This one is in mine. I finally captured it my quest to capture this image took me to an island far far away. This is isla guadalupe, far from civilization, yet absolutely full of life. It is a volcanic island located 150 miles off the west coast of mexicos baja california, peninsula mornings here are the stuff of storybooks. The island towers over the pacific, reaching elevations over 4 200 feet its often shrouded in a waterfall of clouds. Its history is as rocky as the island itself. At one point, fur traders decimated the northern elephant seal population to the point that only eight seals remained eventually becoming a protected biosphere reserve. Today, all surviving northern elephant seals share the same male ancestor and its these seals. That make this island so unique its now the best place in the world to see a great white shark. Every year, great white sharks gather at guadalupe island. They arrive by the dozens from juveniles to sub adults to the largest of females. They aggregate here in one of natures, most amazing events from above it didnt take me long to find one up until this day my experience filming great white sharks has been from the air, but i was here for a reason to gain a new perspective. This is the moment i will always remember the moment when i knew exactly why i was drawn here. This place is one of the few places in the world where you can come face to face with a great white shark.

Nearly every time you step into the water Music in stunning clarity in close proximity, i was able to capture images i only dreamed of in the past. In my time here i filmed countless sharks from above and below. I watched sharks glisten in natural light, as they interacted with the abundance of the life around Music. From observing a white shark approach me head on to noting the specific patterns used to identify them. Sharing the water with a white shark is truly a learning experience, but this was just the start. This place is so special, so unique that within just 24 hours of arriving, not only did i take my dream photo. I also witnessed things i may never see again. Not every shark. Here is a great white. The second i found a whale shark. I knew i may be witnessing something not often seen immediately. I knew that i may have a chance to film a white shark and a whale shark in the same frame from beneath the water. The shark moved closer and closer to our boat whale sharks are known to travel long distances, but i never expected to see one here. In fact, this one came right up to the cage from above i knew a great white shark was approaching. This was my chance. My chance to get the shot of the two in a single frame and right here it happened, a whale shark and a great white shark in the same frame.

This is the moment, im very likely to never see again its a reminder that its the unexpected in nature that holds the best gifts witnessing two of the most beautiful creatures of the sea together was the highlight of this journey whale sharks and white sharks are so Different yet have so much in common. The obvious question is whether the white sharks are a threat to the whale shark. The surprising answer is that they likely live in harmony. This experience is a vivid reminder to me that in nature, anything is possible. That point was further underscored the following morning. Every morning i began my search for life, the simple concept that i never know whats out. There is enough to motivate me and on this morning i found the rarest of the rare heres the moment. I realized what i had found as a drone pilot in love with the sea. I knew immediately what i was witnessing. These are beaked whales. They are not just any whales. These are cuviers beaked whales. They are among the most rarely seen whales in the world. In fact, theres very little video footage of these whales in existence, especially from a drone cuviers beaked whales, are the deepest mammalian divers in the world. They have been recorded diving into depths nearing 10 000 feet. These whales are widespread, most often found in offshore waters. From the tropics to the cool temperate seas because they spend a short amount of time at the surface, they are extremely hard to find.

As a result, the fact that i filmed these whales, just 150 yards from shore makes this encounter, especially interesting. These whales are light, brown, almost yellow the younger. They are the more yellow as they get older. They turn white starting at the head until most of the body is white. Beaked whales are so rare that some species have never even been seen alive. Currently, there is little information about the migration habits and seasonality of these whales. As i filmed them, i grew excited to learn more about them, specifically about their reactions to see noise. These whales are especially sensitive to sonar, and many incidences of mass strandings have occurred due to military operations. One study in hawaii actually noted the whales avoiding diving for food and areas where sonar is in use. In 1823, the french naturalist george cuvier, whom the whales are named after described these whales as an extinct whale species. Then after several decades after the scientists, death, the extinct species turned out to be living and quite widespread. As i continued to film these whales, i was able to capture some shots, showcasing their yellow color. As my battery indicator warned me, i had to return my drone. I captured this parting shot of the whales and the shore soon i realized i may likely never see these animals again, but this encounter did give me an added appreciation of guadalupe island isla guadalupe. I came here to be among the white sharks.

The silhouette of a great white shark in the distance, a stark reminder of what could not have been had all the fur seals been eliminated, whether i filmed them from above or below the water. It was clear to me that the beauty of these creatures is so misunderstood. What, if, for every scary photo? You may have seen theres moments like this, where a sea turtle can swim right next to an apex, predator. Yes, these animals can be dangerous. They need to be respected always, but, as i visited, guadalupe island im reminded the sharks are not the species that nearly emptied their food source and while i took these photos, photos that at first sight clearly make them look so scary and so dangerous. No matter how frightening the photos may appear, it is nowhere near as frightening as an ocean void of sharks.