Today we are kicking off the vehicle guides with the buffalo stx were going to be discussing and testing its armor, comparing it with some of the other vehicles in class and just giving you an overall summary of the vehicle and, if its worth their money, so lets Get started the buffalo stx is going to set you back. 2 million 150 000. If you do not have the trade price. However, if you do have the trade price, which you unlock by purchasing an agency, its going to cost you 1.6 million dollars. Of course, the buffalo is a money tech eligible, so you can equip the hoeing missile jammer or the remote control unit. You also have the option to put armor plating on the vehicle which does increase its explosive resistance by how much exactly is what im about to show you? If you do not equip the armor plating upgrade, the buffalo stx will go down to just two rpgs three homing rockets and three explosive rounds. Once you do equip that armor. However, the buffalo will now take four rpgs, 12 homing missiles or 10 explosive rounds to blow it up. The armor also works differently depending on. If there is a player inside of the vehicle, if no one is in the vehicle driving it, it will take half the amount of explosives, so two rpgs six towing missiles and five explosive rounds. Its main weakness, though, is probably the laser or the hydra just because of the explosive rounds that they fire.

If you get caught in the line of fire by that cannon, youll go down in just a few seconds, so youre gon na have to watch out for that. The car also comes with bullet resistant windows. By default. You dont even need the armor plating for them, and these windows will block 15 automatic gun rounds from an assault rifle smg or lmg. Seven shotgun shots 15 pistol, shots, five sniper bullets and two revolver shots before piercing through on the next shot. And if you happen to have fmj rounds on you, then you only need one bullet of that to pierce through it. The buffalo, in particular, has an option to put some louvers on the back window. These do not prevent you from getting shot out of the back window like they do in other cars. However, some other options on the buffalo include dual front mounted: machine guns and oil slick mines for secondary weapon. The machine guns have a max range of about 100 meters, although it is a bit hard to test this because they are mounted very low to the ground. So a lot of the time you end up shooting the ground before reaching that max range. The damage is somewhere in between the knight shark and the terrador, its not quite as strong as the radar guns, but they do seem to do more damage than the nightshark guns do so theyre, not total peashooters. The mines are your standard slick mines that have been in the game since arena war.

They do actually help out a lot in vehicle chases on the new missions and in general, free mode too, its practically impossible to give chase to someone whos, spamming slick minds behind them. Equipping weapons on the buffalo does come with a drawback because you will not be able to enter pass mode if either the machine guns or the mines are equipped. If you dont purchase them for the buffalo, you then can enter pass the mode so its a decision. Youre going to have to make if you want the ability to enter passive or you want some weapon options for the car. The buffalo performs very well in the muscle class. I did a drag test at the airport with the buffalo, the dominator asp and the gauntlet hellfire, which are both very good contenders in the muscle class, and this is how it turned out. The reason i like the airport test is because it gives you a little bit of everything you can see how good a cars acceleration is and also its top speed. The only thing this test cant show is how the vehicle handles, but i got ta say it handles just like a sports car. It handles very nicely and it actually beats the dominator asp. Just by a little bit in this test and keep in mind, the buffalo is a four door vehicle. So you now have a four door muscle car that can compete with some of the two door.

Cars performance, wise for free mode use, thats a huge plus. On top of all the other perks that it already has too, and if you were wondering yes, you can use the buffalo stx in official races, even when it is equipped with the weapon upgrade. So you dont have to worry about having one version of the car for racing and one version for free mode use. Overall, though, the buffalo is a must buy. In my opinion, the fact that its one of the best muscle cars performance wise able to keep up with the cars at the top of the class while being a four door vehicle and having all the perks like a money, tech, machine guns, explosive protection, bullet resistant Glass makes it a very worthwhile purchase for racing, and even more so in free mode.