this is my scale. People have said that my scale is 10 grams off. I dont know why people say that, but if its 10 grams off then is this camera zero grams or 19 grams whatever anyway. So obviously this is the biggest and the heaviest and its 20 millimeters across for the mounting points. So you know not ideal. This is the probably the second heaviest depolar and its coming at nine little over nine grams. And then, if you look at the nebula, the pro now were coming down around six grams and then we have the polar nano and the nebula pro nano. So im going to have to um tear off this cable here, because im not going to take that off. All right so thats going to basically deduct the weight of the cable here, so you guys can see what the camera weighs yeah. So the polar nano is obviously the lightest youre coming in about two and a half grams, and then now we got the uh nebula pro nano and its about three and a half grams. So its pretty close, my scale is pretty close to what the specified product specs are on the brought various product pages. Okay, so lets talk about the dimensions of this camera. This is kind of unusual, so, while it is 14 millimeters across, if were in for your mounting points, its actually taller in the height dimension its about 16 millimeters across so um.

Obviously, if they did that, because the sensor is a 4 3 sensor, its a taller sensor than the 16 by 9 sensor to cram that in there, along with all the electronics thats, why you have that sort of odd dimension? So you have to sort of take that into account in where youre mounting this that it is a little bit taller. A couple millimeters might not make a diff much of a difference in terms of you know, uh what youre putting it in, but on some really small builds its gon na probably matter, and just comparing this in terms of where the lens mounting point is, you can See its about the same as the polar nano and, if im not mistaken, if you look at the lenses between the polar nano and the nebula pro nano, they look like theyre the same lens. You know if you guys cannotice any differences in the in the physical appearance of the lens. Let me know – and they have this little these little ridges here inside there you can see thats. Also on this one as well. They look identical to me. It looks like the mounting points a little bit about the same, so itll fit like anythings got the polar nano and maybe the pruning will fit, but you see it because its got a bigger back cover well, actually, yeah. The back cover is like a plastic piece here, whereas this on the polar nano is just like this piece of like thin piece of like sheet plastic here, theres just a cover, but this is actually a real plastic cover here.

On the back of the nebula pro nano, so it does stick out a little bit further in the back and obviously it is two millimeters taller and just comparing it to the nebula pro, obviously quite a bit of difference in size and weight. But again the image quality is the same, so you know im going to go out on a limb here. I think that there really is no reason other than price. This is about seven dollars more, the the smaller one and if cost is no issue for you uh, i would always go for the lighter one because of that weight difference so yeah, yes, its only lets see three and a half grams to six grams, so its Like two and a half grams of weight difference between these two cameras um, but keep in mind that, while its smaller and theres less weight, if the image quality is about the same, i would always go for the smaller one. Because while this one, you might think that the bigger one is going to be more durable, thats, not necessarily the case and plus keep in mind that, if youre mounting something bigger, youre going to need more protection around in terms of frame. So it depends on what kind of build you have in order to protect it and thats additional weight as well. So you have to keep that amount, just not just the camera, but everything else that goes into your frame unless youre, just keeping it totally exposed, in which case it doesnt matter, then that extra weight also has to be taken into account, which is why again im Going to kind of go on out on a limb here.

I think that theres really no point in buying the bigger cameras, if you can afford the smaller one and and want to just basically deal with a lighter setup, and you always want to have when it comes to quads. You always want to go lighter whenever possible, because extra weight is just extra ways. Its dead weight youre carrying around you know, basically reduces your flight time and makes the flight experience less enjoyable. In my opinion, again, you know, i think, im talking about this more from a micro perspective. I think, on five inch, probably isnt going to matter too much. You know a lot of five inch frames arent going to adjust the camera protection for the micro, the nano camera anyway, but yeah on a smaller build you. You really should just go for the nano camera and not the micro camera because of that extra weight and other things that go into protecting that camera. So thats just my opinion of that all right. So if youve made it to the end of the video here and um youre here for the giveaway, obviously im gon na give away this old, diatone quad im, not using it anymore, flying anymore. If you guys can figure out which image is which so i have 10 samples of video im not going to obviously tell you which is which those would be samples numbers, youll see them in the video sample will be number in the corner.

One through ten. You have to guess which one is which is it the nebula pro or is it the number pro nano and theres gon na be a give um our entry form down in the video description you go there and then you can put your um guesses into that Entry form dont put them in the comments, if you put them in the comments im just going to delete them to put make sure you just put them into the entry form and thats the only place, youll be able to put them im, not gon na, be Checking the comments anyway for your guesses anyway, because um uh thats, not where the legitimate entries are gon na, be selected from so just keep that in mind. But um yeah go to the entry form, uh figure out you, you know, which ones you think is which one through ten put them in there and uh the first person that guesses it correctly, because the entries will be timed or will be time stamped sorry and Its basically the first person that gets it correctly will win the quad uh. So basically you want you want to get your entries in sooner rather than later. Uh.